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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.
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Jan 16, 2017

The trio discuss working out, AZT as sinus medication,and then Dave has mic problems. With tech issues resolved they resume the conversation by pining for a Circle 9 reunion. Then they do math, discuss construction projects, badmouth painkillers, breakdown SFPodcast005 (NARCISSISTS!), get into the several Star Trek TV shows, break KAYFABE, what part Brian would play on the TV show "Vikings," and Jon Snow says hello.

Jan 11, 2017

- Beatles mention in the first seconds

- Star Wars or Firefly realm?

- After this Dawn's jettisoned, Elvis is jettisoned, Angel White is jettisoned, and Baby Blue takes center stage.

- Dave talks about the first 3 times he saw the Replacements

- Brian talks about skating in DC

- Then the fellas talk about game and Filipino food.

- Brian talks about In Droves' last show and Secret Crush Society Fringe Players

- AJ from the beatings

"I'll put my rock and roll boots on to get the paper."

- Then they do math to try to figure out the years of cars.

Jan 9, 2017



Affectation to affection can you find a new direction

From obliterated years in a lifetime full of tears

Crawling from the wreckage of forgiven sin

Oh, sweet addiction, I can't stand rejection

Well I tried to choose a wish but I hope it don't come true

'Cause every life's a style, everyone but you

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to


Contrivances breed gloom

Swooning like a groom with a shotgun in his mouth

Who's my momma and my poppa?

Why we never met?

Even so I ain't dead yet

Were you hungry or depressed?

Do I have your eyes?

Either way your souls are blazing through my skies

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to

Affectation to addiction placate fact from friction

And a lifetime came and went in solitude

Can you hear me?

Are you blind?

Words jump down around around around around

A quietness

a Whisper

I wrote this for you to listen to

Every night the light dims more

I'm wondering what my life is for

I feel like a failure and I wonder why

Something inside says I gotta try

I'll slide on by

Well you could say in my life I ain't accomplished a thing

Maybe a little too scared of what the day may bring

But come on and try to tell me that this ain't my time

You can see it in the sunset every single night

I'll slide on by

I hoped you'd say when I couldn't find my way

That you'd be there for me

Glory is gone

It never was an option

What can I say

It ain't free

You know I'm scared

More fragile than a notion

Afraid of love and trust


Confusion is reality

I'm overwhelmed 

You and us

So fuck you all

You turned your back on someone 

Needing hope and peace 

Go run and hide

Blame it on rebellion

That's bullshit, man

At least

Suit of armor forged in fires of spite

Revenge is true violent love

Don't give a fuck

Existence is a lie

From underneath

And from above

So go on and leave

Take your shit and go

I don't care

That's a lie

Leave me be

Leave me the fuck alone

Sit on down

And fucking cry

I'll slide on by


Dave Linantud: guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz: bass, engineering, production

Andy Och: drums

Ian Burke: mastering

Made Hood: cowriting

Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios


Jan 4, 2017

Well, back to work and school for everyone, right? We'll drop the finale to Act 6:Baby Blue next Monday. In the meantime, this is the legendary "Brian Surgery Podcast" from the late winter or early spring of 2016. Brian and I had yet to actually undertake our schedule of releasing a song and a song commentary on our podcast each week. We were recording a handful of "theme" podcasts that weren't "opera specific" in case we hit a snag somewhere along the line. We recorded this a couple of days after Brian had hip surgery. We shared his drugs and experimented with a remote set up. We had yet to hit upon a formula. Along with Brian's doctor subscribed addictive narcotics I made some edibles to push us further into "I don't think this makes sense" territory. For the record I channel my inner Ian MacKaye/CM Punk, straight edge icons they be, whenever we play or record music or podcasts. Likewise I channel my inner Graham Hancock when I'm writing or doing research. I'll include my original notes in full. I hadn't yet worked up a formula with which to publish the commentary tracks. Enjoy!


From the original notes: Dave's mic's fucked up some. Is it aimless? Pretty much but Brian just had surgery! "Death In Her Heart" - collage audience. "Good music ain't ever gonna stop being made." Entertainment Weekly respects Science Fiction. Cigar tobacco is the dumbest drug in the world besides junk food. 

