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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Nov 30, 2020

Got in my truck and I drove off I didn't say shit

Looking for words when they left me to stew over it

Every once in a while I just can't shrug it off

16 years sober will make you a shiny self cross

So I apologized when we did plug in the gear

All of this time I been wanting it's year upon year

How can a something be somewhere wherever it is

Can't it be nowhere and nothing and not of the biz

Sinking deep

Checking on back with our hero he's feeling his oats

Making his way as a young man with three leather coats

Has one for weddings and such and one to stay warm

His favorite is over his shoulders it shelters the storm

It's meloncholy and it's bright green and newer than new

Every once in a while I don't know what to do

Living vicariously 'cause that's a writer will do

Put it all in here and then some and do it for you

Sinking deep

Nov 25, 2020

Lost on North Avenue my job took me there everyday

A different world a new country I found out today

It's like I'm a foreigner born in the u s of a

Tension so thick you can cut it I'm here anyway

Driving on back to my home where the radio's free

Crank up the Velvets and Ice Cube and vintage PE

Pop in the Replacements and drift to a van on the road

Every once in a while I just want to explode

The magic of music's a cascading ballet of junk

Stuck in the middle of metal and country and funk

Sometimes I feel lost when I'm writing I want to be Neil

Every musician I know they just want to be real


All of these labels for music mean jack shit to me

Subconsciously divide and conquer the will to be free

I don't want no purists around me it's forrest or trees

Give me a forrest and watch me sink into the leaves

Sinkin deep

Yeah, sinkin deep

Ah-oo lord

Ah-oo lord

sinkin deep

Yeah sinkin

Sinkin deep

Aug 25, 2020

Do you remember giving me your number
And your address too
Do you remember videos of thunder
Can't ignore you
Come sweetly watch your step and shudder
I thought that you were someone's girl
To another empty form of flatter
But not fropm me
Hanging with my little sister
But you should be
Around my house at Dawn for California
I'm a crazy man I thought I'd warn you
Now I'm too shy to drink you're so specific
This song is for you
I hope you dig it
Love is what you make it
But it makes you
Just like dying, hell you just can't fake it
But it fakes you
Come loudly watch your mouth and sputter
Faces in a whirl I'm takin cover
So what's the reason for all of this clamor
Build you with a chisel and a hammer

Aug 18, 2020

Do you remember giving me your number
And your address too
Do you remember videos of thunder
Can't ignore you
Come sweetly watch your step and shudder
I thought that you were someone's girl
To another empty form of flatter
But not fropm me
Hanging with my little sister
But you should be
Around my house at Dawn for California
I'm a crazy man I thought I'd warn you
Now I'm too shy to drink you're so specific
This song is for you
I hope you dig it
Love is what you make it
But it makes you
Just like dying, hell you just can't fake it
But it fakes you
Come loudly watch your mouth and sputter
Faces in a whirl I'm takin cover
So what's the reason for all of this clamor
Build you with a chisel and a hammer

Aug 11, 2020

Do you remember giving me your number
And your address too
Do you remember videos of thunder
Can't ignore you
Come sweetly watch your step and shudder
I thought that you were someone's girl
To another empty form of flatter
But not fropm me
Hanging with my little sister
But you should be
Around my house at Dawn for California
I'm a crazy man I thought I'd warn you
Now I'm too shy to drink you're so specific
This song is for you
I hope you dig it
Love is what you make it
But it makes you
Just like dying, hell you just can't fake it
But it fakes you
Come loudly watch your mouth and sputter
Faces in a whirl I'm takin cover
So what's the reason for all of this clamor
Build you with a chisel and a hammer

Aug 4, 2020

Do you remember giving me your number
And your address too
Do you remember videos of thunder
Can't ignore you
Come sweetly watch your step and shudder
I thought that you were someone's girl
To another empty form of flatter
But not from me
Hanging with my little sister
But you should be
Around my house at Dawn for California
I'm a crazy man I thought I'd warn you
Now I'm too shy to drink you're so specific
This song is for you
I hope you dig it
Love is what you make it
But it makes you
Just like dying, hell you just can't fake it
But it fakes you
Come loudly watch your mouth and sputter
Faces in a whirl I'm takin cover
So what's the reason for all of this clamor
Build you with a chisel and a hammer

