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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Apr 2, 2018

The air is a question an empty suggestion

Of unanswered pauses hinted at before

So see here it's beauty but some call it duty

She questions it rudely no different than before

Mistakes they don't mean nothing

At least she's learning something

She busts through Atlantis depressively manic

She curses the manna that's floating from the sky

The whole thing's an orgy all sweaty and largely

It's rooted in whispers and hinted in asides

You can call us worthless

Just don't call us mirthless

If she's a movie she's foreign and moody

And smoking tobacco meloncholically

She ain't wearing nothing emotions erupting

She's everyone's something periodically

I guess I hadn't listened but now I know it's christened

She seizes the meaning and renders it leaning

To absolutism poisoning itself

Narrative license has eaten the hyphen

Oh, god, let it ripen it's sitting on the shelf

And I ain't got the time

I ain't got the time

I just ain't got the time

I ain't got the time 

Mar 28, 2018

Late night jazz dj says hello.

Captain Kirk shows up.

5 - We're happier. You're happier.

10 - I like him but I hate what he spawned.

15 - That part that sucks, you remember that part?

20 - Then when you record it you're just like "ugh."

25 - ("Drunken swagger" means waltz in C major.)

30 - So there's all this catching up and talking.

35 - Talk about ritual! There's a lot of ritual in absynthe.

40 - Speaking about how we operate down here...

45 - Say you're playing for the Tsar, you don't want to fuck up.

50 - Maybe it's narcissism.



Mar 26, 2018

Just so we're clear she's here to party so what

The war rolls on forever backdrop so what

Sing the song triumphantly while we're circling down the drain

So what

Another say another story so what

If we're all one then we are nothing so what

Feast upon the corpses of what truth it used to mean

And throw up

Remote Control she doesn't care she don't

Well she will say that air is air she won't

She might forget to not believe the lies she's hearing all the time

She don't


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Ochster - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Mar 22, 2018

Check it out! Friend of Society's Fringes Andrew Grimm stops by Possum Studios to shoot the shit with Bri and Davey. Basically the next June Star record is called EAST ON GREEN and it is rad as fuck. Believe it.

Mar 21, 2018

Starts off with the Pogues.

10:00 - "The Germans are the English."

15:00 - "It's always fun just to play that waltzy walk up."

20:00 - "Each act is represented except Act 4 and 5."

25:00 - "Dumb people can go eat a dick for all I give a fuck."

30:00 - "Even if we would have done it then it would've taken 5 or 6 years."

35:00 - "They have all these huge things there."

40:00 - "I won't hurt you but I'll kick your father's ass for raising a brat."

45:00 - "Tell me you just didn't walk into a painted wall."

50:00 - "Someone's age is not a good enough reason to be scornful of someone."

55:00 - "Dave reads Doctor Who."

Mar 19, 2018

Well he's gone down a road that's fading quickly

And he's prone to being homegrown and sickly

And he doesn't have a reason for the plodding

And his life as of now is frail and rotting

Frail and rotten frail and rotten

Frail and rotten feeling lame

Frail and rotten frail and rotten

Frail and rotten what a shame

So she threw him down and broke his transom

And she held his self respect for ransom

And believe me the poor boy up and payed it

And felt better not to contemplate it


So she moved on and overtook his story

And made sure that the scene was trite and hoary

'Cause she really did like that Baby Blue fella

And moved on to conquer other cerebella



Dave - guitars, vocals, banjo

Brian - bass,engineering, mixing

Ochster - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Mar 14, 2018

- texting Ochster in real time -

More pro magic mushroom studies have been conducted.

Dave's brother calls in.

The coda is trying to take advantage of Ochster's ability to do GoGo jams.

"The 80s. How wrong were we about everything?"

"Spunky Face Jam"

Brian has phone problems.

Rouxde Cooking Podcast shout out at 23:00.

"Magic Box" is "Wonderful Vagina."

- Max Birkner plug -

at 30:00ish the fellas revisit "Balls in Soup."

- 300,000 year ols North Americans @ 45:00 -



Mar 12, 2018

Roams the landscape all alone

Singing "Roam, Sucker, Roam"

Dreaming of then again and again

When she ushered in a phase

Lasted lo these many days

Sees her again and then they begin

Let her know what to do

So she can get a little closer to you

What she does what she do

Gonna make you look just like a fool

She pops in and out quantumly

Here and there confusing all who see

But those that they do can't believe it's true

Sit back and the devil appears

But then she knows just what to make it clear

What can she do she's falling for you



Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Ochster - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Mar 8, 2018

Brian and Dave welcome Joe Goldsborough to Possum Studios to get into the nitty gritty history Of B'more rock and roll.

Mar 7, 2018

- Alt-country days revisited -

- learning the mandolin -

"Man, that chair's all fucked up, yo. You need a gigantic C-clamp."