Dec 19, 2016


Christmas means togetherness and love and joy

Happiness and presents for the girls and boys

Old folks come together and then reminisce

Stand beneath the mistletoe and get a kiss

Love your friends and kin

When Christmas comes again

Don't forget the homeless in America

The warring out in Asia and in Africa

Embrace all of the faiths that would love to kill me

The majority of folk through time they weren't free

Go remember them

When Christmas comes again

Make sure that you bring your love at Christmastime

People come and go but love is all the time

People they pass on but their love still exists

So let the love inside your heart and reminisce

Love brings love, my friend

When Christmas comes again



Joel Baily and Dave Linantud


Dec 14, 2016

Podcast notes writ whilst digging a trench

- The guitars are an homage to Joseph Patrick Gallagher.

- The fellas sing "It's Easy Mmmkay" off of SOUTHPARK: BIGGER, LONGER, AND UNCUT.

- "You go into weird places when you do a lot of LSD with people."

- "Jolene" by Trent Sumner gets mangles.

- "Back in the day it was either mushrooms or whiskey."

- Brian extols the virtues of being a band member.

- Dave talks about jamming with the locals in Manilla and the Filipino New Year's Eve Celebrations.

- *SPOILER ALERT* Luke Cage stuff around 34:00

- "Diamondback" looks like Chris McCalister.

- Brian reviews DOCTOR STRANGE.

- "Every planet in the Star Wars Universe is a single ecosystem."

- "Doctor Who is an insanely important influence on the structure of this."

Dec 12, 2016


The future don't look bright

I can't control my fright

Something just ain't right

What can it be

Mine own hands seek the black

Run away or attack

All Hope is gone it's on my back

And my heavy head

Oh no

"The stone is given its existence; it need not fight for being what it is --- a stone in the field. Man has to be himself in spite of unfavorable circumstances; that means he has to make his own existence at every single moment. He is given the abstract possibility of existing, but not the reality. This he has to conquer hour after hour. Man must earn his life, not only economically but metaphysically. ...Things are given their being ready made." Jose Ortega y Gasset

There's something wrong, something missing

Something's gone  I guess I'm wishing

It wasn't but it's still insisting 

To be oh


Dec 7, 2016

The Driver Podcast Poem

Brian socks update

Entrance music

HTD guys shout out

"Circle 9: Making people do things they don't want to do."

Ryan and Brendan mention at 4:00

"What's left of the broken world."

"You know what? Fuck this."


An homage to Rancid

BMI=the Bowel Movement Institute

"It's like the old saying: 'Save that for podcast 44.'"

The fellas break down what's on Brian's table

The story of Brian's Marlboro "cable" Bag

Now we must hear the story of the Gargoyles

"I know French pronunciations I just ain't using 'em!"


"We're at the age where we have everything we want and need. Everything else is just more junk piling up around the house."

Candice Larae is tougher than you.





Dec 5, 2016


"I need to sleep" 's what she said

Out loud to none when she bled

Emotional projects of despair

Wondrously woven through her silk hair

Flowing freely like a winter sun

That's setting 'fore its work is done

It never settles in a sky

That's wounded enough to try

Conversely the arguments fly

Evenly like sandless beaches

Grasping at a butterfly that's

Floating just outside of reachless

Hands that grasp at everything

To be or was or so it seems

To blast off into evening streams

Of sunlight shadow dusty seams

Of reason

Of treason

Of poison


Of superstitious portions of a

Brew that's boiling patiently

The driver says it's over, yes

It's over

Transparent transparency

Trans piracy

Piracy unbroken dreams

Cascading falls of brawling emotions

Pirated away

Spirited away

A way difference scorned

Crisis crises

Spices sailed from foreign lands landing



'Til the nothingness surrounds astounding

Fractured like a broken heart

Punctured but still beating

Still beating

Over and over

Yes it's over and over

"I need to sleep" 's what she said

The moon lurked softly by and by

Around the mourning of a sparrow

Whistling Neil Young's"Broken Arrow"

Harvesting a crop of memories

That motion t'wards the center

Of a universe that hangs a sign

The sign reads "do not enter"

The driver says it's over, yes

It's over





Dec 1, 2016

Notes from a podcast:

-Brian wardrobe update.

