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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Apr 21, 2020


Dig it murder's suicide alright
Suck it stubbornness is pride inside
Fuck it breathing nitrogen again
Shoot it war's a pathogen my friend
I feel patricidal won't you come and slow my world?
Here now downright tribal won't you come and slow my world
I been laid low I been can't go I been fathomed out
Where's my peep hole drenched in trench low is the highest bout
I'd surrender or pretend or not to kiss the mud
Blood and lice and smoke and lice and dying in the crud goddammit
Only oceans fear and oceans beach to desert stretch
There's a line around the earth to fucking heave and wretch
Every single goddamn walker's fighting in this war
Men and women all religions not the rich but poor goddammit
I am drenched in pouring rain
Maybe I have gone insane
Only feeling here is pain
Everything I do's in vain
Right now I just want to die
Take a chance and try to fly
Depression has doused my soul
I have lost all my control
Depression cradle me depression soothe me
Solve everything violently
Kill 'em all and let 'em be
Rock and rolling glory be
I am drowning in a see of depression
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

There ain't no good or evil here
Grace has just up and disappeared
Everything's too fucking loud
Collectively we're a mushroom cloud
The ground beneath me creeks and moans
The sky above is filled with drones
The singularity is worthless
This brutality is just senseless
The maelstrom sucks dry every lung
It doubles down on flares of sun
The war city's a battleship
Plastics forged from hearts and hips
The rich sit back and place their bets
This isn't armageddon yet
The selfish wants of greed protrudes
The moneymaking then ensues
As long as this machine does hum
Cannibals, daughters and sons
It chews them up and spits them out
Humanity ain't got no clout
The writers write of fogs of war
The fighters fight the scorers score
Language warps primordial thought
Human life is sold and bought
Ain't no good and evil here
Ain't no good or evil here
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

I'm in the Arctic War and the Antarctic War
The ice is pink and black the sky is brown and grey
It's arbitrary, man, who you fight for today
It's geographic, man, for that they make you pay
For that they make you pay
This murder's never stopped since hands picked up a rock
It's cities and it's dust it's all downhill from here
We blew it when we tried to kick it into gear
Philosophy is dead on that we all are clear
On that we all are clear
The rumblings wake me up with blazing guns and then
The sky it opens up and Dawn she blazes fire
Through Elvis Presley's face the Czar and Khan retire
The mood it lightens up and Dawn douses the fire
So Dawn she saved the world
Or maybe just my brain
Or maybe all of us
Or maybe just the pain
Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, sound engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Well I feel alright maybe a bit uptight
I'm on a transport boat it's like a new remote
Got a floating thumb like a number one
Half another one loaded half my gun
On a factory ship they stole a rather zip
Get me out of there where the air to care
Less of everything bring the sing ring thing
At the quarter mark played without the stark
Leave the war behind in effort sublime
Of a human skull filled with less than null
Here the yells and coughs
Feeding at the trough
Like an eagle's wings sing the ring thing bring
It to newfound lathes baths and crass crash labs
Feed me nitrogen pennies current slim
From a battle zone smelling like ozone
Peace will set me free if I want to be
Sing the joys of life na na na na na na
Uplift me uplift me tra la la
Does anything really ever happen
How 'bout them migrants at the door
You got the money for the answer
You got the money for the floor
When I looked around was Atlantis bound
Got PTSD got that shit for free
It's a genesis it's a catharsis
It's a love ornate let's copulate
I got a song for you
It's heaving like a clue
I got to radiate
And build my love from hate
I broke the atom bomb KABOOM
I felt it I felt it give me room
I heard the drums a-beating goddamn
I heard the march retreating, man
Like the towers fall Dawn City enthralled
It's an edifice it's an urban myth
She's the Atom Bomb she's the right aplomb
Boil and salt to taste then repatriate
I got a song for you
It's heaving like a clue
I got to radiate
And build my love from hate
Within the City's gates
I don't ingratiate
Or have a trust in fate
Dave - vocals and guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