Jul 28, 2020


The bold and ragged beauty of a winter tree
Struck Susan as quite odd as she looked to see
A table full of papers but none up to date
No chance to glimpse beauty when you're running late
A far off police siren pierces through the air
But Billy doesn't notice and he doesn't care
Sirens don't man nothing in the county jail
Doing time's the fine when you can't make the bail
In wintertime the sun don't shine
The ice it shines the world's unkind
An accident just happened out on National Pike
Some lady ran a red light sliding through the ice
Valentine's Day candy scattered on the street
Now my car is totaled and it's raining sleet
The windows creak and moan as the wind bears down
Whipping through a tree branch lying on the ground
The screen door whistles loudly and the yard is froze
And me I write a song and I can't feel my toes

If you remember me you see
Think of the blood pumping through
If I remember you playing your kazoo
Please remember me
If I were you and you were me
Then just what would you see
When feeling kind of rough
Looking pretty gruff
Be remembering
It's time for a change
Look around that person
Find out what is certain
Choose the other curtain
Yeah but it might bring the worst in
Right now I feel like shit and that's it
Right now nobody's here
And then I think of you wondering what you'd do
If you see me too clear
It's time for a change

Christmas means togetherness and love and joy
Happiness and presents for the girls and boys
Old folk come together and then reminisce
Stand beneath the mistletoe and get a kiss
Love your friends and kin
When Christmas comes again
Shout out to the homeless in America
The starving out in Asia and in Africa
Embrace all of the faiths that would love to kill me
The majority of folk through time just weren't free
Go remember them
When Christmas comes again
Make sure that you bring your love at Christmas time
People come and go but love is all the time
People they pass on but their love still exists
So let that love inside your hearts and reminisce
Love brings love, my friend
When Christmas comes again

Wake up Monday morning and I look around
I felt bad this morning and my hair fell to the ground
She came by on Wednesday with a wedding ring
I ducked out on Thursday, baby, and hocked my wedding ring
It's hard
So I went out to Seattle to try to find a band
But nobody did want me they wouldn't let me lend a hand
So I cruised on down to LA and got a new tattoo
But nobody knew Chuck Berry songs or "Blue Suede Shoes"
It's hard
So I went on down to Athens but I played too hard
Flew to the Twin Cities but they wouldn't let me in the yard
So I hitch hiked back to Baltimore and I shot myself
Now I'm paralyzed but I have found myself
It's hard

Looking at a corpse at dawn in 1993
Hit and run up the tab in 1993
Here I live in Baltimore in 1993
Born and raised wait to die in 1993
Segregate black and white in 1993
Baltimore Harbor night in 1993
It's like an alcoholic's dream
Blue collar bars and disco scenes
Poor rage and shoot up the interstate
Ain't life oh so great
Steaming crabs a baseball day in 1993
No football no subway in 1993
I'm feeling like I'm left behind in 1993
It never changes it never changes in 1993

The nights go on forever dogs bark through the cold
UPS trucks rumble through holidays grown old
Grey skies hover blindly grey grass lies asleep
Grey roads rise through heaven grey breath slowly seeps
How many people died when live shrinks and melts in pride
Accomplishments are nigh happy new years baby
The fireplace burns forgiving so come in from the cold
Laughter ells and singing false stories here retold
A cat purrs in the corner the music gets a boost
The stroke of midnight passes and everyone cuts loose
Cocaine and whiskey buzz acid and shrooms a must
Heroin and crack for us happy new years baby
Sleep when the sun comes up afternoon and throwing up
See the folks and suck it up happy new years baby
It's just like what Lennon said
Years come and go and then you're dead
Winter sucks or so I've read
Happy new years baby
Can't wait 'til spring comes 'round
Krokus flowers in the ground
Now the stinking fields are brown
Happy new years baby

