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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Nov 13, 2017


Midlife crisis in prescription pills but the buffer never came

Fallen swords flown free form faster but they all just sound the same

It's only just a game

Got no witness call our misdeeds

Over by the dawn

Catch a glimpse of something better

Blink and then it's gone

Let the meaning of the words

Get scrambled by the dregs

Give a sense of meaningless

An arm and two new legs

It's only just a game.

I went before the tribune and I stammered my defense

Got a playful greeting said the sentence recompense

Kiss me twice but fool me never where'd she put the key

Get them handcuffs melt 'em down and then 

Just give them back to me

It's only just a game

It's more than just a game


Dave - guitar and vocal

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums

Ian - mastering

Nov 8, 2017

Brian is dapper looking tonight!

1987 was a good year for music.

"We ripped Fugazi off a lot."

A little podcast talk with Kelsi to start things off.

From the office of corrections office: James Paul McCartney.

"We always have people down here who have better careers than us."

Santa Labrada update!

LPJ is not a Les Paul Junior?

17:00 John Lennon reference.

17:40 Clutch reference.

19:00 Kelsi's pedals including "tiny delay."

"I had a couple light bulb moments."

24:00 Piano talk!

25:00 Joe Gallagher reference.

"They spit shined it up."

Rock and roll misogyny.

"Two name Hs."

37:00 Santa Labrada history

Nov 6, 2017


Right time it's a long time to be waiting

But I don't mind

Quite fine another time to let go

Shrinking 'cause I'm thinking that I'm blinking

At reality

I got another spot in my soul


Seen you in your glory will you sell me

For a story

You got a b-line to my soul

Gift me with your loving or

Thrift me from above when

I got another spot in my soul


Dave - guitars and vocal

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums

Ian - mastering

Nov 1, 2017

"Dawn City's in Atlantis."

The fellas go almost immediately into the Antedilluvian theories of the "fringe thinkera" and thoughts about Gobeckli Tepi and the multiverse.

The earth is music.

At around 22:00 Colleen drops by to talk about Santa Librada's new record.

Dave shows Brian his thoughts for the look of the character of Remote Control coming up in Act 13 Space & Time.

"I love that she's got pierced boobs. It's like a goth-steampunk version of Mad Max stuff."

Star Wars at 26:00

"Dude Egypt is fucking bonkers."


Oct 30, 2017


Welcome to my birthday party but it hasn't started

Until you're gone

Violence the pot is brimming

We're all just swimming in it'ssong

Why can't you see that this ain't no party


I wonder if my heart is showing

And if you're knowing who I am

I wonder because I can feel you

But not see through you if I can

My questions ain't small

War it kills us all

I just want to know what's right that's all

That's all


People they fill me with questions

The world is spinning under me

Catch it a thought is drifting

I'm sitting sifting come float with me

Listen to me and join my party

So let's get started


Dave - guitar and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, and mixing

Andy - drums

Ian - mastering

Oct 25, 2017

2:00 Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig

"Did you say threes, sixes, and nines?"

Alan Tudyk's Conman features Dave's cousin Paul as an extra in the first episode.

"'Fringe' you'd think we cold remember that."

"What does the pie chart mean?"

"Suicide plays such a big part in this."

"They do eulogies at the weddings?"

The fellas talk about war around 35:00.

"Was it about when Luke fucked Jabba up the ass?"

Brian has an EXCELLENT idea.

...pre civilization civilizations...


