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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Mar 22, 2017

Notes from SFPodcast055:

The crew touches on the themes of psychedelic drugs and redemption.

Immanuel Kant receives a shout out.

The SFP line up with Sharon on drums is about to record Act 9 Atlantis.

Brian delivers his back surgery PT update.

Paul says thumbs down on sideways videos.

Dave and Brian continually try to get Paul to make a video with them.

"Thrust upon the sucky conundrum of life,"

The crew breaks down the Game Of Thrones Peen to Boob ratio.

Ultra Man and Marine Boy are nostalgically recalled.

"We gotta film in the pool!"

"You fucking monkeys."


Mar 20, 2017

Some quick notes on a rambling podcast:

- Hampdenfest, Martian Martini, busking on Preakness Day down Fell's Point

- "New people make new parts."

- "Songs evolve over time."

- Beatles mention at 12:00.

- Twelve Gauge Sunrise shout out

-  "Ed Vaguely Jr."

- Digital music is a lot like the Great Depression.

- More Beatles at 30:00

- Best piano guys of all time

- Alcoholism and the "painkiller phase"

- Appleschmidtz nostalgia

- Best shows to which we done gone

- The legend of the Replacements, the greatest band of all time.

Mar 15, 2017

Notes from the hosts:

- Dave does a George Washington imitation.

- The fellas speak on the father of our country and how the continuum brings one to George Wallace.

- Can an individual hold two opposing views at the same time?

- The similarities of Gandhi and Hitler, Neil and Vivian, and Scottie and Geordie are discussed.

- Patrick Stewart is not gay and who cares anyway.

- Brian gives an update on the rehab for his back surgery at 17:00.

- Dave talks about Shinsuke Nakamura's hair.

- Beatles mention at 29:00

- TV Shows HOORAY!

- Dave reenacts the Austin 3:16 promo.

Mar 13, 2017


Silent sound means the world to me

Falling down all around me

I wonder should I smash that door

And fly away from my hideaways

Violent sound seems to make me be

Triumph around gave the rest to me

I wonder should I smash that door

And fly away from my hideaways

Hideaways don't mean shit to me

Tidalwaves bring out the best in me

I wonder should I smash that door

And fly away from my hideaways

In the night she stays



Dave - guitars and vocal

Brian - bassing, engineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Mar 8, 2017

Random notes from 053:

- Colleen makes an appearance!

- Colleen teaches Dave "crow."

- So that's 2/5 of Santa Librada.

- Barefoot weightlifting

- The crew goes over Sharon's musical history.

- "Buy a truck and start looking for work."

- THUS SPRACH ZARATHUSTRA makes an a curtain call.

- Locutus of Borg

- "Would it be a goose goring?"

- Buttermilk the goat is a total dick.

- "Yes I've eaten squirrel."

Mar 6, 2017


They tell you to walk before you run

But me I want to fly

Shake off that misanthropy

And try and touch the sky

A sky that's cold as winter icicles in May

A rage that never really goes away

Spend all your spare time looking back

'Cause memories never fade

Everything I've seen just seems

To be a grand charade

Of faceless voices claiming to be the status quo

But never let them show you where to go

They tell you to think before you leap

Lives they just fall down

All these wasted people

They just burrow in the ground

That's hard as screaming arctic glaciers late in June

Just another word for a cocoon

And so I sit back and think a while

Wondering what it's for

This grand scheme that builds some dreams

And thrashes others on the floor

That's crowded by a billion entities and some

Who never even heard the starting gun


Dave - guitar and vocal

Brian- bass, mix, engineer

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Mar 1, 2017

Notes in a lively podcast:

- Andy's the new Guitar Guru Network Vice President.

- Clinical Depression discussion

- Andy has experienced heartache and Brian is back from drugs.

- Brian goes over his recent back surgery in detail.

- The Rod and Shaft Restaurant

- "I dove the cenote off the Yucatan Peninsula."

- At 24 minutes everyone starts talkingat the same time.

- The fellas sing Spinal Tap's version of "Heartbreak Hotel."

- ...and then a Spinal Tap Tribute Podcast breaks out of nowhere.