-Beatles reference at under 2 minutes

-Brian thinks Ringo is George.

-Singing side two of ABBEY ROAD at parties.

-Metal splinters from drywall screws.

-5 yawns in a matter of 7 minutes.

-The romantic poets and the Romantics.

-"Winter" by Shakespeare quote.

-"Get into gear, brain!"

-The fellas talk blowing in fiberglass insulation in an attic.


-THEN the fellas talk about traffic in DC.

-THEN they speak on profanity's role in music.

-"Looks like it's time to take off into the bus stop."

-Pro wrestling mention at 51:00.





Nov 28, 2016

Why me why you why try try to

Why not why not you

Why should I try to

Why am I so blue

Why can't I see through

Nov 23, 2016

Notes Of a Podcast Poem

What's Brian wearing?

"This act is like the day after you eat acid." (sic)

"At our age people want to go home."

*DARK MATTER spoilers*

*CONTINUUM spoilers*

Supergirl AGAIN

Brian watched the POINT BREAK remake for some reason

And breaks down the GHOSTBUSTERS remake

Dave's phone breaks and hijacks the entire podcast

SIMPSONS reference @ 36 minutes


THEN the importance of a balanced diet and hydration

THEN how many socks must one wear in cold weather?

THEN they complain about steel toe work boots

"Take that thumb out of your ass and stick it in your mouth, crybaby"

No Beatles reference!!!!!!!


Nov 21, 2016

(Dawn POV)

The song was wrong all along ain't wrong

It's gone just gone away

The dream it seems it means to be

Free and gone away

The song was long the throng is gone

Long gone with ease

The crowd was loud but now out loud

Announce to all I gotta leave

Where is the sun to guide us through the dark?

Has it begun to even touch the mark?

How can it be when ours is just to question why?

Where do you go when you never want to die?

When the clock becomes the enemy and night time gets so cold

Last call for something more thn simply growing old

How can I ive without that ragged company?

It ain't for free

Cause I gotta leave yeah yeah yeah

I gotta leave

'Cause it ain't for free no no no

Nov 16, 2016

Here's the commentary track for Act 6 Baby Blue song 2 "Fever Dream."  The fellas start off with "What is Brian wearing?" Then Dave can't pronounce ""

Quote one: "Tell you what. This is enough drugs to kill a younger man."

Then the fellas talk about "Safe European Home"by the Clash and "HappyJack" by the Who.

Quote two: "We're all skaters and musicians let's just do this thing."

Then they comment on the idiocy of "covers band" v "originals band."

Beatles mention at 25 minutes. 

Next is how John Coltrane is NOT a doofus.

Quote three: "Yeah, dude, spiders are bitchin'."

Doctor Who mention at 32 minutes.

Then the fellas talk about the "dumbs" versus the "smarts."

Quote four: "The only way to gain power is to crush everything in your path."

*SPOILER* SECTION: Luke Cage, Dark Matter, the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl (better on CW than CBS), and the Marvel Universe in general.

Nov 14, 2016


(Dawn POV)

Listen up gather 'round there's a new thing to be found

All around everything you -n- me

Have a care bout the things everyone get up and sing 

Bout the way you and me can be free

I want a super new computer

But no one can ever use her

And the only one who knows her is me

And if somebody tried to get her

They couldn't even find her

And the only one who knew her would be me

Here's a joke or a screed to all the people now in need

Find the truth if you want to be free

Give a look or a wink don't care what anybody thinks

If you blink then you will miss it to be free

And if you think of even lying

There's no point in even trying

Cause then there ain't no meaning you see?