I didn't see you when I went out tonight
A word or two means nothing to me that don't sound right
I live the life of an empty glass
I'm glued onto my barstool before the moment's passed
If you call the weather I'll call the time
If you say you'll be mine
Tonight I'm feeling lucky so what's the word from you
If I run out of cash before the night is through
If I told you my dream you'd slap me in the face
So ditch that creep and I'll meet you later It's gotta be the case
If you call my number then I'll set the time
If you say you'll be you say you'll be mine
If I can wake up to you my life would be complete
But I compete on a footing unsure
When I call your number
You set the time
If ever you are ever you are
If ever you'll be mine mine all mine
You'll be mine

The books are kept impeccably
An air of sadness from what couldn't be
And pictures grace the mantle place
All rosy cheeked and freckle faced
Separated tender rage
She got the kids you got the cage
Kids move out a big old house of fireplace memories
Now don't no kids mess up the floor
A townhouse, baby, no back door
The bank is stuffed forever more
And the bills rise like the tides
It wasn't nothing that you said
You thought you loved her in your head
In your mind together dead
Your graves are side by said
So hold on to your fireplace memories
All that you got left can't laugh at you
And that's the truth 'cause what was true
Was what was wrong and now it's gone
Satisfaction never comes but your standards are too high
And when your gone I'll be right there until your soul floats by
And then is lightening strikes you down and crushes all the past
Fireplace memories won't die of all things they will last

The cold and ragged beauty of a winter tree
Struck Dawn as quite odd as she looked to see
A table full of papers but none up to date
No chance t glimpse beauty when you're running late
A far off police siren pierces through the air
But Billy doesn't notice and he doesn't care
Sirens don't mean nothing in the county jail
Doing time's the fine when you can't make the bail
In wintertime
The sun don't climb
The ice it shines
The world's unkind
An accident just happened out on National Pike
Some lady ran a red light sliding through the ice
Valentines day candy scattered on the street
Now my car is totaled and it's raining sleet
The windows creek and moan as the wind bears down
Whipping through a tree branch lying on the ground
The screen door whistles loudly and the yard is froze
And me I write a song and I can't feel my toes

Jul 21, 2020


Man after man has wilted from the pressure and the stress
Man after man has wilted from the pressure and the stress
If I can't get me a fighting General
I'll put my brains all on my desk
I take freedom to give it Oh yes I see the irony
I take freedom to give it oh yes I see the irony
We're the first ones to really do it right
It's all coming down to me
All these chumps around me they just don't see what's at stake
All these chumps around me they just don't see what's a stake
You know that ruling's meant for people
Not the whims royalty makes
I don't want no epitaph don't want no gravestone by my hand
I don't want no epitaph don't want no gravestone by my hand
Oh no
All I'm really wanting
Is to unite this promised land
Oh guitar
America is Zion she ain't perfect yes I know
America is Zion she ain't perfect yes I know
But when it comes down to it
Where the hell else you gonna go?
Four score and seven years that's just a blink in history
Four score and seven years that's just a blink in history
And when the killing's over
It's all coming down to me
Oh I'll tell yah

My Gettysburg nurse
Takes care of me
She is an angel
She's the Virgin Mary
This town stinks of death
Rancid aftermath
She reads Walt Whitman
What a fucking bloodbath
Oh man
The Union, sir, means the world to me
I'm a Pennsylvania boy
American as can be
Cut down by rebel fire
Now I ain't got no knees
Piles of bloody stumps
Small price because we're free
In America
Death in America
My Gettysburg nurse
Glows in the night
Her voice, a poem, soothes my plight
Hospital bed
It's a schoolroom floor
I'll never walk through another door
No way
My Gettysburg nurse
She held my hand
I am just a soldier
I am just a man
July 8th
Half past five
She smiled at me
And then I died
For America
Death in America


