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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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May 6, 2019

If you remember me you see

Think of the blood pumping through

If I remember you playing your kazoo

Please remember me

If I were you and you were me

Then just what would you see

When feeling kind of rough

Looking pretty gruff

Be remembering

It's time for a change

Look around that person

Find out what is certain

Choose the other curtain

Yeah but it might bring the worst in

Right now I feel like shit and that's it

Right now nobody's here

And then I think of you wondering what you'd do

If you see me too clear

It's tiume for a change


Dave - guitars and vocals

Paul - engineering, mixing, bass

Pork - drums

Ian - mastering

May 1, 2019


During a nice hot Maryland summer a couple of years back I was helping my buddy Paul cut down a bunch of dead pine trees on the property his family has owned since somewhere back in the sepia toned days before people realized other people existed. Big suckers they were,  full of sap and sharp edges that would slice up your shins and calves if you were foolish enough to wear shorts. I was doing the grunt work for Paul and his mom's husband. They cut 'em down and chopped 'em up and I moved the big shit into a dump truck and the small shit into a succession of burn piles. My dad had recently died and Paul asked how I was doing. 

"I'm more relieved than anything else." I said.

"You aren't depressed or anything? I was when my dad died. I didn't know it until later and then it hit me."

I shrugged. I WAS relieved. I was the executor for his estate. I had carted him around to all of his doctors appointments for his COPD which he had although he never smoked. He was a doctor. He had a formality to him that, as I got older, I found endearing.  Due to some arrangement with him and my mom he never paid any child support. So although we lived in a big ol' victorian in Old Catonsville times were tight. He always bought me shit, though, and having divorced parents both buying Christmas presents was, hmm, something that happened.

So cut to a year later and my wife and I have dedicated my dad's old Jeep Grand Cherokee to Baltimore Animal Rehabilitation Center and it hit me. That was the last physical bit of my Dad's shit that was still hanging around.  So I sent ol' Paul a text message along the lines of "dude you were dead on it just hit me today my fucking dad is dead."

Paul's a musician, a bass player, and he's been a dedicated listener to all the wacky shit that Brian and I put out on the Society Fringe Podcast Podcast. Somewhere between Circle 9 and SFP, Circle 9's drummer Wilmer Earl Berry Jr (Pork) had joined Paul's band, Pearly Goats, one of my favorite fucking bands. I had all my operas lined up to record with Brian. He said he needed a break (after only 13 albums in 2 years? Crazy, right?) so I figured I'd record 1993 during the break with Paul and Pork. This being life, things happen and now I'm working on the Brian-Andy SFP concurrently with the Paul-Pork SFP.  It's still one long narrative that takes place over the course of centuries and eventually millenia. The 1993 stuff is rooted in young adult ennui devoid of romantic roadtrips and gunfights in the vast American desert and the Far East. It's a companion piece to Travelogue - happening at the same time, but rooted in realism. The main relationships are the fella, his dad, and his girlfriend. Mainly it's about him and his dad getting on each others' nerves. I didn't realize it until I returned to it when it became clear that it could actually be done. By "done" I mean recorded andreleased.

So, dig, each act is a season in the year of Bawmerhun 1993.  "Acoustic Wintertime" starts it off because musically it foreshadows a song in WINTER and we had changed the arrangement into what eventually became "Stoner Wintertime." It was important that the jarring strum patterns were heard because they get revisited in SPRING in a song actually about jarring strum patterns. I like how it starts with "ready?" and we're off. Paul's on his standup. This is a demo for Pork. I initially wanted to put the version from the original demo I recorded while Circle 9 was working on THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES but this version came up and inserted itself into the equation. In these long narratives I take these kinds of things as signs that this is how the story wants to be told. It's fun to see patterns that you didn't know existed. It's like submerging your ego in pursuit of something "other." 

So here you go. Paul and Pork ain't as into talking about their art as Bri and Andy so I'm going to do essays for the 1993 stuff. It will save a dickton of money, relatively, because this'll just be songs without the hour long spitball session Briy and I tag onto everything. I told him we still had to do some because it's become a clearinghouse for mental shit we go through. Lucky you for getting to hear it.