And if that ship just sails away

Just take the next ship the next day

And say "I didn't think that last ship wanted me"

Here's a look for the night when every other thing was right

And the only thing that matters here is you

Find a hope and a dream if you don't know what it means

Well the only one who needs to know is you

Come on

Take a breath or a day play it every other way

If you can't get back to zero then it's right

On the beach in the sun in the mountains on the run

Find the way to the day to fool the night

Fever Dream


Dave: guitar and vocals

Brian: bass, engineering, mixing

Ochster: drums and percussion

Ian: mastering, mixing



Nov 9, 2016

Bring the maul? Pro wrestling mention at 6 minutes. The fellas talk about new tattoos, the similarities between Chinggis Khan and Socrates, and the difference between Western Europe and the Classical World. Then Brian comes to terms with his recent Midwest trip to tend to his in-law's farm including country fried steaks. Then they get into the intricacies of tractor repair, spoilers in re "Gotham," and wait until 30 minutes in to mention the Beatles. Then they bemoan the slowness of the process getting medicinal marijuana up and running in Maryland, plug People's Pizza in Rehoboth, DE, and spoil season 2 of "Dark Matter."

Nov 7, 2016



(Elvis POV)

Bring the mall and crash it to it's knees

Grow a dozen spineless wheezing trees

Circumstance confronted for a buck

Scream and rant and yell "what the fuck"

Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground

Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down

Boil it up frustration with its sauce

Arguments excelsior with the boss

Trade a name and number and a look

Fish a corpse out of the country brook

Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground

Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down

Maybe, man, the world don't make no sense

So a song reflects a vision that's all pretense

In the meeting of the matter of a trillion minds

That together all together go collectively blind

In the bedrock formed a condo bath

In a motion that gives man's epitaph

To a surly motherfucker in construction boots

With a fortune in his pocket from laundry chutes

So gather 'round the stage to see

Employment congregations in a word to be

Exploited in a question of monopoly

That never gives an answer of what's to be

For a moment just a moment in a fashion craze

And a trillion motherfuckers living in a daze

Of a colony that's bitterest of them all

In a sentence of an essence, man, bring the mall

Bring the mall


Dave - guitar and vocals

Engineered and mixed by Brian

Mastered by Ian

Nov 2, 2016

Love & Hate v Love/Hate. We roll through Ochster's life, why and when for the drums, and drop a buttload of pop music references. To whit: The Great Rock and Roll Swindle, Kiss, Jimi, Southwest DC, Tony Orlando & Dawn (ed. Andy ups the energy quotient around a gazillion percent), Forgotten Sons, Dischord Records, the Ramones (ed. I'm wearing a Ramones shirt right now), u2, Steve Earle, Clutch (ed. CLUTCH!), u2's discography, David Lee Roth's career as a paramedic, drum gear, etc. Beatles mention at 37 minutes. Then we talk Fist Ladies Man! Go to 



Oct 26, 2016

Here is the new end theme for the podcast. There's a fine line between cleverand stupid.

Oct 24, 2016

We were going to do Act 3 with "Old Man Blues" book-ending it like a Neil Young album but then stayed with the original song order. This here is the acoustic Act opener that we ended up ditching! It's also a nice callback after the two big suites. 

Oct 19, 2016

Checklist: Bob Sipes's "Air Band," Reo Speedwagon, Alice Cooper, Ralph Stanley, Flock Of Seagulls, Hank Williams, Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Oak Ridge Boys, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Rush, Chris Plummer, "No racists," Public Enemy, NWA, and a Beatles mention at the 13:40 mark. You'll have to listen to the rest!

Oct 12, 2016

Dave says what Brian is wearing as they record this podcast immediately after recording vocals on THE VACUUM. The fellas cycle through various shout outs namely to Joe Gallagher, Dennis Barth, Mike Kerr, and Chris plummer PLUS the introduction of the characters Chinggis Khan and Julius Caesar. Then the fellas expound upon Ancient and Medieval history. Also Mr Wind was fun with to hang out. Dave does a Captain Vane impression.

Term of the week: "Piece of ass-ness."

Then the fellas survey the general state of SciFi TV and go spoiler crazy giving away major plot points to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Daredevil, and Game Of Thrones all seasons.


Oct 5, 2016

Dave and Brian start by getting levels and reminisce upon wife meetings. Then there's a John Lennon mention at the 7 minute mark. Brian talks about cleaning up his hard drive which turned out not as awesomely as hoped. Then Dave notes that the O's were beating the Royals 5-0. Then they launch into a pop culture potpourri consisting of Donny and Marie, Hee Haw, the Monkees, the Gong Show, F Troop, Scooby Doo, Pre Cable TV, Frank Turner, Lucero, and Marah (Philly is a rowdy town). Then Dave sings Ween's "Freedom of 76" and Joe Flacco stops by.