I'm an Ivy League colored in the 54
Now I'm living in a tent in '64
I teach these field hands how to read
Their ways don't mean a thing to me
Antietem gave Lincoln the where with all
I'm a chamber music lover in this free for all
But I can march and shoot 'cause I'm a man
I'm going to gun down some South Carolinians
I'm an educated man
I'm a fixture up in Boston high society
I enlisted, sir, to help to set my people free
Took a boat down south it's hot as hell
The southern women call me "n*****" while they're ringing on their bells
Down a mile of beach Battery Wagner stands
To reiterate I am an educated man
But my knowledge won't mean a thing to me
When I set foot into that killing spree
I'm an educated man
The first volley caught me in the eye
The second one lodged in my thigh
In pain I saw the colors fly
I stood and rushed the bunker then I
Barely missed a cannon blast
One more musket ball might be my last
I took a shell straight through my knee
I'm an educated man

Gone southern man
Gone dixieland
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free
Burn, Georgia, burn
Cry, momma, cry
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free
Gone, General Lee
Gone, General Lee
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free

The winter nights were cold and wet
We hadn't taken Richmond yet
McClellan had us camped out there
"Oh Be Joyful" curled me hair
General Grant's got bloody hands
The Wilderness will test a man
I tripped on skulls of Federal Troops
I kicked 'em with me Union boots
Richmond's sacked and Lee is on the run
Jeff Davis has evacuated, son
Engaging rebels every day and night
Appomattox Courthouse in me sight
Bobby Lee was neat and pressed
Ulysses Grant just looked a mess
We took their guns and sent them home
We drank and toasted northern bones
I took the train to Maine and then
I kissed me wife and punched me friends
The whiskey cuts like heaven's knives
I can't believe I'm still alive

Feet on dirt I'm born to roam
Getting on with the long walk home
I see these white boys slinking south
Old school belles they fill their mouths
I wish I would see Massa Ted
I'd put a bullet in his head
"Fieldhand Slim" they did call me
Until Lincoln set me free
I'm getting out of Savanah
Up through the Carolinas
Up north up north I will go
I never even seen the snow
You fuckers best look out for me
I'll show you what a former slave can be
Sold my momma raped my wife
Whipped me beat me took my life
Blue coat black man broke my chains
I'm never going back again
These white boys pass as I head north
Any city any port
Feet on dirt I'm born to roam
Getting on with the long walk home

The sky's devoid of any trees
I'm glad I still got two good knees
There's a hole in my hand like Jesus Christ
I'm a rebel fighting 'til my work is done
Well they kilt my family and I dug the graves
You can't turn off a fucking wave
Still got my rifle I'll steal your horse
You'll be staring down the barrel of my gun
Fuck the US I must say
It's not my country anyway
The Second Revolution has come and gone
Now I'm robbing trains out in the desert sun
I'm a rising outlaw sling my guns
I dream about my dead wife and my daughter and son
I was hitching up my trusty mule
When they burnt my family down
I fought their war and truth be told
I never thought that I could be so bold
Now living with death is all I know
I'm rebel pride riding into town
Now fuck the generals
Fuck the south
Fuck the north and shut my mouth
Fuck the frontier what's yours is mine
I'm raining down lead like hail
Fuck the indians
Fuck the sky
Fuck the earth and say goodbye
When I strike you won't see me
This war will never end
This war will never end


What's the difference
War is war
All the poor
Cannon fodder in the ranks
Stones to swords
Guns to tanks
Dadless kids
Rich man's game
Leaving corpses
And the blind and the lame
Peace is respite
War is life
Poor man's burden
And his wife
And sonless mothers
Power hungry
Sick with rage
Demand vengeance
Blood be paid
Death decreed
Beyond bombast
Cowards sing
We sing
We don't deserve good
We just don't rate
Thugs with weapons
Thugs who hate
Trapped and cornered
Might be dead
Fire at will

Jul 14, 2020



Freedom Africa
I shine on the light
I'm a king I walk this land
The earth is my gift
The spirit flows through me