Oct 23, 2017


Well I feel alright maybe a bit uptight

 I'm on a transport boat it's like a new remote

Got a floating thumb like a number one

Half another one loaded half my gun

On a factory ship they stole a rather zip

Get me out of there where the air to care

Less of everything bring the sing ring thing

At the quarter mark played without the stark

Leave the war behind in effort sublime

Of a human skull filled with less than null

Here the yells and coughs

Feeding at the trough

Like an eagle's wings sing the ring thing bring

It to newfound lathes baths and crass crash labs

Feed me nitrogen pennies current slim

From a battle zone smelling like ozone

Peace will set me free if I want to be


Sing the joys of life na na na na na na

Uplift me uplift me tra la la

Does anything really ever happen

How 'bout them migrants at the door

You got the money for the answer

You got the money for the floor


When I looked around was Atlantis bound

Got PTSD got that shit for free

It's a genesis it's a catharsis

It's a love ornate let's copulate

I got a song for you

It's heaving like a clue

I got to radiate

And build my love from hate


I broke the atom bomb KABOOM

I felt it I felt it give me room

I heard the drums a-beating goddamn

I heard the march retreating, man


Like the towers fall Dawn City enthralled

It's an edifice it's an urban myth

She's the Atom Bomb she's the right aplomb

Boil and salt to taste then repatriate


I got a song for you

It's heaving like a clue

I got to radiate

And build my love from hate

Within the City's gates

I don't ingratiate

Or have a trust in fate


Dave - vocals and guitars

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums, percussion

Ian - mastering

Oct 18, 2017

Check out

"I can't talk that fast."

"Andy was definitely the right guy for this."

18:00 Love tossed at Kelsi's Corridor Cast

"Who's a great American drummer?"

20:00ish - prolonged Zeppelin analization.

Dave freaks out at new live Replacements release and it turns out that his wife had pre-ordered it.

"When we play with Andy it sounds like a big party."

Drummer dynamics are discussed around 32:00 which leads to a question of who are the most under rated drummers.

"I was in a band not doing any music."

Oct 16, 2017


Oct 11, 2017

"Fearful not nervous."

Andy gets excited about Brian and Dave's process namely namely a seat of the pants let her rip type of guerrilla art.

20:00 Plot points

"That's not even related in West Virginia."

25:00 Jewel in person

30:30 An Eddie Rabbit song segues into drug addiction somehow.

"I got the mushroom tip."

Oct 9, 2017


Brian answers Trivial Pursuit STAR WARS EDITION and Dave answers THE BEATLES EDITION.

"You don't have to scream 'THREE!'"

"Like my lacy lacy thong going into my butt crack."

"A mouse droid; what are they for?"

"He couldn't fit through the 'door hole.'"

"He's a fucking whiney little maggot."

"The 'Pubic Analtorium.'"


"The Empire uses dicks as a snack?"

"You're continuously yelling."

"Ow I just pinched my fucking ball."

"Right scene wrong movie."

Oct 4, 2017

"This is the Society Fringe Penis or Pussy."

"This is our best theme song ever."

"The old Neil Young thing two different versions of the same song."

Beatles reference at 1:20.

This is Sharon Santos' last song with the Players from Society's Fringes.

"It's stonery."

"Couldn't do inward singing?"

8:00 Corridor Cast shout out.

"Don't get me started on Military History because 'Goodbye, new listeners!'"

@ 20 something minutes is SFP's top 10 iTunes downloads.

" the 3 eyed crow flies."

"We did it willy nillilly."

Three's Company casting decisions are discussed at around the 37 minute mark.

At 46:00 Brian recounts Jack White's career.

The fellas close the podcast with generous helpings of UCB love.

Oct 2, 2017


You some punk motherfuckers while you're sitting in your high chairs

In your seats that be controlling the world

You don't care about the people build your liquor stores and steeples

Hold the roughest of the roughest of the pearls

The people act as lemmings all distracted and the same is true

For all this fucking lying crying blues

Distract us from our misery lie to us to keep us busy

While you tell us what our thoughts are and our views

Manipulated prayed for fellated

The dream is a lie and I'm craving a meltdown

Lead like a herd mindless retro absurd

And the scheme is a pyramid oligarchs abound

The rich elite lie to you and they motherfucking use you

If you're left well then they make you hate the right

And the other way too, punks, it's fucking junk they use the trunks

And pack their lies up so they seem like truth and light

They keep us all distracted while their riches get impacted

By the oligarchal lurching huge machine

They twist up information hide the overall stagnation

And they make you wonder what it all can mean


Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Sharon Santos - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Sep 27, 2017

'The Pop Heard 'Round the World'.

