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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Mar 18, 2019

I beat you down and took your wife

But she used me to save your life

I realize she still loves you

So here is what we both shall do

Since she used me to find her man

I still love her you undrstand

I can make you stay or make you run

Your boy and my wife and my loaded shotgun

Yo di lee o di lee o o 

Yo di lee o di lee o di lee o

Here's the thing to see with glee

If you have nerve and skill like me

Your brain is mushy and luck's divine

Here's the game to play one time

So you are weak and I don't care

Just get your punk ass up from there

A heartbeat stin gs a breath is time

Relentlessly hating's abusing the shine

Yo di lee o

My request ain't jest it's for your life

You win I lose and if I win you die

I'll flip this coin mad4 from Satan's tears

And see who walks and who dies here

Either way you three are dead

I make my own luck is how I was bread

 When the tears hit the ground the pin hits the shell

It's the onoy way truly 'fore the  night be fell

Yo di lee o

The coin pierced the moment and shattered the sun

And Troubadour stroked and caressed his shotgun

The crack it then punctured the essence of fear

Johnny Redfoot had shot him confusingly clear

One golden bullet from Johnny's side arm

The lusting of angels who never knew harm

He said "saddle up we're gone with a shove

The only reason for living is love."

Yo di lee o

O di lee o

Mar 13, 2019

00  Concrete Blond

05  What I seen in this was just this huge expansive world.

10  Normals would never hear it.

15  That was that.

20  We got more than that.

25  Well that's something else.


35  So it will be five more.

40  They were all related.

45  Existentially that'll be something.

50  It's so worth it.


Mar 11, 2019

I don't know how long that I have been here

I don't know where Charlene's up and gone

Last I know she said that she was pregnant

A month ago last night I could be wrong

I sell myself for opium here nightly

My pride my self control my worth are gone

I always thought I was a stronger person

Now I know that I was always wrong

The moon seeks to touch me from a million miles away

She reaches down and holds me as my senses go away

She cradles me caresses me and pushes me away

Day and night and day and night and day and night and day

Self hatred flows through me like a virus

Send one in so I can earn my pay

This one here she seems a bit familiar

Do what you want to me and go away

Where am I I can't stand the pain please take my life

I'm wracked and vomit stained please kill me you can use my knife

Haze and pain I'm doubled over where the hell am I

I open my eyes see Charlene's face staring into mine

I eat a mango food it seems so strange to me

I'm on an island paradise I think that I can't see

Charlene takes my hand and says we need no longer run

I look into my arms and see I'm holding my new son 

Mar 6, 2019

00  Ween

05  The Singularity has already happened.


15  Hogwarts House Settings

20  Those are lead Dungeons and Dragons characters.

25  DOCTOR WHO deep dive

30  Gonna be winter, spring, summer, autumn.

35  I sound like Bleeding Gums Murphy

40  New ONE SPOT snippet

45  WHITE ALBUM Outtakes

50  Lost civilizations

55  Rome never fell.


Mar 4, 2019

My teeth feel funny and I'm alone

And I am writhing white with foam

Can't restore it averagely

I can't freeze it illogically

I can't take it it takes me

I can't pay it it grates me

I can't place it instantly

I can't take it reverently

It's it's own thing it's in my bones

It's in my mind supine and prone

Squirming wrongly fisting toes

Just ain't swtopping on it goes


I can't remember what it was like

How food tasted and what was right

Either way now It's been too long

Feeling slack now but not for long


Feb 27, 2019

00  Get to the chorus, asshole.

05  All the Clash didn't do is country music.

10  I ate a whole fuck ton of mushrooms.

15  * real time listen *

20  I'm going to fucking see what happens.

25  You can't be just doing podcasts all the fucking time.

30  8 songs with Paul

35  We won't talk about it on the podcast.

40  Stoner it up for the ending.

45  Apologize to your lord, Jesus.

50  That's why I like it.

55  But also in Siberia and Scotland.

Feb 25, 2019

Consequence smolders and trembles

She fills my lungs

Disappears when I lose reality

Maybe choke on my tongue

Let's rock let's roll

It feels so good to give in

Reason is a tumor

Live for now

Because tomorrow is a rumor

Let's rock let's roll

Dyin' can't be too bad

'Cause life is sweet sweet death

Cry havoc and surrender

With a halting breath

Let's rock let's roll 

Feb 20, 2019

00  nice soulful keyboard intro by Gubmint Mule

05  It was taking on a new kind of vibe.

10  Johnny Redfoot is gone.

15  I'm kind of bumbed it crashed.

20  I think that's a cool thing.

25  There was little three foot waves when I was there.

30  Just to fuck with you

35  He can bring in the Jordinaires and shit.

40  Everything's great but the singing/

45  Doom Cookie is a 30-70 "no."

50  He's got a great sense of humor.

55  I got to go on other people's computers and start putting in "society fringe" and see what pops up.

Feb 18, 2019

The scene is the Chinese island of Chin Pau. Billy's defeated, Johnny's disappeared, and Troubadour has kidnapped Charlene. We slow fade to an unreadable Comanche warrior lounging in an opium den in the far east, discarded, disavowed, relinquished, abandoned...trapped.