Apr 29, 2019

The bold and ragged beauty of a winter tree

Struck Susan as quite odd as she looked to see

A table full of papers but none up to date

No chance to glimpse beauty when you're running late


A far off police siren pierces through the air

But Billy doesn't notice and he doesn't care

Sirens don't man nothing in the county jail

Doing time's the fine when you can't make the bail


In wintertime the sun don't shine

The ice it shines the world's unkind


An accident just happened out on National Pike

Some lady ran a red light sliding through the ice

Valentine's Day candy scattered on the street

Now my car is totaled and it's raining sleet

The windows creak and moan as the wind bears down

Whipping through a tree branch lying on the ground

The screen door whistles loudly and the yard is froze

And me I write a song and I can't feel my toes



Dave - guutar and vocal

Paul - engineering, stand up bass

Ian - mastering



Apr 17, 2019

00 "Baby Please Don't Go" Plastic Ono Mothers Of Invention

05  This would be the song playing over the credits at the end of the movie.


15  Supine: Face down. Prone: Face up.

20  I don't like one uppers.

25  He's not a mean boy

30  I might, yeah, it's that new fresh feeling.

35  It wouldn't have made sense to anyone that isn't in this room.

40  This is where it slips.\

45  Schedules conflict.

50  I have to be the grounding thing.

55  We had already signed on for SPACESHIPS GUNS AND BOOBIES

Apr 15, 2019







Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Apr 10, 2019

00  The Trogs "A Girl Like You"

05  Yes  been sick all fucking winter.

10  We said it last practice, though.


20  The riff was just too cool.

25  I had a thing of chili.

30  It's like the California Nashville.

35  He's a riff monster.

40 Dead guys or dead musicians?

45 It's always so hard to be put on the spot like that.

50  Brian will talk about anything.

Apr 8, 2019

I was walking down this lonesome road all by myself

By myself

I was living this lonesome life like anyone else

Anyone else

I was feeling these feelings of pain just like my brothers and sisters did

I been looking for the joys of life like anyone did

Anyone did

Yeah I feel happy well you know it's true

Cause I was lonely but then I found you

 Scratch my shoulder o that hit the spot

Makes no difference 'cause I know what I got

I was looking at my feet as they trudged along

All day long

And the people that I chance to meet to hear my song

Hear my song

I was wondering what makes birds cry what makes them sing

Oh so pretty sounds

Now I'm looking at the joys of life all around all around


I know what I got


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - engineering, bass, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Apr 3, 2019