- "I'd recognize that dick anywhere!"

Feb 27, 2017


Break your back break your face

Fall asleep miss the race

Scared to be anything

Scaredy scared of everything


People suck people lie

Just complain all the time

Whine all day fall in line

Just fit in it's lemming time

So fuck the herd

Fuck 'em

Cattle sheep chew your cud

Stupid and dumb as mud

You don't care if it's true

Or a lie so fuck you

And fuck the herd

Fuck 'em


Dave - guitar and vocal

Brian - bass, emngineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Feb 22, 2017

Notes On "Homeless"

- Finally all the shit we talked about on the debut podcast in April of 2016 is happening in THE BIG OPERA!

- Brian tells the story of his new bass.

- Beatles mention around minute 10

- The Reverse Amish Beard

- Built To Spill and Dean Ween playing smlal venues

- OOPS Dave means King Ad Rock not Adam Yauch @ 46:00.

- Brian tells of THE I T CROWD.

- The fellas reminisce at length about the late great Joe Strummer.

Feb 20, 2017


I will work for food

Often misconstrued

Please don't think me rude

Baseless, strained or crude

Inside out they come

I'm the chosen one

Sleep with Jesus' son

Be the lonely one

I will do anything

I'm the homeless one

Terrorized for fun

I'm the chosen one

Lest we come undone

I will do anything

Let me have some food

Please give me some food

Can I have some food

May I have some food


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Feb 15, 2017

Notes on the commentary to "Run the F*** Away"

"You got a nice rack now, boy!"

The fellas fuck with headphone levels.

"It's all about he cattle pump in general."

The fellas discuss hearing damage.

Then they line up their calandar.

"Time is decay and entropy."

*SPOILER ALERT* The fellas talk about Indiana Jones in general and the Death Star in particular spoiling ROGUE ONE at the 29 minute mark.

"They call me 'wriggle worm' in the hospital."

"I lost a lot of butt crack hair, that's for sure, when they ripped that bandage off."

We Watch Wrestling Podcast shout out.

Steven Moffat.


Feb 13, 2017


You're a memory

Far as I can see

Priestly evil deeds to me

Free as lusting chance

Bathed in decadance

Got it in my pants

My pants

I'm leaving here today

Leaving anyway

Gonna live today


Run the fuck away

Got an itch for a more evil dare

I'm gone like a song in the air

I'm gone like a song in the air

I spent my young life running away

The more I ran the more I stayed

Motion is home to the restless 

And mad

I'm gonna muse my dream

Lead me where it leads

Lead the voiceless away

Leave me the fuck alone

Leave me just the motherfuck alone

Leave me the fuck alone


Pleased to be remembering me well


Dave - vocals and guitar

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

CJ - drums

Ian - mastering

Feb 8, 2017


- Old guys using old slang

- Omar coming!

- the trio discuss "gayness" and hyper masculinity as a masking agent

- "It's all in the rear of the buttholder."

- What makes it difficult to work with someone?

- The fellas have a nice little discussion of DIY music.

- How do you find new shit?

- They nerd out on hipster music minutiae

- Bluegrass festivals with mud trucks, topless hippies, and weed.



Feb 6, 2017


I was born in the night

Sacrificed to the roving blight

I'd welcome death if she'd only suck my breath

My only pedigree

Is this faceless madding sea


Bodies surround me but not one can see me

Isolation here for no one and not me

My only lifelong quest is to have a painless death

I only want to see


Where do you run to when you ain't got no home

Safely chewed off society's bone

A young priest took me in

She was bathed in earthly sin


I have a pistol but I can't

I can't read

She gave me love unconditionally

She kicked me in the teeth

Turned my gun on me

I only want to see

Why she loves me


*coproduced by Ian Burke

Dave - guitars and singing

Brian - bass, production and engineering

CJ - drums

Ian - production, mixing, mastering

Feb 1, 2017

Suicide is no joke. If you feel like shit call please the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Notes on the Andrew Grimm Interview

The center of the Baltimore Band Web

Brian got broken ribs!!

"I'm on the medimication."