Who in the hell do these Lincolnites think they are?
Trying to come down on my beloved Stars and Bars
Arrogance and cotton is all they think we got
But we got fire them Yanks can go to rot
I was born in Dixieland
I built this house with my two hands
And now I take a rebel stand
Now what in the hell are these Federals trying to prove?
So we seceded we put the Bill Of Rights to use
Now I don't give a damn 'bout moldy history
But I'll kill me a Yankee because he would kill me
If you ask me why I'm fighting
It's because you come down here
To the land of plenty
The skies are blue and clear
It's God's country
So go the hell back home
Or taster my musket
My wife and children love me
I don't own no slaves
I never bothered anyone
Nor sent nobody to no grave
But now you're pointing guns at me
I'm just a farmer can't you see
You really left me with no choice
The Rebel Yell's my only voice
I was born in Dixieland
I built this home with my own hands
And now I take a rebel stand
I guess I'm just a rebel, man

You go where you go
You die where you
You're born where you live
You march when you're called
You fall when you're hit
You charge when you're told
Kill or be killed
You reap what you sow
You bury your dead
You cry for your Maw
You take a man's boots
You murdered his Paw
Kill or be killed
Pack up and go
Die and be dead
You reap what you sow
You bleed 'til you're dead
No water for you
The wails of the field
At night they haunt you
You spit in the dirt
You stab in the face
Death is a friend
Life is disgrace
You reap what you sow

Imagine if you will the CSS Virginia
Ramming French ships, where's my spot of tea?
Lord I hate the French all for queen and country
Let's recognize the Confederacy
Let's get revenge for the War of 1812
Our colonies can't rule they're not the crown unto itself
That is not right
Nor is it polite
Imagine if yu will
A powerful alliance
Great Britain joined with the good ol' CSA
If Jeff Davis keeps it up
We'll finally march on Washington
Make our empire whole again today

Miss Kathryn sits by her window her man's been gone a year
He writes letters home to his children his picture shows a beard
The farm's going badly the rolling hills they seem to call his name
Them damn politicians they don't die but she knows they're to blame
All the same
Sunshine day
People sway
The war's a million miles away
Lists come back to city hall
Her husband's name ain't there today
Miss Kathryn thinks back to when it started with euphoria to spare
Now all this time later she's just wondering why anybody cared
Every night is sleepless and every single damn night is alone
She prays every hour for her husband not to die and then to come on home
How the kids have grown
Ain't no laughter
In the windswept pasture
The fever grips again tonight
Feed the children
Try to keep her mind off of this evil plight
Hot summer night she turns around and stumbles to her feet
Standing up seems strange here in the darkness that seems so damn complete
The children are crying she holds them and sings a little song
She sheds no tears in front of them
She swears that she can't take this for long
But she's wrong
Sunshine day
People sway
The war's at her front door today
The list come back to city hall
Her husband's name was there today

I hope wasichu kill each other and leave me alone
I hear they're marching all around on land that was our home
This land it holds a beauty that wasichu can not see
The earth is bigger than a war that's between you and me
How can settlers be called that when they just invade
They call us savages yet slaughter us
Because we're red they think that we are of a lower kind
They rape and pillage rape and pillage rape and pillage
When they're done their flagellation then they will kill us
Their white division is a crime to earth
They treat their men as pets and desecrate this holy land
The blood will spill the star chiefs lie
May the great spirit forgive them for they know not what they do


There's a town up north
Pennsylvania bound
A town I never heard
A place called Gettysburg
We fought for seven days
We whooped them yankees good
Now Richmond's standing tall
Like I knew she would
Old Stonewall's come and gone
The meanest cuss you'll see
With Longstreet at his side
We're fighting for General Lee
June is hot and I miss my momma true
The Cause is why I'm here, son, how 'bout you?
How I miss the scent of southern pines
We're marching across that Mason Dixon Line
Stonewall Jackson's dead
His own troops shot him dead
We're marching through the north
To Lincoln's own back porch
We marched through Maryland
We didn't touch the land
Two days battle gone
We're charging come the dawn
General Pickett gave the sign and we stood up
Cannon fire lit the Federal embankments up
The proud red banner hoisted in the air
The first volley killed my brother and singed my hair
Armistead is dead
The summer grass is red
Dealt these filthy cards
I fell at Pickett's Charge
General Armistead is dead
The summer grass is red
Dealt these bloody cards
I fell at Picket's Charge