"Slappa da bass totes McGoats."

"This feels like a Neil Young Song."

"I have a whole folder of songs that are written to 'you.'"

7:00 Shout out to Hotel Shipwreck 1987.

10:00 "Clash City Rockers" vocals are indecipherable.

"That was fun playing with Made and doing a Sporadic Sunjam song."

"What Yoko was doing in 1980 is where dance music is now."

Dave now hates M*A*S*H the TV series.

-Funniest TV Show Moments-

"Oh, Littlefinger, you fucking weirdo."

*SPOILER ALERT* Game Of Thrones starting at 49:00 directly into The Defenders at 54:00.

Sep 25, 2017


I didn't know that the show would not go back to you

I didn't know that the lies that were told would come true

I didn't think or even care if it all went down in rust

I didn't mind if it did but I guess it wasn't just

The consequence was begging

For a thing that smelled like true

And the operator called up

And the financing fell through

At least we got it demoed and my wife was sick and everybody cried

 Got laid off a couple times but kept on writing, man, because that's what you do

Every path of atmospheric musings keeps me coming back to you

The plot holes got dismembered

I lost my mind a bit

We put it on the podcast

Because we worked out the apocalypse

Spare you all the details

Just trying to write some songs

I'd like to keep on adding

It just takes so goddamned long

Let it rust

Dave Linantud - quitars, vocals, harmonica

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

Sharon Santos - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Sep 20, 2017

Take two!

A little state of deja vu.

Closest we've ever come to being late with a podcast.

The computer is old, yo.

Plot points at 4:30.

- full Oedipus -

This is an "anchor song."

Brian has not named his computer or his "rape" van.

"There's always a nasty mattress on the side of the road in the city."

"How's that for a Baltimore accent?"

Dave does impressions of George Harrison and Brent Best.

"Everything is blurry to me today."

"You've been itching your stomach bloody?"

"Everything's fecal in your analogies."

Captain Chesapeake!!!

70s cartoons YAY!


Black Sails at 30:00

Game Of Thrones at 37:00

ALL CLEAR at 50:00.

Sep 18, 2017


I'm in the Arctic War and the Antarctic War

The ice is pink and black the sky is brown and grey

It's arbitrary, man, who you fight for today

It's geographic, man, for that they make you pay

For that they make you pay

This murder's never stopped since hands picked up a rock

It's cities and it's dust it's all downhill from here

We blew it when we tried to kick it into gear

Philosophy is dead on that we all are clear

On that we all are clear


The rumblings wake me up with blazing guns and then

The sky it opens up and Dawn she blazes fire

Through Elvis Presley's face the Czar and Khan retire

The mood it lightens up and Dawn douses the fire

So Dawn she saved the world

Or maybe just my brain

Or maybe all of us

Or maybe just the pain


Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, sound engineering, mixing

Sharon Santos - drums

Ian Burke - mastering



Sep 13, 2017

This is a macro, pull out to wide lens to see the built world outside of Baby Blue.

The influence of the Monkees on THE BIG OPERA and the actual germ of an idea that led to this is explained.

"Hell On Earth" is SFP's attempt at a straight up apocalypse song.

This song also ties into Doom Cookie's "Brown Tape."

This song has another big long ending added to take advantage of Sharon's drumming.

Dave talks about how he had to memorize Shakespearean soliloquies in high school.

The use of said soliloquies in THE BIG OPERA has really matured.

Brian talks about work and Dave talks about fostering pitbulls.