Joel Baily shout out

Lucky Lucianos


Ellen Cherry

Andrew Grimm's musical history unwound

Dave here: Andy's a smart guy who adds some class to this endeavor.

Dave again: My interview style is kind of making me cringe right now. I wish we had someone else to proof listen to all this shit. I guess it ain't no different than the other 80,000 folks podcasting right now. Brian's interview style is NOT inducing Dave cringes.

The fellas talk about running sound at live shows.

Country music is awesome.

Jan 30, 2017

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Available 24 hours a day



My lips taste the gun and it tastes just like salvation

Cold steel on my tongue and it's dogging my salivation

Powder residue and an exit wound will be redemption

Hemmingway, Cobain, and Hunter S the congregation

I'm throwing in the towel, man, I can no longer fight

Too many goddamned hardass daystoo many sleepless nights

Just another suicide will be one in a million

It doesn't matter anyway to the rotting vast cotillion


I'm writing this all down but no one will ever read it

As soon as I'm all done I'm gonna motherfucking burn it

That way it's a gift to all like Jimi's burning Strat

Or maybe it's a gift to none I guess it could be that

I'm sobbing uncontrollably scared shitless of this ending

Just one twitch and soon enough there'll be no more pretending

I can't stop the flow of life remembering through my soul

Goddamn, make it stop, one twitch, oh shit I lost control


Click, combustion, bullet in the head

Yes it is salvation time


Suicide is no joke. If you're feeling like shit call the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. Hang in there. Dave

Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals

Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing

C.J. Johnson - drums

Ian Burke - mastering

Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios

Jan 25, 2017


- What is everyone wearing?

- Beatles reference at ONE MINUTE!\

- Stone Dust Riders shout out AGAIN!

- Island Boys and Kona shout outs.

- Dennis recounts his "story" which is in quotes for some reason.

- DoomED Cookie not Doom Cookie.

- The Legend of Sporadic Sunjam

- ...then Murkwood

- ...then CIRCLE FRIGGIN' 9!

- Dave and Dennis mistakenly and repeatedly refer to Paul Ketterman as Paul Kelley, (editor's note: SORRY PAULS!)

- Quick mention of making shirts with Justin.

- Then Dennis took some time off.

- Then Dennis joined Stone Dust Riders (editor's note: they get more mentions than Society Fucking Fringe Players!)

- Brian asks Dennis to discuss his gear.

- "Balance is the key, the Yin Yang."

- How to braid a single pubic hair.

- Circle 9 shenanigans such as Dennis's xylophone part.

- Let's get Todd to digitize the Circle 9 movie THE CRACKER GETS THE CHEESE!

- The fellas reminisce about the CD Release party for IF IT WAS UP YOUR ASS YOU'D KNOW IT

- Then they play "Name That Beatles Song."


Jan 23, 2017


Silent sound don't mean much to me

Silent sound brings out the worst in me

I wonder should I lock my door

And hide away in my hideaway?

Violence found don't mean much to me

Violence found beings out the worst in me

I wonder should I lock my door

And hide away in my hideaway?

Hideaways mean a lot to me

Tidalwaves bring out the best in me

I wonder should I lock my door

And hide away in my hideaways?

In my hideaway





Jan 18, 2017


- What t-shirt is everybody wearing?

- Paul had to talk into the room mic for the drums. It was moved to a stand in front of his chair.

- Drummer problems in common.

- Alaska and "music shed" building.

- CIRCUS Magazine and sewed rats.

- Brian and Dave say "nice" way too much.

- "The Baltimore Band Spiderweb"

- Editor's note: Thank Jeebus for Brian being there to get things back on track.

- "Have yo ever seen Loraine?"

- Stone Dust Riders shout out.

- "Holy shit that's long as fuck!"

- Thunder Muffin.

- Editors note: this is like a bunch of old guys having overlapping conversations about the old days. 

- "Game Of Thrones" meets "High School Musical."

- "There's not going to be any potable 'wooder' so we must drink the blood of the animals we kill."

Jan 16, 2017

The trio discuss working out, AZT as sinus medication,and then Dave has mic problems. With tech issues resolved they resume the conversation by pining for a Circle 9 reunion. Then they do math, discuss construction projects, badmouth painkillers, breakdown SFPodcast005 (NARCISSISTS!), get into the several Star Trek TV shows, break KAYFABE, what part Brian would play on the TV show "Vikings," and Jon Snow says hello.

Jan 11, 2017

- Beatles mention in the first seconds

- Star Wars or Firefly realm?

- After this Dawn's jettisoned, Elvis is jettisoned, Angel White is jettisoned, and Baby Blue takes center stage.

- Dave talks about the first 3 times he saw the Replacements

- Brian talks about skating in DC

- Then the fellas talk about game and Filipino food.

- Brian talks about In Droves' last show and Secret Crush Society Fringe Players

- AJ from the beatings

"I'll put my rock and roll boots on to get the paper."

- Then they do math to try to figure out the years of cars.

Jan 9, 2017



Affectation to affection can you find a new direction

From obliterated years in a lifetime full of tears

Crawling from the wreckage of forgiven sin

Oh, sweet addiction, I can't stand rejection

Well I tried to choose a wish but I hope it don't come true

'Cause every life's a style, everyone but you

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to


Contrivances breed gloom

Swooning like a groom with a shotgun in his mouth

Who's my momma and my poppa?

Why we never met?

Even so I ain't dead yet

Were you hungry or depressed?

Do I have your eyes?

Either way your souls are blazing through my skies

Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to

Affectation to addiction placate fact from friction

And a lifetime came and went in solitude

Can you hear me?

Are you blind?

Words jump down around around around around

A quietness

a Whisper

I wrote this for you to listen to

Every night the light dims more

I'm wondering what my life is for

I feel like a failure and I wonder why

Something inside says I gotta try

I'll slide on by

Well you could say in my life I ain't accomplished a thing

Maybe a little too scared of what the day may bring

But come on and try to tell me that this ain't my time

You can see it in the sunset every single night

I'll slide on by

I hoped you'd say when I couldn't find my way

That you'd be there for me

Glory is gone

It never was an option

What can I say

It ain't free

You know I'm scared

More fragile than a notion

Afraid of love and trust


Confusion is reality

I'm overwhelmed 

You and us

So fuck you all

You turned your back on someone 

Needing hope and peace 

Go run and hide

Blame it on rebellion

That's bullshit, man

At least

Suit of armor forged in fires of spite

Revenge is true violent love

Don't give a fuck

Existence is a lie

From underneath

And from above

So go on and leave

Take your shit and go

I don't care

That's a lie

Leave me be

Leave me the fuck alone

Sit on down

And fucking cry

I'll slide on by


Dave Linantud: guitars and vocals

Brian Lutz: bass, engineering, production

Andy Och: drums

Ian Burke: mastering

Made Hood: cowriting

Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios


Jan 4, 2017

Well, back to work and school for everyone, right? We'll drop the finale to Act 6:Baby Blue next Monday. In the meantime, this is the legendary "Brian Surgery Podcast" from the late winter or early spring of 2016. Brian and I had yet to actually undertake our schedule of releasing a song and a song commentary on our podcast each week. We were recording a handful of "theme" podcasts that weren't "opera specific" in case we hit a snag somewhere along the line. We recorded this a couple of days after Brian had hip surgery. We shared his drugs and experimented with a remote set up. We had yet to hit upon a formula. Along with Brian's doctor subscribed addictive narcotics I made some edibles to push us further into "I don't think this makes sense" territory. For the record I channel my inner Ian MacKaye/CM Punk, straight edge icons they be, whenever we play or record music or podcasts. Likewise I channel my inner Graham Hancock when I'm writing or doing research. I'll include my original notes in full. I hadn't yet worked up a formula with which to publish the commentary tracks. Enjoy!


From the original notes: Dave's mic's fucked up some. Is it aimless? Pretty much but Brian just had surgery! "Death In Her Heart" - collage audience. "Good music ain't ever gonna stop being made." Entertainment Weekly respects Science Fiction. Cigar tobacco is the dumbest drug in the world besides junk food. 

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