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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.
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May 30, 2018

Brian adds to his encyclopedic take upon the intertwined nature of good ole B'more players.

May 23, 2018

1. Stars and Bars

2. Let's Smoke Some Reefer.

3. Drivin' Again

4. Day To Day

5. To Be a Badass

6. Joh MacKaye Am I

7. Open Road

8. Let Me Plug Your Product

9. Home Is Home

10. Dirty Shame

11. Piano


Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brendan Tobin - bass, engineering, mixing, mastering

Ryan Bowen - drums

May 21, 2018


Love and hate



Love and Hate


Dawn don't feel so good

'Cause nothing's understood

And she's been wasting time

And she's been forced to find a new time

Barely holding on

Tracking footsteps in the rain

Of a darkness spawned

Never going home again

She's insane

Midnight's broken

The highway's spoken

"I don't have a soul"

Thought Remote Control

Heaven's cruelest joke

Crossroads sign is broke

Dawn breathes reprieves

Remote just eaves

Dawn burns best at night

When she feels it's right

From her flows a glory

Hellkind's meanest story

Dawn wakes up beneath Remote Control

Knows that she's there just to play her role

Naked oozing love she becomes night

Leaves her drooling walks out through the night

To the show

Remote Control never will wake up

Dawn's spent ashes combust and erupt

Become one with everything and sing

Desperate for the hope tomorrow brings

To the show


She's reading Dharma Bums 

Preaching with a gun

Haiku in the sun oh my sweet Jesus

Flower petal burns

Crash a sharp right turn

Nothing's what you earn when you're in pieces

Maybe she met you

Made you join her crew

Poetry for you that's nothing special

Crack the whip and dash

Where the sorrows clash

Happiness is what she did embezzle

Naked on the TV screen

Dawn hit the mainstream

I saw her on the magazine

Freak in the mainstream

Everybody's angst

Is all but a prank

Payed by you on you in times of vigor

Dogma by the ton

Everyone got one

Shouting it about al full of rigor

So be a Dharma Bum

Suck your goddamn thumb

Curl into a ball that's like a fetus

Where's her zen cash crew?

They don't know what to do

Baby, we just need someone to lead us

Give me fish I'm on my knees

Freaks in the mainstream

I saw her on the magazine

What does it all mean?


And when the lights go down

We're lying naked on the ground

And when the lights come up

We mean to interrupt

And when the light does bend

Then we're you're only friends

And when the light does fade

We sing our serenade


In my fantasy dance billions 

Chilling in a skinless ville

Come forth and feel the beating of the drums

When orgasmic screams of passion 

Happen and the waves crash at

A distant forest fire that's just the sun

In an ancient land a man stood motionless

He called forth all the powers of the devil

To his hand

In a modern time cry people looking for a savior

Find the strength to live

You got it

Form a band


War torn like a tenement 

It's all a big experiment

There ain't no wrong or right when you hate god

Evil seeps like rotting corpses

Lectured on in college courses

Piling up as if it were not odd


Underneath the circus tent

There sits a man his back is bent

And in his hand his only son he holds a knife

He says "hey, son, go on and do

the job it's just begun

and slice the trapeze rope it's all, yeah, just a life"


Inside a cab a slab of meat

Drives aimless through the city streets

He works for nothing gunfight all the time

Then one fine day he snaps

And wraps his hand around a nine and zaps

A gas and go quadruple murder crime


Walls of water feed corruption

Deconstructed interruptions

Naked timeless tunnels of the soul

Band and pop and cry

The sky shines on newborn forgotten son

To teenage momma born from rock and roll



Welcome to the Vacuum

A song for all the hearts that are departed

Welcome to the vacuum


Walking through ancient Rome everything's the same

So I turn my back to the riverbed and children and their games

Hello, friends, I'm here to please to break the wickid ways

Life's a myth and so is this and so is judgement day

I seen too soon another swoon running from a gun

I felt the world shrivel up hell I'm only having fun

Interviewing Dawn on judgement day

Subadai took Europe's sons and put them in a grave

Built a world on top of them vanished in the haze

The Khan he sighed 'cause he was bored and turned his mind to east

Crushed their souls, drank from bowls, took pleasure in the feast

Interviewing Dawn on judgement day

"What you done?" asked Caesar's son and plunged the knife in deep

The Gallic ones were slaughtered by the Roman Nobilise

Nobody lived to tell the tale history turned her back

IRL for you and me it started in Iraq

Interviewing Dawn come judgement day


A song for al the hearts that are departed

A prayer for those who never got it started

A valentine for all the broken hearted

A joke for all the bitterness departed

A blindman's leap into a void suggestion

A glimpse of hope for all thoise in depression

No answer to the everlasting question

Bask, become a target, no regression

Welcome to the vacuum


If the world were perfect the dodo would live

Brotherhood and sisterhood woud be the words to give

Laughter would float endlessly up through a tearless sky

Giant trees would shade a peace that never says "goodbye"

In a world levitation

Don't stand in line to find regeneration in all human kind

You need no explanation

Feel free to see reality and be for what you want to be

Although I know the show won't start

Take aim and touch my bleeding heart

If the world were perfect I wouldn't lose my keys

War would be a rhyme for door and there would be no need for peace

A skinless man and woman would be all that we would need

Money would be funny and we'd all say "what is greed?"