00 "I'll Be Damned" - Slobberbone Barrell Chested


10  Sure. Why not?

15  The SFPeeniverse

20  Everything's still vague.

25  It was a punk/skate show.

30  He was like an Annie Leibowitz that nobody knew about.

35  They're just like "You did what?"

40  Stone Cold Steve Austin never been shredded.

45  When he opens his eyes he sees he's a father.

50  I saw Wickid, actually, on Broadway.

55  Good looking lady


Apr 1, 2019

The touch of her hand makes me feel like a man

Everything I can if I could

The warmth of her breath I can attest

Let's get undressed 'cause we should


The taste of her lips goes to my hips

Sunlight dips in her wake

She is my dream you know what I mean

I'm out of steam when I wake


The touch of your hand makes me feel like a man

Everything I can if I could

The warmth of your breath I can attest

Let's get undressed 'cause we should

----------The taste of your lips goesto my hips

Sunlight dips in your wake

You are my dream you know what I mean

Life's spring green when I wake

If I could if I could if I could if I could


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Mar 27, 2019

00  The Replacements "Bastards Of Young" from SNL


10  What do you just eat the stuff around it?

15  I been to New Orleans we'll be fine.

20  Today on campus somebody got stabbed.

25  Because it never lasts

30 Not in Baltimore

35  If I couldn't make this work then it was all for nothing.

40  Three piece band discussion

45  Yeah that brings it up to today.

50  Third records are the bomb.

55  His new band's a three piece.

60  I'm doing an August Wilson imitation.

Mar 25, 2019

I don't want to stop the yacht while we got cash to burn

See young Abraham he's trying to crawl from aft to stern

Freedom ride

Sunshine on my face love has filled me by osmosis

The ocean feels me blessed consecrated by psychosis

Misery begs a choice addictive just like anything

Depression can feel good as comforting as anything

Freedom ride

Let the credits roll when the story's got a happy ending

'Cause it never lasts

Freedom ride

Mar 20, 2019

00  George Harrison "All Those Years Ago"


10  *Real Time Listen*

15  It's the right goober thing to put.

20  You'll have all three or four or five back up vocals spread out along the spectrum.

25  Now's the time to shine, to carry the weight.

30  If you win I lose and if I win you die.

35  It will be in a couple of months.

40  Pizza discussion

45 I wanted a rare steak so bad.

50  Pee break

55  Opiodal BMs

Mar 18, 2019

I beat you down and took your wife

But she used me to save your life

I realize she still loves you

So here is what we both shall do

Since she used me to find her man

I still love her you undrstand

I can make you stay or make you run

Your boy and my wife and my loaded shotgun

Yo di lee o di lee o o 

Yo di lee o di lee o di lee o

Here's the thing to see with glee

If you have nerve and skill like me

Your brain is mushy and luck's divine

Here's the game to play one time

So you are weak and I don't care

Just get your punk ass up from there

A heartbeat stin gs a breath is time

Relentlessly hating's abusing the shine

Yo di lee o

My request ain't jest it's for your life

You win I lose and if I win you die

I'll flip this coin mad4 from Satan's tears

And see who walks and who dies here

Either way you three are dead

I make my own luck is how I was bread

 When the tears hit the ground the pin hits the shell

It's the onoy way truly 'fore the  night be fell

Yo di lee o

The coin pierced the moment and shattered the sun

And Troubadour stroked and caressed his shotgun

The crack it then punctured the essence of fear

Johnny Redfoot had shot him confusingly clear

One golden bullet from Johnny's side arm

The lusting of angels who never knew harm

He said "saddle up we're gone with a shove

The only reason for living is love."