35:00 shout out to Kelsi and Corridor Cast

Sep 11, 2017


There ain't no good or evil here

Grace has just up and disappeared

Everything's too fucking loud

Collectively we're a mushroom cloud

The ground beneath me creeks and moans

The sky above is filled with drones

The singularity is worthless

This brutality is just senseless

The maelstrom sucks dry every lung

It doubles down on flares of sun

The war city's a battleship

Plastics forged from hearts and hips

The rich sit back and place their bets

This isn't armageddon yet

The selfish wants of greed protrudes

The moneymaking then ensues

As long as this machine does hum

Cannibals, daughters and sons

It chews them up and spits them out

Humanity ain't got no clout

The writers write of fogs of war

The fighters fight the scorers score

Language warps primordial thought

Human life is sold and bought

Ain't no good and evil here

Ain't no good or evil here

Sep 7, 2017

The fellas sit around a-strumming and a-singing. Rough but fun as fun can be.

0:00 "Seize the Day" by Eric Srtauch and Made Hood.

"Skyway" by the Replacements falsestart in keeping with the spirit of the Mats.

"Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan false start.

"Promenade" by u2 flase start.

9:30 "Climbing" by Sporadic Sunjam.

"Devil's Right Hand" by Steve Earle false start.

"Guitar Town" by Steve Earle false start.

17:00 "Rocky Raccoon" by the Beatles.

The legend of St Mark's Sister Benetia.

25:10 Jon Snow pops in.

26:00 "Freaks In the Mainstream" by SFP


40:20 "Give Up" by Made Hood.

47:00 Dave play's Henryk's latest guitar message and goes crazy for 15 minutes. 


Sep 5, 2017

Made Hood is an Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology at University Putra Malaysia and played in bands with Dave when they were young flibbertygibbets. They joined Brian in Brian's basement, the legendary Possum Studios, and shot the shit. It's fun. Join in.

The fellas talk about these things:

1. The recent eclipse.

2. Ethnomusicology.

3. Bali.

4, Silent Majority into Kona into Gamelan.

5. The Gamelan technique applied to circular saw blades.

6. Made gets a shitload of different tones from said blade!!!!!!

(Dave here. Professor Hood elevates the discussion somewhat. I sound like a fucking spaz. I'm pretty good at yelling shit out when Made or Brian is trying to make a point.)


Aug 30, 2017

"The 'Irish Style' is just another flavor."

Dave attempts to make sense of the logo on Brian's shirt.

Rock opera maintenance is discussed.

"The dynamics are really there on 13."

"The whole entire coda is only there because we enjoyed playing with Sharon."

Dave plays Henryk's latest text.

"Who knows why these fickle people choose what they choose."

Compare and contrast: modern Russia v Medieval Mongolia.

Brian presents alternate pronunciations for Hollywood actors and actresses.

*SPOILER ALERT* The Expanse at 31:00 GoT at 34:00

40:00 all clear

"Albums mean nothing."

The word Dave's looking for at the end of the podcast is "arbitrary."

Aug 28, 2017


Blood rules the day

Vested to pay

In every way

Factory made



Aug 23, 2017

David Byrne is from Are-Butt-Iss.

"Stationary and inside is boring."

"That's pretty fucking boring."

- Sisters Of Mercy, BauHaus, and Ween shout outs

"Pentatonic off the E also a G major."

Baltimoring: When one plays in different bands on different instruments.

"Engulf is all the pipes."

- Mongol reference around 11 minutes.

There's a Stalin and Hitler reference at 13 then back to the Mongols and "deep war," also practiced by General Sherman towards the end of The War Between the States.

- Vercigenitrix at 14

"I love the Prime Directive."

A Martian Life thought experiment occurs at 17:00.

Brian talks about scuba diving and an encounter with a manta ray.

- Biggest mountains in America

*GoT spoilers at 40:00*

"I'm no big fucking Shakespeare guy I just know what they made me read in high school."

"Shakespeare's characters are dumb as fuck."

Aug 21, 2017



Retreat and then attack and then

Retreat and then attack I said...

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