Painting by Georgi Markov "Pirates Tavern"

Feb 13, 2019

00 Back from fun

05 All fresh on this

10 We'll probably do the lost civilization first


        Even she wasn't that annoying i season three.

20 You have to be medically fitted.

25 I think they're fucking in it or something.

30 I been itching to play so bad.

35 They wroked on my sun head.


45 That's a good one. We should bring it back.

50 My voice is not there.

55 Fuck that we put 'em in songs!



Henry Rollins - vocals

Greg Ginn and Dez Cadena - guitars

Chuck Dukowski - bass

Robo - drums


Jan 30, 2019

00  George Motherfucking Jones

05  "This is when he becomes an opium addict."

10  Real time listen to "Shanghai Susan."

15  "Yeah TRAVELOGUE IV gets a little crazy."

20  "Barney banged Linda Ronstadt. Damn right!"

25  "This is like dirty old man dot com."

30  "It's College Park lite,"

35  "This would straighten me out."

40  "4 might sound a little weird."

45  "We ain't gonna name the record that."

50  "The Rick Dees Show - whatever happened to that guy?"



Jan 28, 2019

I came to and saw her staring down at me

At my bloody body where was I to be

She was Shanghai Susan as introduced to me

I never felt so low as I did when remembering

When I last saw Charlene she had gone with Troubadour

I guess I left my manhood scattered 'cross the floor

As I get my bearings I turn back to the door

And leave that world behind because I'm sucked dry to my core


Shanghai Susan is introducing me

To a world where hope is less than just a dead man's memory

My choice will be nothing and nothing's what I'll be

In the great abyss with a dead man's hope I'm free

Troubadour and Charlene I think they've disappeared

Into something when I;m nothing as my path it now shines clear

Opium she soothes me like an ancient lover's scent

Shanghai Susan embraces me I know my soul is spent







Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering



Jan 23, 2019

00  Andy trips out at a Dead show.

05  "This is written for this."

10   "I do have twenty vocal parts."

15  "We got a piano sound now."


25  "The smoke goes backwards at the end of TIME BANDITS."

30  "Oh the Love Boat oh."

35  "It's not complicated it's complex."

40  "Jesus Christ it's a completely different song."

45  "Let me cut out five bands from a ten band fucking movie."

50  "Ever try to play 'Message In a Bottle' on guitar?"

55  "He's got a thing for drummers."



Jan 21, 2019

My brain isn't working my body is broken

I'm in the abyss I'm a sacrifice

She's his like a liar controlled by her greed

And the sun is another one cursing my life


It's over it's over it's all fucking over

I'm nothing clear back to a different man's ghost

Use vengeance as anger and life as a weapon

Cancerous here leading my self doubt to grow

He is the cancer she is the cancer

And he is the cancer but I I am not

The water keeps rising the sirens are wailing

I'm sweeping up cities and making them rot

I surrender


Who's the disease spreading and razing

Chewing up tissues and spitting out ghosts?

My brain's in retreat my body is bleeding

I'm giving up everything neither or both

My blood it tastes funny upon my tongue

It's laughing and darting and staring the sky

I surrender already I don't have the passion

I don't feel the need to even ask why

I surrender


Everyone's blameless and gone is the passion

I don't have the strength or the caring to cry

I don't care about the ending or even the middle

Once upon a time a man simply died

I don't want no punishment taught as a lesson

I don't need to learn any new god damn things

I'm turning my mind off I'm turning my heart off

I'm going to sleep 'cause I've nothing to bring

My brain isn't working my body is broken

I'm in the abyss I'm the sacrifice

The war and the battle teamed up and beat me

Humiliated and timid with life

Leave me be

Let me lie

Lie on back

Bathe my pain

I'm headed down

That lonesome spiral

Ain't never gonna see me

Ever again

I have peaked

I am meek

I am weak

I can't sleep

I surrender I pretend or

I'm the problem

From the rostrum

Now I'm gone

Like this song

'Cause I'm wrong


Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Painting by Steven Belledin 

Jan 16, 2019

00  With Dennis Barth from Stone Dust Riders, Sun Rider 9 Productions, and the film CATONSVILLE: MUSIC CITY MARYLAND

05  "Kurt's going to be in this thing."