Yo di lee o

O di lee o

Mar 13, 2019

00  Concrete Blond

05  What I seen in this was just this huge expansive world.

10  Normals would never hear it.

15  That was that.

20  We got more than that.

25  Well that's something else.


35  So it will be five more.

40  They were all related.

45  Existentially that'll be something.

50  It's so worth it.


Mar 11, 2019

I don't know how long that I have been here

I don't know where Charlene's up and gone

Last I know she said that she was pregnant

A month ago last night I could be wrong

I sell myself for opium here nightly

My pride my self control my worth are gone

I always thought I was a stronger person

Now I know that I was always wrong

The moon seeks to touch me from a million miles away

She reaches down and holds me as my senses go away

She cradles me caresses me and pushes me away

Day and night and day and night and day and night and day

Self hatred flows through me like a virus

Send one in so I can earn my pay

This one here she seems a bit familiar

Do what you want to me and go away

Where am I I can't stand the pain please take my life

I'm wracked and vomit stained please kill me you can use my knife

Haze and pain I'm doubled over where the hell am I

I open my eyes see Charlene's face staring into mine

I eat a mango food it seems so strange to me

I'm on an island paradise I think that I can't see

Charlene takes my hand and says we need no longer run

I look into my arms and see I'm holding my new son 

Mar 6, 2019

00  Ween

05  The Singularity has already happened.


15  Hogwarts House Settings

20  Those are lead Dungeons and Dragons characters.

25  DOCTOR WHO deep dive

30  Gonna be winter, spring, summer, autumn.

35  I sound like Bleeding Gums Murphy

40  New ONE SPOT snippet

45  WHITE ALBUM Outtakes

50  Lost civilizations

55  Rome never fell.


Mar 4, 2019

My teeth feel funny and I'm alone

And I am writhing white with foam

Can't restore it averagely

I can't freeze it illogically

I can't take it it takes me

I can't pay it it grates me

I can't place it instantly

I can't take it reverently

It's it's own thing it's in my bones

It's in my mind supine and prone

Squirming wrongly fisting toes

Just ain't swtopping on it goes


I can't remember what it was like

How food tasted and what was right

Either way now It's been too long

Feeling slack now but not for long


Feb 27, 2019

00  Get to the chorus, asshole.

05  All the Clash didn't do is country music.

10  I ate a whole fuck ton of mushrooms.

15  * real time listen *

20  I'm going to fucking see what happens.

25  You can't be just doing podcasts all the fucking time.

30  8 songs with Paul

35  We won't talk about it on the podcast.

40  Stoner it up for the ending.

45  Apologize to your lord, Jesus.

50  That's why I like it.

55  But also in Siberia and Scotland.

Feb 25, 2019

Consequence smolders and trembles

She fills my lungs

Disappears when I lose reality

Maybe choke on my tongue

Let's rock let's roll

It feels so good to give in

Reason is a tumor

Live for now

Because tomorrow is a rumor

Let's rock let's roll

Dyin' can't be too bad

'Cause life is sweet sweet death

Cry havoc and surrender

With a halting breath

Let's rock let's roll 

Feb 20, 2019

00  nice soulful keyboard intro by Gubmint Mule

05  It was taking on a new kind of vibe.

10  Johnny Redfoot is gone.

15  I'm kind of bumbed it crashed.

20  I think that's a cool thing.

25  There was little three foot waves when I was there.

30  Just to fuck with you

35  He can bring in the Jordinaires and shit.

40  Everything's great but the singing/

45  Doom Cookie is a 30-70 "no."

50  He's got a great sense of humor.

55  I got to go on other people's computers and start putting in "society fringe" and see what pops up.

Feb 18, 2019

The scene is the Chinese island of Chin Pau. Billy's defeated, Johnny's disappeared, and Troubadour has kidnapped Charlene. We slow fade to an unreadable Comanche warrior lounging in an opium den in the far east, discarded, disavowed, relinquished, abandoned...trapped.


Painting by Georgi Markov "Pirates Tavern"

Feb 13, 2019

00 Back from fun

05 All fresh on this

10 We'll probably do the lost civilization first


        Even she wasn't that annoying i season three.

20 You have to be medically fitted.

25 I think they're fucking in it or something.

30 I been itching to play so bad.

35 They wroked on my sun head.


45 That's a good one. We should bring it back.

50 My voice is not there.

55 Fuck that we put 'em in songs!



Henry Rollins - vocals

Greg Ginn and Dez Cadena - guitars

Chuck Dukowski - bass

Robo - drums


Jan 30, 2019

00  George Motherfucking Jones

05  "This is when he becomes an opium addict."

10  Real time listen to "Shanghai Susan."

15  "Yeah TRAVELOGUE IV gets a little crazy."

20  "Barney banged Linda Ronstadt. Damn right!"

25  "This is like dirty old man dot com."

30  "It's College Park lite,"

35  "This would straighten me out."

40  "4 might sound a little weird."

45  "We ain't gonna name the record that."

50  "The Rick Dees Show - whatever happened to that guy?"



Jan 28, 2019

I came to and saw her staring down at me

At my bloody body where was I to be

She was Shanghai Susan as introduced to me

I never felt so low as I did when remembering

When I last saw Charlene she had gone with Troubadour

I guess I left my manhood scattered 'cross the floor

As I get my bearings I turn back to the door

And leave that world behind because I'm sucked dry to my core


Shanghai Susan is introducing me

To a world where hope is less than just a dead man's memory

My choice will be nothing and nothing's what I'll be

In the great abyss with a dead man's hope I'm free

Troubadour and Charlene I think they've disappeared

Into something when I;m nothing as my path it now shines clear

Opium she soothes me like an ancient lover's scent

Shanghai Susan embraces me I know my soul is spent







Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering



Jan 23, 2019

00  Andy trips out at a Dead show.

05  "This is written for this."

10   "I do have twenty vocal parts."

15  "We got a piano sound now."


25  "The smoke goes backwards at the end of TIME BANDITS."

30  "Oh the Love Boat oh."

35  "It's not complicated it's complex."

40  "Jesus Christ it's a completely different song."

45  "Let me cut out five bands from a ten band fucking movie."

50  "Ever try to play 'Message In a Bottle' on guitar?"

55  "He's got a thing for drummers."



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