Oct 3, 2016


Welcome to the Vacuum

A song for all the hearts that are departed

Welcome to the vacuum


Walking through ancient Rome everything's the same

So I turn my back to the riverbed and children and their games

Hello, friends, I'm here to please to break the wickid ways

Life's a myth and so is this and so is judgement day

I seen too soon another swoon running from a gun

I felt the world shrivel up hell I'm only having fun

Interviewing Dawn on judgement day

Subadai took Europe's sons and put them in a grave

Built a world on top of them vanished in the haze

The Khan he sighed 'cause he was bored and turned his mind to east

Crushed their souls, drank from bowls, took pleasure in the feast

Interviewing Dawn on judgement day

"What you done?" asked Caesar's son and plunged the knife in deep

The Gallic ones were slaughtered by the Roman Nobilise

Nobody lived to tell the tale history turned her back

IRL for you and me it started in Iraq

Interviewing Dawn come judgement day


A song for al the hearts that are departed

A prayer for those who never got it started

A valentine for all the broken hearted

A joke for all the bitterness departed

A blindman's leap into a void suggestion

A glimpse of hope for all thoise in depression

No answer to the everlasting question

Bask, become a target, no regression

Welcome to the vacuum


If the world were perfect the dodo would live

Brotherhood and sisterhood woud be the words to give

Laughter would float endlessly up through a tearless sky

Giant trees would shade a peace that never says "goodbye"

In a world levitation

Don't stand in line to find regeneration in all human kind

You need no explanation

Feel free to see reality and be for what you want to be

Although I know the show won't start

Take aim and touch my bleeding heart

If the world were perfect I wouldn't lose my keys

War would be a rhyme for door and there would be no need for peace

A skinless man and woman would be all that we would need

Money would be funny and we'd all say "what is greed?"

But all the time my optimism fades

And I get too hung up to struggle for the shade

The world seems so unkind

Build the nerve to climb out of this hole

If the world were perfect I wouldn't sing this song

If the world were perfect we'd be one big dancing throng

In a world levitation


Packed in the slave ship side by side

The slave ship Captain enjoy the ride

They bought and sold him flesh on leash

From his home on the African beach

And they trade his heart for gold

What the white man sold

The war was fought bondage gone

1860s protest song

General Lee to MLK

Elvis Presley in the USA

And the time she rumbles on

Hatred not long gone

And she knows what she knows

At he dawn of our millennium

Bottled water and titanium

Packed in the ghetto side by side

His father owned his father they're side by side

Neither one can make the rent

Hatred raging action spent

Cry forgotten son


I can walk away disgusted

It ain't us against them

It's us against us

It's friend against friend

So you know everything

So you have got it done

So your world will live on

Cry forgotten son

Your world is so mapped out

From what your father planned

Smile at the face of sickness

It bites the other hand

'Cause your world ain't my world

But my sun is your sun

And I guess that it always was

Cry forgotten ones


Your world ain't my world

Killing for your god

Written in the scriptures

Your word is a lie

People work and people play

People sing and people dance

People love and people hate

People live and people die

Your world ain't my world


Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, production

Wilmer Berry - drums

Joe Gallagher - spiritual assistance

Recorded at Possum Studios

Mastered by Ian Burke at Invisible College Records









Sep 21, 2016

Dave and Brian start off talking about legal pot in Oregon.

Quote #1: "Buy some fucking t-shirts what's the deal!"

First Movement: "Love & Hate" and "The Ballad Of Dawn and Remote Control" roughly 0 to 10 minutes.

Quote #2 by Joe Goldsborough: "Is that a note poem?"

The obligatory Beatles mention happens at the 14 minute mark. After that the fellas discuss trying to make digital recording as close to analog as possible, heap derisive scorn upon "polished" artists, and completely spoil the first 2/3 of the first season of SyFy's THE EXPANSE. And then Dave forgets Christopher Nolan's name.

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