10  "It was very percussive."

15  "Powering On"

20  Real time reaction to "Returning."

25  Dennis sings "Hey Jude" over the coda and ANDY'S VIDEO SEGMENT

30  "It would be a lot of fun in a future project."

35  "I would play it a little more aggressively."

40  "It was George Harrison"


50  "I'm wearing out my link finger."

55  "It was actual landscaping?"


Jan 14, 2019

I've puked more whiskey than you'll ever drink

I've forgotten more shit than you'll ever think

I kick more ass than Chingiss Khan

I'm an egomaniac running rampant on the man

Kiss my cynical ass you clueless motherfucker

I'll make sure I'm fucking your wife and your mother

Here's my fingers and here's my fist

Lay low the arrangement if you get my gist

The cream rises to the top I'm a dreg in the bottom

I met Abe Lincoln and I motherfucking shot him

It doesn't make a difference what anybody thinks

So what so where so how you blinked

Got fire in my eyes and blood on my face

Drop the green flag, bitch, so let's start this race

Hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble

Cut me some slack now don't bust my bubble

I come halfway around the world to fight

So let's get this party started right


Once upon a time there was a punk ass Indian

He fucking pissed me off because he took all of my winnings

In an Alabama bar abutting Louisiana

So I followed that boy straight up through Texarkana

And some G-man chump out of New York City

My mission is seek revenge on pity

I say hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble

I'll reduce this town to smoldering rubble

Billy Redfoot, hell, he won my hyde

He got more than money, boys, he stole my pride

So I'm on his ass like a meth head on blow

Shit I followed them all down to West Mexico

Hell I even heard tell that he's headed to China

I'm on the pacific you know I will find a

Way to wreak revenge on theonly man ever

Laid claim to my crown as the best gambler ever


I Lived in the shadows while I plotted my revenge

Every scenario of torture and pain

Pliers and razors and electric cables

Chains and hooks and bloody horse stables

Break every metatarsal with sadistic glee

Fill his lungs with gasoline and then light the sneeze

Dig my thumbs in his eyes 'til they're wet with goo

Sharp razors laced through his stupid shoes

Sulfuric acid to scar them legs

Then make him crawl and make him beg

The worst part's I might hurt my knuckles

The best part's I will watch him buckle

Hey there, boy, here I stand let me proclaim

I am here to remove from you all but your name

For the beating I serve up shall be more than blood

That spills from you like breath from a newborn and 'cause

You have ruined my life I shall extract your soul

From your life force and then I will highly extol

My instance as the man and then you as the bitch

So just give me the pliers so I can scratch this itch


That bating that I threw down it almost took his life

It felt so good to see him cry right in front of his wife

So I admit it I just took her through a bag atop her head

Tossed that boy out like the trash top of the world, yo, I'm kicking ass

We got up to my yacht and then I said said she could go free

She said her husband's not a man why the only man here on Chin Pau's me

I got all of the money and I got that piece of ass

Fuck all day drink all night hey shit, y'all, let the good times blast

It's like I took my inner good and set that bitch on fire

I'm still a young man, as it goes, but hell it's all time to retire

I'll sleep on piles of money and I'll never be alone

It's amazing on the China Sea well shit, man, I'm finally home

Hey, baby, Daddy's home


Dave - guitars, vocals, piano

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

Jan 9, 2019

00  "It just grew three sizes."

05  "He confronts himself at the grave of his father."

10  "A white wife beater."

15  "He's a guy at the Home Depot looking at plumbing parts."

20  "You know it's a whorehouse across the street."

25  "Eleanor Roosevelt...had a list of her top ten influential people."

30  "Our history goes back thousands and thousands and thousands of years."

35  "I promise not to fuck your dog or shit on your coffee table."

40  "That's a worm of a different color."\

45  "That's a spoiler. That's the whole spoiler thing. The phantom penis."

50  "This is better for the world than handing our crack to elementary school kids."

55  "It took us almost this entire podcast to mention Clutch and the Beatles."


Jan 7, 2019

The gravestone gave the name

The gravestone gave the date

The gravestone don't talk back

The gravestone's what I hate

Hello, Dad, I miss you though I never knew you

And I wonder was it because of me

And I never got the chance to say "I love you"

Father, listen to me

I took a look and I found out

That that ain't the way it goes

Hello, Dad, I miss you

The house is old and gray

The house don't give no dates

The house is full of fear

The house is what I hate

Hello, Mom, I love you though I never told you

When I was younger you took care of me

But now I'm growing older growing smaller

Momma, listen to me

I took a look and I found out

That that ain't the way to go

Hello, Mom, I love you


Dave - guitar and vocal

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums andpercussion

Ian - mastering



Dec 20, 2018

Christmas means togetherness and love and joy

Happiness and presents for the girls and boys

Old folks come together and then reminisce

Stand beneath that mistletoe and get a kiss

Love your friends and kin

When Christmas comes again

Shout out to the homeless in America

The starving out in Asia and in Africa

Embrace all of the faiths that would love to kill me

The majority of folk through time just weren't free

So go remember them

When Christmas comes again

Make sure that you bring your love at Christmastime

People come and go but love is all the time

People they pass on but their love still exists

So let that love inside your heart and reminisce

Love brings love, my friend

When Christmas comes again.

