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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.
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Jun 28, 2017

Brian and Dave speak upon Brian's new bass.

The fellas hit some plot points.

Atlantis makes an appearance in the commentary.

Dace's sinus infection takes center stage.

"12 plus 6 is 18"

"20 totes magoats."

The fellas talk comic book movies and TV shows and such like.

Then the fellas speak on work in Bawmer last winter and spring.

The fellas THEN touch on trying to stay in shape.

Catonsville Bakery Reminiscence

Doctor Who mention at 56 minutes.

Jun 26, 2017


I hate my fucking job I hate my fucking job

Fight or die

First day of basic had us drinking human blood

We're the only resource left ain't nothing up here, cuz

They killed five the first day 'cause they would not fall in line

I say "yes sir no sir" but I'm just biding my time


The sergeant tried to rape me so I slit his fucking throat

Colonel said "Well goddamn, son, you're the kind of kid I can promote."

Got my new stripes branded on the fingers of my fist

Last thing that you'll see coming 'cause I never fucking miss


There ain't no mirrors here they don't want us to see

There ain't no living here they don't want us to be

Last night I dreamt that I was falling from the sky

When I woke up I did not know that I could still cry and cry and cry



Jun 21, 2017

Dual theme songs play today.

What are the fellas wearing? (Dave's Beastie Boys shirt is his wife's.)

The fellas go through the machinations of plot furtherment.

The fellas reminisce about the early days of Facebook and how Dee Barth preferred Friendster.

The band with Sharon drumming didn't need cues to come in together on the starts and stops of this song.

City comparison: Minneapolis, Baltimore, Kansas City, East Saint Louis.

State comparison: Iowa, Illinois, Missouri.

Doctor Who reference around 21 minutes.

Pop culture update: Sense 8 and American Gods.

More ideas for the YouTube channel.

Support local artists!

Jun 19, 2017


I'm gonna join the army 'cause they're making me

They took the best of rioters with them was me

They fight their endless wars it don't mean shit to me

I'm gonna join the army 'cause they're making me making me

They punched me in the face and threw me in a truck

We'[re packed in here like cigarettes, man, what the fuck

They tell us that the plan is just for us to die

They'll feed us to the factory and make their weapons with our flesh and pride

And everything inside

They asked me for my name I said "I'm Baby Blue

I'm everything you hate and fear and cannot do."

They kicked my ass again and said it's just for fun

A tattoo on my shoulder says "I'm number one Baby Blue Gun"

Baby blue gun

Jun 14, 2017

Dave couldn't hear his guitar in his headphones when they recorded this one.

Brian pulls Dave out of a tangent that would have started with the Byzantines.

"We get bonkers as fuck."

The flubbles happened in a good way.

Brian talks about how to EQ and pan pipes whilst mixing.

Also Brian is back to skating after spine surgery!

The fellas expound upon city driving in B'more.

"When you do heroin the laws of physics are suspended."

Baltimore's mass transit system gets a come to Jesus moment from the fellas.

Jun 12, 2017


I seen the sunshine only in my dreams 'cause it's never bright

I spent a lifetime feeling my way through the darkest night

I rode the airways I supped on lightening and drank the sky

I been transcended back away, lord, by and by


Riot now it's our last chance

Seduce me with your sinful dance

Breath my soul and set me free

Everything will burn wait and see

Where are the women?

Where are the mommas, wives, and sisters?

Where is my shotgun?

Got it at the pawn shop and sawed it off, mister

How is this platform?

Hand to hand combat in the goddamned streets

The cops are in on it

They need money to survive just like you and me


Everything will burn as you will see

Burn it down!



Jun 7, 2017

"Bob made me a lap steel that I could play standing up."

This song is the "cliff" notes of the larger world created for these characters to fuck around in or in which to fuck around.

We finally got to do the Neil Young thing where you play the same song twice but different to open and close a larger entity.

Either a warning or a heads up, it's up to you: Pro Wrestling talk around 8 minutes in.

The fellas try to figure out modern dance, comic book art, and thumb drives (zip drives?).


Brian speaks on the art of panning.

"A fortuitous bit of serendipity."


Dave tells of how he got his back pain under control.



Jun 5, 2017


When the world started turning and it set to up and burning

All the freedom of a megalopolis

The United States was bleeding and the populace was pleading

For a living breathing old sarcophagus

Well she took to warring constantly for fossil fuels and Jesus

And the lies of often civilated songs

Turned the Middle East to glass and turned her back on her repast

And said the Bill Of Rights is motherfucking wrong, bitch

God bless America god bless America

Land of the free and the home of the letdown

In the meantime out in Asia got a market euthanasia

Got it humming drumming economically

Tried collecting all her debts the US wouldn't take the bet

And said "fuck off" all rather pedantically

For the world that was War Four 'cause III was knocking at the door

And the history sputtered sporadically

In the chaos that ensued after wars for god and crude

The second coming happened despotically

God bless the marketplace god bless the marketplace

Buy that shit low and then sell off the countdown

So it came to be the truth that Chinggis Khan would be the proof

That if you want shit done you never wait around

He was rising in the ast the battle lines were drawn at least

The history books would someday write all this shit down

So Julius Caesar rose to fight him made an army just to spite him

And a war machine that ran on human bones

They were clashing every day in every place in every way

With the plastics made from tissues of the clones yeah

God bless the emperors god bless the emperors

Though self ordained still they're willing to get down

While the generations died the war was living with a tide

Of surplus cannon fodder plucked off of the streets

All the fossil fuels are zapped the land is ocean, deserts, crap

Yes and the drums of war are shuffle/set/repeat

If you're looking for a wasteland well you got it have a taste man

What's it taste like fuck you cannot be the judge

It's the west against the east it's set, man "shuffle/war/repeat"

That's how it will be, is, and always fucking was 

God bless the atheists, deists, and theists

In the land of debris at the edge of the meltdown


Dave: guitars and vocals

Brian: bass and mixing

Sharon: drums

Ian: mastering