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Dave and Brian are using this podcast to roll out their 80 song rock opera entitled APOCALYPSE TOMORROW. They'll alternate songs with podcasts that consist of conversations that start out about the song and then lead to wherever. Both fellas are pop culture junkies, mainly scifi and any entertainment that has achieved cult status. Mainly they're aging rock and roll guys who are STILL banging around Society's Fringes looking for a way in.
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Jan 9, 2017



Affectation to affection can you find a new direction

From obliterated years in a lifetime full of tears

Crawling from the wreckage of forgiven sin

Oh, sweet addiction, I can't stand rejection

Well I tried to choose a wish but I hope it don't come true

'Cause every life's a style, everyone but you

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to


Contrivances breed gloom

Swooning like a groom with a shotgun in his mouth

Who's my momma and my poppa?

Why we never met?

Even so I ain't dead yet

Were you hungry or depressed?

Do I have your eyes?

Either way your souls are blazing through my skies

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to

Affectation to addiction placate fact from friction

And a lifetime came and went in solitude

Can you hear me?

Are you blind?

Words jump down around around around around

A quietness

a Whisper

I wrote this for you to listen to

Every night the light dims more

I'm wondering what my life is for

I feel like a failure and I wonder why

Something inside says I gotta try

I'll slide on by

Well you could say in my life I ain't accomplished a thing

Maybe a little too scared of what the day may bring

But come on and try to tell me that this ain't my time

You can see it in the sunset every single night

I'll slide on by

I hoped you'd say when I couldn't find my way

That you'd be there for me

Glory is gone

It never was an option

What can I say

It ain't free

You know I'm scared

More fragile than a notion

Afraid of love and trust


Confusion is reality

I'm overwhelmed 

You and us

So fuck you all

You turned your back on someone 

Needing hope and peace 

Go run and hide

Blame it on rebellion

That's bullshit, man

At least

Suit of armor forged in fires of spite

Revenge is true violent love

Don't give a fuck

Existence is a lie

From underneath

And from above

So go on and leave

Take your shit and go

I don't care

That's a lie

Leave me be

Leave me the fuck alone

Sit on down

And fucking cry

I'll slide on by


Dave Linantud: guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz: bass, engineering, production

Andy Och: drums

Ian Burke: mastering

Made Hood: cowriting

Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios