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Dave and Brian are using this podcast to roll out their 80 song rock opera entitled APOCALYPSE TOMORROW. They'll alternate songs with podcasts that consist of conversations that start out about the song and then lead to wherever. Both fellas are pop culture junkies, mainly scifi and any entertainment that has achieved cult status. Mainly they're aging rock and roll guys who are STILL banging around Society's Fringes looking for a way in.
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May 25, 2016

Dave and Brian get into the nitty gritty in regards to the song "Adam & Eve." In regards to the conversation they name drop the short lived combo Pritty Hary. In regards to the further conversation they discuss STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS. In regards to the rest of the podcast you'll have to listen. In regards to grammar, my most sincerest regards. Regards. Dave.

May 16, 2016

Doctor Dave and Snoop Brian Bri delve into the creaion "Torn Dress Blues" and how it fits into the larger narrative. The conversation soon throttles into Doctor Who, Star Wars, and John & Yoko. Quote of the day: "They live to f*** with you."

May 13, 2016


There's a torn dress in the corner I don't know where it's from

I got bloody knuckles and I got a broken thumb

There's a shovel by the door I don't know why it's there

I got dirty fingernails and blood all in my hair

I thought it was er tat I buried but I seen her walking down the street

If it wasn't her that I buries I guess it must have been me


The Blues is half of the essential handbook for any serious musician in the United States of America. By "the blues" what folk scholars actually mean is "music created by Africans in America." The other half is the folk music the Europeans conjured when confronted by this vast land trying to hold onto their roots. Neither is more important than the other. There's no guilt for being more in one camp than the other. In a land where certain freedoms are guaranteed in writing if not practice the only music jettisoned by the masses is that of the high born and educated, which is a goddamn fucking dirty shame. It's encapsulated by the banjo, an African instrument beloved by the ones whose necks are sunburned. As Johnny Cash would say, "meditate on it." The indigenous music got fucking trampled.

May 8, 2016

Davey Dave and Dr Bri break down the 5th song in DAWN.1 and APOCALYPSE TOMORROW, "Elvis Is God." The conversation turns to altering one's conciousness through epic jams and John Lennon's extra strand of DNA.

May 2, 2016

Dave and Brian discuss "If I Die Tonight." They start with the inspiration for the writing of the song and drift into Rhys Darby's career and the nitty gritty on how to stage an 80 song rock opera.

Apr 29, 2016


If I die tonight I would be alright

Because I don't want to live

If I had a chance with my decadence

Well then my life is all I could give

I would sacrifice for the other life

That somehow might not end

If I had to guess I would ask this mess

Would never come again

If I have to fall I implore you all

Not to follow what I done

If I had a choice with my lonely voice

I would pull the trigger of this gun

If I die tonight I would be alright

Because I don't want to live

If I had a chance with my decadence

Well then my life is all I could give

If I die tonight I'm gonna live

Live on and on and on


Dave Linantud: guitar and vocals

T. Chris Johnson: violin

Produced by Brian Lutz

Engineered by Greg Humphries