- John Lennon mention at 8 minutes -

"Soccer hooligan songs!"

Travelogue II talk begins!!!

"There you go, TARDIS people."

"Andy's drumming puts you in a good mood somehow."

Fro here things lighten up immensely.

The return of "What Is Brian Wearing" at 29:00.

"Lee Majors!"

- review of 2017 at 32:00 -

- Reverend Jim Memorial -


Mar 5, 2018

The last time we saw Remote Control

She was ashes and Dawn had took her soul

Then again maybe then it wasn't so

Or maybe then it was oh no

Now she's tailing our hero Baby Blue

She knows that the lies have turned to truth

But she never asked for any proof

She really didn't care she still don't

Remote Control has found her soul

Hit that pipe again

She's been ready now she's steady 

It's a laughing zen

Well she knows how to live her life as art

And romantically construct a part

Of a universal broken heart

That's weeping tears of laughter and angst

It's a muffled laughter when it's time

It's a victim of a worthless crime

It's a notion sprouting off the vine

That's rooted in mischief and pranks


As she surveys all that's come to pass

She knows her time has come at last

To binge and partake of repast

And try and change the world oh my

If she's magic then so are me and you

Like she says "bring the meaning of the truth"

It never needs to show a proof

In algebraic terms or why



Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Ochster - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Feb 28, 2018

The fellas get into the plot around 10 minutes in.


- TV nostalgia breakdown -

Dueling Moe Syzlacks at 29:00

Famous B'more restaurants at 38:00

SoMd BBQ shout outs after that


Feb 26, 2018


2. Hey, Look At That, Everybody, There It Is

3. Round & Round

4. One Brings More

5. Soulprice

6. Red Raheem

7. Gateway Of The Sun

8. Sunday's Blind

9. Agenda

10. The Revolution's Come & Gone

11. North Ontario

12. The Masquerader

13. Cr-cr-crazy

14. Come On Now

15. Sunday's Blind Reprise

Feb 21, 2018

This begins with a kind of fucked up intro-theme.

This is the titular song!

Radiant heat is discussed.

This is a wrap for Pork

- dead musicians -

- Beatles at 14:00 -

Magic mushrooms jump started human civilization.

Medicinal cannabis is discussd.

Each song is mixed to its own vibe.

- more "Elvis Religion" talk -

The expanded Marvel Universe is discussed.

Brian loves Zappa.

Quote of the week at the end.

Feb 19, 2018


In the bed next to me the man looks just like me

He said "My name is Angel White, boy, what is yours?"

"I'm Baby Blue" I said to him he squinted back at me again

And then he stood up walked away and closed the door

I'm standing in a mirrored hall I punch and kick at every wall

I fall my knuckles bloodied dripping to the ground

I look up and see Angel White just disappear into the night

There is a term for this if not then just a sound

When I'm standing tall I can't help but fall

When I'm on my knees I feel truly free

When I see Remote Control she would just offer me a bowl

And then she mesmerized explicitly at Dawn

As she came tome again she fluctuated slightly then

She misquoted all of the words I heard before

She populated like a breeze that had a different chain link sleeve

Of retributions paid and other ones that lost

As she split the sun in half She moved against the righteous path

And climbed down from the perch that never paid the cost

As I stood to see that it wasn't me

In that playful past of iconoclasts

The old man shuffled past me there his flask was metal facial hair

He had a jumpsuit on of rhinestones shining white

Never gave me wisdom once I didn't ask for other ones

But then I saw it as a lecture from respite

Did he really give a shit I didn't think he was legit

But then the world's a work and we're all fucking marks

The greatest con became the truth Falsified by the unclaimed youth

Of everyone it fades away into a spark

I'm so goddamned tired I'm so goddamn mired

Will it ever end probably not, my friend

When a man ain't got no home there's one thing left he's born to roam

But then again to run away's too aching sad

As a pilgrim from the rest who like to propagate the best

Of worst things everywhere there's money to be had

So I disappeared to see if when a people can't be free

That you can drown your sorrows just from passing through

Guess we'll never really know but it's sure fun to try to though

And if you don't agree I ain't got time for you

All my bullets gone shot through by this song

Westward let us roam make the road our home


Dave - guitar, vocals, harmonica

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Wil - drums

Ian - mastering



Feb 14, 2018

Tom Waits stops by.

Louis Armstrong stops by.

"It's like a sleep bed for the numbers but for Porky's bass drum."

"The heat is on."

- Smith Island Cake: the official cake of the great state of Maryland -

The fellas try to figure out the Mount Everest Motivation Meme.

The fellas discuss euthanasia.

The fellas discuss death in general and looking after old folk.



