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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.
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Aug 31, 2016

Once again Dave and Brian are exhausted. Never the less they wrap up Act 3 and touch upon drum mic techniques (spacial orientation). The quote of the week is "don't touch my cookie!" Then the fellas shout out to The Island Boys and Professor Hood, recurring musical motiffs such as "The Shire Theme" in LOTR, mention the Beatles at minute 16, talk about 90s B'more bands Juice and Sporadic Sunjam, play 6 degrees of Andrew Grimm and/or Chris Plummer, discuss "Plummerisms," detail Act 3 instrumentation, recall DC band Fallen Ones, and promote community Stream Clean Up.s

Aug 29, 2016


There he stood on the doorstep for a time

Wanna work for a nickel for a dime

Mommy who Daddy who he don't know

Better now, he ain't beat, where's he go?

He's gonna roam the street

Then he steal a piece of meat

This is no place for a kid

He's the crime that others did

He doesn't know what to do

No orphanages coming true

Streets that are splattered with his blood

Streets where we walk in the sun

There he sleeps by the trashcan for a night

Abandoned child, just a child, it ain't right

Mommy who, Daddy who, he don't care

Middle March, nose it runs feet are bar


Dave: vocals and guitar

Brian - bass, engineering,production

CJ - drums

Ian - mastering

Colleen - upstairs reading

Aug 23, 2016

The fellas begin by saying "It's fucking like blowing up the Death Star or Indiana Jones doing absolutely nothing at the end of Raiders Of the Lost Ark!" then move on to  Foster Huey's dental problems (donate to Bellas Bully Buddies!, stray into cat talk(how "meow" sounds like "NOW!"), and then Dave tries to figure out what he already done wrote. Next they speak a little on Baby Blue's character arc to come, altering one's consciousness through distance running, and Steve Goddamn Earle.

Aug 22, 2016


You wanted something more than just somebody at the door

What you got was something less you're thinking "what in heaven for"

Ain't never got no flowers just take it one day at a time

Places lose their meaning and life becomes a rhyme

I said you take it as it comes and that's a rule of thumb

Sometimes you feel you ain't begun hell you're not the only one

Wake up your pillow's wet while it's lying on the floor

If kindness is a virtue you're thinking, "baby, what in heaven for":

Looking for your dad in all those guys who turned out bad

Broken expectations are al that you have had

A failure brings a heartache that a pill can't ever cure

Searching and feeling empty you're thinking "baby, what in heaven for

What in heaven for"

After all that time avoiding pessimism laughs out loud

The faces they look different ain't no solace in a crowd

Old friendships fly away like a bird does in the fall

Submerged in isolation you're feeling two foot small

I said you take it as it comes and that's a rule of thumb

Sometimes you feel you ain't begun hell you're not the only one

Wake up the pillow's wet while it's lying on the floor

If kindness is a virtue you're thinking "what in heaven for

What in heaven for"

On the day that Dawn was killed nobody even knew

'Cause there's a million deaths in the city minus one or two

The murder of a whore is as tragic as can be

She meant more than that to you

She meant more than that to me

What in heaven for

You can live your life in sorrow

But what in heaven for?




Aug 15, 2016


Rain all the time 'cause her lover's gone

Rage in the sunshine never to belong

Crack in the windshield of a wasted throng

Clear through the morning to be watching it on TV

She breaks the skin and the needle's free

No sleep tonight and it's almost three

Never again try to not agree

Clear through the morning to be watching it on TV

All night long

She buys a new pack of cigarettes

She sits around and tries to forget

She waits for something that's not regret

Clear through the morning to be watching it on TV

Rage in her eyes but she's nodding out

Slumped by the wall in her mind she shouts

"Why is it everything's wrong about"

Watching it on TV

But there ain't no TV screen

He's here and he's feeling mean

The city will hide the screams



Aug 10, 2016

Dave and Brian discuss the 16th song in The Big Opera, the original Society Fringe Player, planning planning planning planning, trying to make a dark love song, the legendary Denton Texas band Slobberbone, milk chocolate vs dark chocolate, Od Bay seasoning, and then rank the new Doctor's companions. Quotes of the week: "wrestling fans are pretty smart" and "He knows same amount of I knows."

Aug 8, 2016


There's a feeling yes a feeling

I got for you call it true love

In the morning in the evening

Open on up call it true love

Ain't no sunshine ain't no dark clouds

When you're with me it's all back ground

Fading sunshine It's about time

We're together here forever

Life means nothing if I can't have you

'Cause I love you


Dave Linantud - vocals and guitar

Brian Lutz - bass

CJ Johnson - drums

Produced by Brian Lutz at Possum Studios 

Mastered by Ian Burke at Invisible Studios

Aug 3, 2016

Davey and BriBri break down the 15th song in the Big Opera which was originally written as a direct message to Public Enemy's Chuck D. Other topics they are passionate about: Keep Starbucks out of Hampden, keep the trees at Spring Grove, when gardening basil's really important because of the pesto, and labeling music is the height of idiocy. Lastly, in my notes here, it says"Brian's band tee, SFPodcast022, Bawmer Band Trees, Strawberry Shortcake Songs, and 37:00 so there you go. Get through this Wednesday!

Aug 1, 2016


Old man blues, understand?

Drnk as shit, I'm a man

I seen 'em rise and I seen 'em fall

Don't fuck with me, son

I'll whup your ass, all y'all

Say what's up yo baby what's up

Said I try to figure out yo baby what's up

I moan the blues I ain't ever died

I ain't never laughed I ain't never cried

Shook hands with the devil cut my deals with the Lord

I'm froze to iron of what you can't afford

Said what's up

I seen the rules so I done wrote my own

I deconstructed the gospel with a black cat bone

The thorn covered rail that's the path of the righteous

Got the voodoo hoedown just don't wait to invite us

You know vengeance ain't passion it's a loser's gold

Dawn's eyes shine a light make a slight man bold

Where the swamp licks the ocean that's where we meet our fate

So if you're running to Jesus your ass better not be late

Say what's up


Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass

CJ Johnson - drums

Possum Studios