Jul 7, 2020


No man can catch her eyes
She don't think much of guys
With their macho bullshit talking trash
To her it just ain't funny, man
She's made her way to Beta 9
She heard New Earth's a damn good time
She's seen it
Yet she's coming back again
Them love machines are fine for some
When you're all filled up with Martian rum
With their whizzing gears sometimes
Why they seem just like a person
But they don't talk and they don't laugh
Unless the program tells them to
It really ain't spontaneous
But most the folk just don't care
No man can catch her eye
Nor r-600s with custom thighs
But loves where you can get it
Take that plunge and don't regret it
Her eye is roving still
Forever, man, it will
Every day's an opportunity
That's all she wants to see
She leaves New Earth alone
Might as well go back home
At least her home is home
Home is home
Brendan - bass, engineering, mixing
Ryan - drums

On the interstate Charlene was just a rebel
Wrong as long as you're the one carrying a badge
In the aftermath of that sky blue El Camino
When she took one hell but it didn't hurt too bad
Now a polarized consensus leaves a girl without her senses
The aftermath was thus as much as but
She fought for what
Just to make it clear Charlene's Remote Control
You could see this swerve like a heel turn telegraphed
If you didn't know the scent of burnt rubella
Has a healing cypher and a myth just do the math
in the place where the bison thunders echo
lead that fuel gas her up and get go oh no
So the time space loop in the multiverse of stoners
Making stories up so the moon becomes the sun
Here's a reprobate sexier than Cleopatra
Let her fill your lungs up and smoke that son-a-gun

Well if it's true
Then she'll force it out of her mind
Fucking up for the umpteenth time
They say it's wrong
Spaceships guns and boobies ain't got no home
But it's a song
Can't forget the future when the past ain't ever known
She has an Elvis on her dashboard and a Dawn in pendant heart
And a dog tag of a fella who was there to play a part
When she spreads her legs and kisses everything goes down in flames
Just because it's life and death don't mean that this here ain't a game
Well had she known
She never would have entered but then she did anyway
That's for little punk ass mealy mouth with nothing much to say
But then that's us
Just a bunch of followers just glad to be alive
It's in the rulebook
Right after the chapter that says how to shuck and jive
Gimme a one shot dagger
Destined to blow my mind
No in between
Either the top or the bottom line
Singing on down the line
And boobies

She hates her clothes and so she walks around with nothing on
She's all butt naked at the mall she gets arrested, son
Spends the night in jail
Only thing she wears
Is just the ti foil on her head
The shrink think's she's crazy so he tries to fill her head with drugs
He don't believe the foil transmissions from her kitchen rug
Wall to wall by the sink
Don't make no sense
Just another reason she's insane
She tells the shrink exactly just what he does want to hear
Her plans have gotten bigger and she sees her time is near
Hit's a temporal note
A subsonic wave
And now the doctors are her slaves
Tin Foil Girl she knows exactly how to make some money fast
Makes the doctors clone a formula that makes the highs just last
Sells it to the numb' Cause they hate their lives
Just enough to start her own damn bank
When she multiplies the algorythm it's now on its own
Keeps on making shit be new it knows the sequence of the clone
Tin Foil gets her cut
Parties like it's life
And then becomes the president
She gives a speech up on the mall in downtown Washington
Just tin foil on her head and nothing else got no clothes on
Cut's her promo well
Hits the bullet points
The pundits duly play their parts
Because she's turned us into marks
And only did it for a lark
We need a second Noah's Ark