Dec 19, 2018

00   "Besides rocking...:

05  "You ripped off Warren Zevon and Lou Reed."

10  "You can't divorce yourself from where you walk."

15  "I started buying all the shit I wanted."

20  "So overdubbing was there."

25  "Even if it's an off kilter sloppy perfection it will add up."

30  "If you don't get that footage you're not going back to get it again."

35  "80s styles are in now."

40  "A giant eagle comes out in this thing."

45  "There's nothing the same about it."

50  "Which is our White Album?"

55  "Head down. Bulldoze through."



Dec 17, 2018

In ancient times a giant eagle sputtered freely sea to sea

His claws could rip a mountain clean his eyes shot fire when the air was free

His wingspan birthed ten hurricanes he sculpted much of this here land

His greatest triumph was a birth a man I just call "Abraham"


Abraham he sired a nation and "freedom" was their guiding word

Their skin was red their feathers worn in honor of the ancestral bird

Then caucasoids they floated west, set forth, destroyed the Eagle's land

They threw litter on the side of the road a tear did stain old Abraham's cheek


Then one day on the reservation the Army tapped old Abraham

His two sons sucking mother's milk they sent him off to Vietnam

Friendly fire it took his life there was nothing left to see

Except five toes and an ankle, man, hence the name of "redfoot" came to be


Momma Redfoot died of grief Redfoot boys played hoops and all

Drank their whiskey, drank it neat, two young men with a basketball

Then one Redfoot brother took the other's girl drove to New York and left her there

The other brother joined the FBI but they didn't make him cut his hair

Now you know it you seen it all a story old as euro myths

In the spirit world Abraham sighs he says "D'IH!"


Dave - guitar and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - percussion and drums

Ian - mastering 

Dec 12, 2018

00  Metrinome time

05  "That's his third on4."

10  Andy's video pitch

15  "I don't know what I meant."

20  "The force is naked."

25  "It's a fantastic album."

30  "I don't even know what form of twist."

35  "She's a sleepy Vampire by the Supersuckers..."

40  "You're not used to any weather changes or anything."

45  Real time listen (actually at 42)

50  "yes and yes and..."

55  "This is the version on the album now."

Dec 10, 2018

Spending time with a rented soul

My body tells me which way to flow

Billy's trail seems to lead to Seoul

Or maybe China, baby, I don't know

Hong Kong Plane

There's that Billy Redfoot piece of trash

That Indian chump and his stripper gash

Ooh, baby, this is going to be cool

My golden bullet's formed from angel's drool

Hong Kong Plane

 I've always hated my Indian roots

So with the government I'm in cahoots

Johnny Redfoot is my given name

I watched my brother board that Hong Kong Plane

Hong Kong Plane



Dec 5, 2018

00  "You did 93 songs to do 'Northern Lights.'"

05  "That's why I liked (Circle 9). We covered the spectrum."

10  "You were never biologically meant to have a television."

15  "They used to feed you on a plane which is bonkers."

20  "If you get hit by a bus you win."

25  "They stole it from FAMILY GUY."

30  "Northern Lights" real time commentary

35  "I love marijuana."

40  "We're really far behind."

45  "Everything we're working on is setting up what we'll be working on in two years."

50  "Today I was in the dental school."

55  "There's 22 moving parts and they can move into any vector on the chart."

Dec 3, 2018

I'm your captain 

We'll be on this airplane for a day

The arctic circle

It won't get in our way

To your left now

You can see the northern lights

Sleep well

We'll be in Hong Kong by tomorrow night


"Hey, Charlene

I never really bought you a ring

But I love you

And I know that you ain't no 18

But I don't care.

I can't believe we can't smoke on the plane

Oh well

Let's summon the liquor cart again."


This is your captain

We'll touch down in twenty minutes or so

The weather's mild

The local time's twelve and change so you know

Enjoy your stay

hank you for flying with us

"Hey, Charlene,

I think the bathroom door jammed on us."


Dave - guitars and vocals

Brian - bass, engineering, mixing

Andy - drums and percussion

Ian - mastering

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