Feb 12, 2018


Hospital bed I thought I was dead

I'm living instead I rose from the dead

So let us break bread blue suede shoes now red

In my hospital bed

I question my life I question my time

I question existence I question this rhyme

I question the sun I question the son

In my hospital bed

Scripture number one be a hound dog son

Scripture number two sing and don't be cruel

Hospital bed the scriptures I've read

He rose from the dead and Elvis ain't dead

It's all in my head all in my head

In my hospital bed

The legions they come they rise with the sun

The army's begun a million and one

It's not in my head not in my head

In my hospital bed

Scripture number three love me tenderly

Scripture number 4 close my fucking door


Feb 7, 2018

"Porky wanted to record a practice."

- call back to Circle 9's "Love, Lois" -

"Our Space Jams are better than the Michael Jordan movie."

"That big riff is one of the happiest things ever."

"What's going down with his 'tirt?'"

"He needs to get right with himself."

"I always wanted to end this with him wandering the desert like KUNG FU."

"Vivaldi is a pretender to the throne.

"KG and I came out of the side hatch."

FOTC and Tenacious D are legit.

"A little less coherent"

"A giant little world"




Feb 5, 2018


Is he the one? 

Baby Blue gun

Yes he's the one


I don't belong here

You belong here

We belong here

Don't be long

Smooth sailing

Cool eeze

Breath failing

True freeze


Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Wil - drums

Ian - mastering

Jan 31, 2018

"It whimpers out into disarray."

"We faked it. It's show biz."


Dave sings the discarded bridge from an earlier version of this song.

"The Hollywood lawyers behind uniting all the Marvel stuff are the real heroes."

"Capaldi has become so iconic as The Doctor."

Brian is still obsessed with poo flying out of the eyewash station.


"You know? 'Cause I take the fun out of everything."

The fellas go through the outline for SPACESHIPS, GUNS, AND BOOBIES.

Jan 29, 2018

Damn pleased to meet me the pleasure is all yours

Ain't you glad to see me here I open spiritual doors

Nothing's prohibited

Do what you feel

Nothing's your fault

Illusion is real

Fund the triumvirate of Chingiss and Caesar and me

Give me retrofitted scriptures so they can make sense

Charge a fee from me to thee subsequent recompense

Shake your ass and clap your hands interenactually

Dig deep now, you fucking marks, and give it unto me


Let us breed and multiply and fill this fucking earth

Let us gain control so we can say who can be birthed

Let us say what's wrong and right and kill those who oppose

Let us make up words like "good" and "evil" just like those


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian, bass, engineering, mixing

Wil - drums

Ian- mastering

Jan 24, 2018

Dave's embarrassed by the song title.

Dave has found more old notes.


I4H shout out (Earwolf Podcast Network)

Corridor Cast shout out

"I never wrote it down until Circle 9."

"I guess pantsless Thursdays got their start there."

"I don't know how to do this digital bullshit."

"The Sweet Swagger Band."

"The Jerky Bands"

"Gotta go!"

-Debauched sacrifices-

Icaris-ish buttmunch stereotypes

"She was that English girl and now she's dead."

"I'm barely awake."

Mount Rockmore Americans

"I've had no formal training so eat ass, bitch."

"White people lost in the city."

"Getting a bunch of weirdos to do what you want them to do."



Jan 22, 2018

Hey, groupie, with your cheap tattoos

Come cure this poor boy blues

It all comes naturally

So let yourself be free

We're all just lost to be


Hey, groupie, writhing through the day

Conform with all we say

Give freedom to the beast

Let fractious souls unleash

A feeding without feast


Hey, groupie, did you ever know

A question answered no?

A falcon flew at dusk

It smelled of seat and musk

It sang a song and busked


Hey, groupie, what's this game?

Hey, groupie, what's this pain?

Teach it to the lost

Populated frost

Gone like other's moss



Dave - guitars, vocals, harmonica, slide guitars

Brian, bass, engineering, mixing

Wil - drums

Ian -mastering



Jan 17, 2018

"Fucked up debauchery"

"I'm pretty good at taking the fun out of stuff."

"It was a dirty little space. It was nice."

- Extended Eutaw Street discussion -

- Extended Alt Country discussion -

"The Limpsticks"

"Songs need to slow down and speed up."

"The banjo's done with a pick in the Irish style."

The fellas talk about the notes in Dave's attic.

What constitutes a shuffle?

"It gives it more power in the spot."



Jan 15, 2018

We were travelling last night when

We pulled up to shining lights and

We talked about mysticism

We left early as is our whim


We set sail the morning after

Had them hanging from the rafters\

Honestly there's something to this

Even though no one can prove this

We roll town to burg

Shouting Elvis' name and spreading his good word

We see all to those believe

Crash town like a wave then roll up stakes and leave

Truth be told the crowds they scare me

What if once they tried to dare me

I would say "It's faith just trust me."

Ain't no way these fools will bust me


Dave - guitars, banjo, vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Wil - drums

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