But all the time my optimism fades

And I get too hung up to struggle for the shade

The world seems so unkind

Build the nerve to climb out of this hole

If the world were perfect I wouldn't sing this song

If the world were perfect we'd be one big dancing throng

In a world levitation


Packed in the slave ship side by side

The slave ship Captain enjoy the ride

They bought and sold him flesh on leash

From his home on the African beach

And they trade his heart for gold

What the white man sold

The war was fought bondage gone

1860s protest song

General Lee to MLK

Elvis Presley in the USA

And the time she rumbles on

Hatred not long gone

And she knows what she knows

At he dawn of our millennium

Bottled water and titanium

Packed in the ghetto side by side

His father owned his father they're side by side

Neither one can make the rent

Hatred raging action spent

Cry forgotten son


I can walk away disgusted

It ain't us against them

It's us against us

It's friend against friend

So you know everything

So you have got it done

So your world will live on

Cry forgotten son

Your world is so mapped out

From what your father planned

Smile at the face of sickness

It bites the other hand

'Cause your world ain't my world

But my sun is your sun

And I guess that it always was

Cry forgotten ones


Your world ain't my world

Killing for your god

Written in the scriptures

Your word is a lie

People work and people play

People sing and people dance

People love and people hate

People live and people die

Your world ain't my world


Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, production

Wilmer Berry - drums

Joe Gallagher - spiritual assistance

Ian Burke - mastering and sound effects



May 16, 2018

1. Another Spot from Act 11 Dawn City

2. Paranoid from Act 11 Dawn City

3. Won't You Come Back Home from Act 12 Westward

4. Town To Burg from Act 12 Westward

5. Hey, Groupie from Act 12 Westward

6. Fund the Triumvirate from Act 12 Westward

7. Remote Control from Act 13 Space and Time

8. Let Her Know from Act 13 Space and Time

9. Seven from Act 13 Space and Time

10. Portal from Act 13 Space and Time


Act 11 Dawn City and Act 13 Space and Time

Dave Linantud - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo

Brian Litz - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy Och - drums and percussion

Ian Burke - mastering

Act 12 Westward

Dave Linantud - guitars, vocals, banjo

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Wilmer Berry - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

May 14, 2018

1. Meltdown from Act 9 Atlantis

2. The Roar Of the Drunken Gods from Act 9 Atlantis

3. Atlantis from Act 9 Atlantis

4. Karma Wrecker from Act 9 Atlantis

5. Frontline from Act 10 Battle

6. Hell On Earth from Act 10 Battle

7. Rust from Act 10 Battle

8. Meltdown Heavy from Act 10 Battle

9. Dawn City Overture from Act 11 Dawn City

10. Atom Bomb from Act 11 Dawn City


Act 9 Atlantis and Act 10 Battle

Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering,mixing

Sharon Santos - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Act 11 Dawn City

Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy Och - drums and percussion

Ian Burke - mastering

May 9, 2018

1. Epilogue from Act 6 Baby Blue

2. The Orphan from Act 6 Baby Blue

3. Tidalwaves from Act 7 Hopeless

4. Homeless from Act 7 Hopeless

5. Fuck the Herd from Act 7 Hopeless

6. All Fall Down from Act 7 Hopeless

7. How Do You Like That from Act 8 Breakdown

8. Crank It Up You Fucking Whores from Act 8 Breakdown

9. Edge City from Act 8 Breakdown

10. Highway Home from Act 8 Breakdown


Act 6 Baby Blue

Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy Och - drums and percussion

Ian Burke - mastering

Act 7 Hopeless

Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Act 8 Breakdown

Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Wilmer Berry - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

May 7, 2018

1. The Glow from Act 1 Dawn 

2. If I Die Tonight from Act 1 Dawn

3. Dreamgirl from Act 2 Angel White

4. Shadows from Act 2 Angel White

5. Desperation Waltz from Act 3 Old Man Blues

6. Disaster Time from Act 3 Old Man Blues

7. Dawn's Eulogy from Act 3 Old Man Blues

8. Baby Blue from Act 3 Old Man Blues

9. Bring the Mall from Act 6 Baby Blue

10 Why from Act 6 Baby Blue



Act 1 Dawn

Dave: guitars, vocals, bass

Brian: engineering, mixing

Ryan: drums

Drew: mastering


Act 2 Angel White

Dave: guitars, vocals

Brian: bass, engineering, mixing

Ryan: drums

Rob: sax

Drew: mastering 


Act 3 Old Man Blues

Dave: guitars, vocals

Brian: bass, engineering, mixing

C.J.: drums

Ian: mastering


Act 6 Baby Blue

Dave: guitars, vocals

Brian: bass, engineering, mixing

Andy: drums

Ian: mastering



May 2, 2018

o  - What do we got here? Sunken treasure.

5  - Sorry to throw you on the train.

10 - Once you're in you can pretty much do whatever you want.

15 - I'm still kind of behind the train.

20 - Or as Ochster would say "Een."

25 - I know these words are English but I have no idea what they mean in that order.

30 - Where does the song take me?

Hey, this is a pretty good encapsulation of Brian and Dave's approach to recording and mixing.

Compress the atom Bomb!