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Dave and Brian are using this podcast to roll out their 80 song rock opera entitled APOCALYPSE TOMORROW. They'll alternate songs with podcasts that consist of conversations that start out about the song and then lead to wherever. Both fellas are pop culture junkies, mainly scifi and any entertainment that has achieved cult status. Mainly they're aging rock and roll guys who are STILL banging around Society's Fringes looking for a way in.
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Feb 27, 2017


Break your back break your face

Fall asleep miss the race

Scared to be anything

Scaredy scared of everything


People suck people lie

Just complain all the time

Whine all day fall in line

Just fit in it's lemming time

So fuck the herd

Fuck 'em

Cattle sheep chew your cud

Stupid and dumb as mud

You don't care if it's true

Or a lie so fuck you

And fuck the herd

Fuck 'em


Dave - guitar and vocal

Brian - bass, emngineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Feb 22, 2017

Notes On "Homeless"

- Finally all the shit we talked about on the debut podcast in April of 2016 is happening in THE BIG OPERA!

- Brian tells the story of his new bass.

- Beatles mention around minute 10

- The Reverse Amish Beard

- Built To Spill and Dean Ween playing smlal venues

- OOPS Dave means King Ad Rock not Adam Yauch @ 46:00.

- Brian tells of THE I T CROWD.

- The fellas reminisce at length about the late great Joe Strummer.

Feb 20, 2017


I will work for food

Often misconstrued

Please don't think me rude

Baseless, strained or crude

Inside out they come

I'm the chosen one

Sleep with Jesus' son

Be the lonely one

I will do anything

I'm the homeless one

Terrorized for fun

I'm the chosen one

Lest we come undone

I will do anything

Let me have some food

Please give me some food

Can I have some food

May I have some food


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Feb 15, 2017

Notes on the commentary to "Run the F*** Away"

"You got a nice rack now, boy!"

The fellas fuck with headphone levels.

"It's all about he cattle pump in general."

The fellas discuss hearing damage.

Then they line up their calandar.

"Time is decay and entropy."

*SPOILER ALERT* The fellas talk about Indiana Jones in general and the Death Star in particular spoiling ROGUE ONE at the 29 minute mark.

"They call me 'wriggle worm' in the hospital."

"I lost a lot of butt crack hair, that's for sure, when they ripped that bandage off."

We Watch Wrestling Podcast shout out.

Steven Moffat.


Feb 13, 2017


You're a memory

Far as I can see

Priestly evil deeds to me

Free as lusting chance

Bathed in decadance

Got it in my pants

My pants

I'm leaving here today

Leaving anyway

Gonna live today


Run the fuck away

Got an itch for a more evil dare

I'm gone like a song in the air

I'm gone like a song in the air

I spent my young life running away

The more I ran the more I stayed

Motion is home to the restless 

And mad

I'm gonna muse my dream

Lead me where it leads

Lead the voiceless away

Leave me the fuck alone

Leave me just the motherfuck alone

Leave me the fuck alone


Pleased to be remembering me well


Dave - vocals and guitar

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

CJ - drums

Ian - mastering

Feb 8, 2017


- Old guys using old slang

- Omar coming!

- the trio discuss "gayness" and hyper masculinity as a masking agent

- "It's all in the rear of the buttholder."

- What makes it difficult to work with someone?

- The fellas have a nice little discussion of DIY music.

- How do you find new shit?

- They nerd out on hipster music minutiae

- Bluegrass festivals with mud trucks, topless hippies, and weed.



Feb 6, 2017


I was born in the night

Sacrificed to the roving blight

I'd welcome death if she'd only suck my breath

My only pedigree

Is this faceless madding sea


Bodies surround me but not one can see me

Isolation here for no one and not me

My only lifelong quest is to have a painless death

I only want to see


Where do you run to when you ain't got no home

Safely chewed off society's bone

A young priest took me in

She was bathed in earthly sin


I have a pistol but I can't

I can't read

She gave me love unconditionally

She kicked me in the teeth

Turned my gun on me

I only want to see

Why she loves me


*coproduced by Ian Burke

Dave - guitars and singing

Brian - bass, production and engineering

CJ - drums

Ian - production, mixing, mastering

Feb 1, 2017

Suicide is no joke. If you feel like shit call please the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Notes on the Andrew Grimm Interview

The center of the Baltimore Band Web

Brian got broken ribs!!

"I'm on the medimication."

Joel Baily shout out

Lucky Lucianos


Ellen Cherry

Andrew Grimm's musical history unwound

Dave here: Andy's a smart guy who adds some class to this endeavor.

Dave again: My interview style is kind of making me cringe right now. I wish we had someone else to proof listen to all this shit. I guess it ain't no different than the other 80,000 folks podcasting right now. Brian's interview style is NOT inducing Dave cringes.

The fellas talk about running sound at live shows.

Country music is awesome.