Welcome to my birthday party but it hasn't started
Until you're gone
Violence the pot is brimming
We're all just swimming in it's song
Why can't you see that this ain't no party
I wonder if my heart is showing
And if you're knowing who I am
I wonder because I can feel you
But not see through you if I can
My questions ain't small
War it kills us all
I just want to know what's right that's all
That's all
People they fill me with questions
The world is spinning under me
Catch it a thought is drifting
I'm sitting sifting come float with me
Listen to me and join my party
So let's get started
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, and mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Right time it's a long time to be waiting
But I don't mind
Quite fine another time to let go
Shrinking 'cause I'm thinking that I'm blinking
At reality
I got another spot in my soul
Seen you in your glory will you sell me
For a story
You got a b-line to my soul
Gift me with your loving or
Thrift me from above when
I got another spot in my soul
Dave - guitars and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Midlife crisis in prescription pills but the buffer never came
Fallen swords flown free form faster but they all just sound the same
It's only just a game
Got no witness call our misdeeds
Over by the dawn
Catch a glimpse of something better
Blink and then it's gone
Let the meaning of the words
Get scrambled by the dregs
Give a sense of meaningless
An arm and two new legs
It's only just a game
I went before the tribune and I stammered my defense
Got a playful greeting said the sentence recompense
Kiss me twice but fool me never where'd she put the key
Get them handcuffs melt 'em down and then
Just give them back to me
It's only just a game
It's more than just a game
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Here's a story truth be told
Of woebegone fortuneless bold
And shattered minds on ecstasy
Caressing and so endlessly
And through the meanings of the pines
As underground as concubines
A harem made of robot parts
Conveyed through trays of structure hearts
Grappled over and then some
Sucking on my fucking thumb
Pleased the barker lies be sought
Fissured lives of astronauts
And then she said "You're all dismissed."
With kisses made from mountain mist
She's Dawn she fucking floats in the sky
She's Dawn she's always higher than high
She's Dawn recycled from a myth
She's Dawn a modern sarcophagus
As I knelt I felt her scent
Fucked her in her covenant
Would she bless me with a kiss
Or a fateful unnamed bliss
Sanctioned by a godless ton
As it was it's kind of fun
What again was then it ain't
Can't remember no complaints
Did the anniversary
Give a gift of common glee
Punctured wounds that bled of silk
Fractured by the mother's milk
Stranded on a nearby shore
Booked tonight forever more
Dave - vocals, guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

I'm a paranoid sucker 'cause I know they're out to get me
And my fists with a wish for a laid back twist
And surviving turned to thriving turned to starving turned to what
In an icon fractured clog bogged down when it's found
All around a different town or city dwelling yelling nothing
At an existential fog or bog or something else entirely
Or a laser or a frog toed sloppy domed slow burn
Other sucker looser with a punch a bunch of these here
Unrehearsed gems floating down again but then again
A friend has other needs feed iambic tantric greed
Got a surfing webbed foot soot choked smoke it up
Smoke it up suck it down don't cough cough cough
Been a jealous zealous fool guy why fry wide eyed
Sky up below or throw the other one again or then
Did I say she was a friend when or then is when again
How's now let it go or else it bows so here we go
Man she leans and she dips and she drinks and she strips
And she swerves and she curves and she knows and she glows
But she hears and she nears and she queers and she lears
When she lunges and she plunges and she hinges and she plummets
As she cries and she lies and she flies and she sighs
If she knows and she grows and she slows and she flows
If she was or she must or she's just or she's rust
When she flips and she dips and she rips and she sips
As she kisses and she misses and she hisses and she disses
Then she fucks and she sucks and she trucks and she mucks
For she screams and she dreams and she beams and she reams
And she straps and she naps and she raps and she straps
'Cause she fights and sh's right and she's might and she's night
And she's day and she's here and she's far and she's near
When the paranoia took me like a volcano it shook me
The tsunami was a birthrite and the actress got the words right
If it ever didn't happen then I thought it maybe might
If there ever was a doubt it wasn't right
My soliloquy is broken like a wrestling gimmick
My cantankerous mind failed to lure or to mimic
Felt betrayed when she stayed and bereft when she left
Felt a cringe become a frown and I put that sucker down
If there ever was a modern one it never came to me
If there ever was another one to see
Back it up now you're good cut it hard tap the brake
Slake the thirst you're the worst kiss the night
Float above the fray
Let it go.
Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

I didn't know that the show would not go back to you
I didn't know that the lies that were told would come true
I didn't think or even care if it all went down in rust
I didn't mind if it did but I guess it wasn't just
The consequence was begging
For a thing that smelled like true
And the operator called up
And the financing fell through
At least we got it demoed and my wife was sick and everybody cried
Got laid off a couple times but kept on writing, man, because that's what you do
Every path of atmospheric musings keeps me coming back to you
The plot holes got dismembered
I lost my mind a bit
We put it on the podcast
Because we worked out the apocalypse
Spare you all the details
Just trying to write some songs
I'd like to keep on adding
It just takes so goddamned long
Let it rust
Dave Linantud - quitars, vocals, harmonica
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

You some punk motherfuckers while you're sitting in your high chairs
In your seats that be controlling the world
You don't care about the people build your liquor stores and steeples
Hold the roughest of the roughest of the pearls
The people act as lemmings all distracted and the same is true
For all this fucking lying crying blues
Distract us from our misery lie to us to keep us busy
While you tell us what our thoughts are and our views
Manipulated prayed for fellated
The dream is a lie and I'm craving a meltdown
Lead like a herd mindless retro absurd
And the scheme is a pyramid oligarchs abound
The rich elite lie to you and they motherfucking use you
If you're left well then they make you hate the right
And the other way too, punks, it's fucking junk they use the trunks
And pack their lies up so they seem like truth and light
They keep us all distracted while their riches get impacted
By the oligarchal lurching huge machine
They twist up information hide the overall stagnation
And they make you wonder what it all can mean
Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

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