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Dave and Brian, as the band Society Fringe Players, are psychedelic punk rock opera hillbillies who are using this podcast to roll out their 87 song narrative entitled THE BIG OPERA. They release a new song every Monday morning at 7 ESTand then release a commentary track every Wednesday morning at 7 EST explaining how that song fits into THE BIG OPERA. They're too "Bawmer" for their own good. Reach them on Twitter at @davelinantudsfp and @brilutz9. Yes these are Circle 9 guys.
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Sep 21, 2016

Dave and Brian start off talking about legal pot in Oregon.

Quote #1: "Buy some fucking t-shirts what's the deal!"

First Movement: "Love & Hate" and "The Ballad Of Dawn and Remote Control" roughly 0 to 10 minutes.

Quote #2 by Joe Goldsborough: "Is that a note poem?"

The obligatory Beatles mention happens at the 14 minute mark. After that the fellas discuss trying to make digital recording as close to analog as possible, heap derisive scorn upon "polished" artists, and completely spoil the first 2/3 of the first season of SyFy's THE EXPANSE. And then Dave forgets Christopher Nolan's name.

Sep 19, 2016

Dave and Brian break down the Sync after it has been payed out twice and then get into the nitty gritty of the recording of the take that eventually made its way to the podcast.

Quote 1: "So good to see Joey. Love that son of a bitch."

Quote 2: "You look funny without a beard."

There's the obligatory Beatles mention somewhere around 20 minutes. After that the fellas spend more time trying to figure out staging eventually settling vaguely on "a web series as good as the SyFy shows" along with a feature film.

Quote 3: "We're guys that drive trucks and vans it's amazing we've got this far."


Sep 14, 2016

Dave struggles to explain how the virtual world expands.

Notes: musical Oliver Stone movie.

"Love & Hate" - the whole duality thing and questions posed.

"The Ballad Of Dawn & Remote Control" - this is where it gets trippy.

"Freaks In the Mainstream" - this is where Dawn gets famous.

Quote of the week: "You put a penis in your eye?"

"Liquid Existence" - instrumental and separate poem.

"The Light" - POV of followers at Dawn's mass.

"Sinkittup" - snapshot of everything else going o n when Dawn births Baby Blue.

This closes the book on the Dawn/Angel White/ Elvis story. The origin story is done.

Brian lays out the nuts and bolts of how to get it done.

Beatles mention at the 17 minute mark.

Sep 6, 2016


Love and hate



Love and Hate

Dawn don't feel so good

'Cause nothing's understood

And she's been wasting time

And she's been forced to find a new time

Barely holding on

Tracking footsteps in the rain

Of a darkness spawned

Never going home again

She's insane

Midnight's broken

The highway's spoken

"I don't have a soul"

Thought Remote Control

Heaven's cruelest joke

Crossroads sign is broke

Dawn breathes reprieves

Remote just eaves

Dawn burns best at night

When she feels it's right

From her flows a glory

Hellkind's meanest story

Dawn wakes up beneath Remote Control

Knows that she's there just to play her role

Naked oozing love she becomes night

Leaves her drooling walks out through the night

To the show

Remote Control never will wake up

Dawn's spent ashes combust and erupt

Become one with everything and sing

Desperate for the hope tomorrow brings

To the show

She's reading Dharma Bums 

Preaching with a gun

Haiku in the sun oh my sweet Jesus

Flower petal burns

Crash a sharp right turn

Nothing's what you earn when you're in pieces

Maybe she met you

Made you join her crew

Poetry for you that's nothing special

Crack the whip and dash

Where the sorrows clash

Happiness is what she did embezzle

Naked on the TV screen

Dawn hit the mainstream

I saw her on the magazine

Freak in the mainstream

Everybody's angst

Is all but a prank

Payed by you on you in times of vigor

Dogma by the ton

Everyone got one

Shouting it about al full of rigor

So be a Dharma Bum

Suck your goddamn thumb

Curl into a ball that's like a fetus

Where's her zen cash crew?

They don't know what to do

Baby, we just need someone to lead us

Give me fish I'm on my knees

Freaks in the mainstream

I saw her on the magazine

What does it all mean?

And when the lights go down

We're lying naked on the ground

And when the lights come up

We mean to interrupt

And when the light does bend

Then we're you're only friends

And when the light does fade

We sing our serenade

In my fantasy dance billions 

Chilling in a skinless ville

Come forth and feel the beating of the drums

When orgasmic screams of passion 

Happen and the waves crash at

A distant forest fire that's just the sun

In an ancient land a man stood motionless

He called forth all the powers of the devil

To his hand

In a modern time cry people looking for a savior

Find the strength to live

You got it

Form a band


War torn like a tenement 

It's all a big experiment

There ain't no wrong or right when you hate god

Evil seeps like rotting corpses

Lectured on in college courses

Piling up as if it were not odd


Underneath the circus tent

There sits a man his back is bent

And in his hand his only son he holds a knife

He says "hey, son, go on and do

the job it's just begun

and slice the trapeze rope it's all, yeah, just a life"


Inside a cab a slab of meat

Drives aimless through the city streets

He works for nothing gunfight all the time

Then one fine day he snaps

And wraps his hand around a nine and zaps

A gas and go quadruple murder crime


Walls of water feed corruption

Deconstructed interruptions

Naked timeless tunnels of the soul

Band and pop and cry

The sky shines on newborn forgotten son

To teenage momma born from rock and roll