Embryonic sludge suck it down tonight
Down the delusion make you feel alright
Just don't wanna know just don't want to see
Just don't want to care just don't want to be
Listen, man, I dig everything is wrong
Such a stupid thought put it in a song
It's a penny ante world that don't amount to shit
Ain't got the guts to die so numb yourself to it
Here's to you again
Pain will never end
Time to say "goodbye and hello nanobytes"
Let them pull the load you have earned that right
With everything you done and everything you know
Give yourself to it you deserve it tho
You won't come back again
Won't feel anything
Let that tonic breath let it fill your soul
Let it make that real let it gain control
Here's to nowhere friends
Never ever ends

For fear of everything the ancient pilgrim moaned
Alive forever brings whatever else was loaned
There is a specialty that no one does dare speak
Here in the aftermath of creaking banshee shrieks
Inside your crumbled world know you're not alone
Outside the insular lonely people roam
Dreamers and malcontents and rebels scared to win
If even everywhere there's that humming din
Like a bird with everything inside
Plummets shivering shores collide
If it ain't true than we're forever blue
If it is I must oblige
I feel so bad you see 'cause I can't get what I want
With the assumption that our languages just taunt
Here on peripheral like lightening in the sea
And forged in question marks a language I can't speak
Hell, man, it's everywhere a humming tired ennui
Of shit that's happenstance we're chosen randomly
Directions all a joke salvation is a lie
Flyin' like a bird, you see, says "say hey bye bye."
Like a bird that soars across the sky
Keep on flying 'til we die
A new born curse
A worn out universe
Love and life fall from my eyes yeah

Way I'm wasting away I'm wasting away I'm wasting away I am

Peace and love, motherfucker and you know this yeah
Peace and love with a ruckus and you know this
Yeah yeah yeah
It's got to happen because it's right
In every feature in every sight
Drawing a bead on for loving's sake
Peace ain't a funeral love ain't a wake
From where I'm singing direct to you
I want it bad you want it too
I want it from you give it to me
'Cause peace and love that shit is free
So I walk down to the bar I saw some cover band with used guitars
And a heart made out of gold that's already been sold
From town Manila to Katmandu
Cantankeronus I got that too
Give me your loving you got that right
'Cause peace and love that shit is tight


Time is running out bellowing through the void
Desperate like a beggar methods then employed
Time is running out nebula's running in
Portal to the horizon portal to everything
Galaxial haze ignited
The ruse of the excited
Oft sore and yet delighted
The past was oversited
Time is running out on that we can agree
Dancing with the bohos under the glassened sea
Painting with the artists trusting reason not the gods
Fresh water color started the aforementioned lightening rod
From here to another planet
Through wormhole strings and granite
More fun if you don't plan it
Winged migrational bandits
It's non sequitur season
I know that I have treasoned
I beg one for petition
Spectacular omission
Remote Control is restless she passes through the gate
Psychedelicottically a formal mass debate
Ain't no way for her to choose just where she's going to be
Close your eyes and wish her luck we're where we need to be
Time is running out space is running in
Portal event horizon nothing is everything

Jun 30, 2020


Fifty damn years on down the road
I was driving late at night
Under pollution lights
But it didn't stop the sun from coming up
To interrupt
Everything I seen
And everyone I known
My young self stumbled by
Too drunk too wonder why
Ain't no stars in the sky for the nowhere ones
That never won
Beat you black and blue
Bleed a drop or two
I see it in my sights
I glimpse it in the night
I don't know what is right for the nowhere ones
That never won
We're the nowhere ones
That just begun

The tale of the El Camino
She's waltzing and drafting on air
Time and relative dimension in space
With a consciousness tied to my hair
With the breeding of an overhand punch
That pukes up a paisley gold flight
In the form of a youthful arachnid
Opportunity's also called plight
Around and away we go in the bed of an old Chevrolet
Straightening the hill flattening the curve
Doing it all night and day
Some say that the car has a conscience
Some simply say that she's a truck
Stock 305 bolstered by a warp drive
And a temporal matrix of luck
Remote Control found her in the portal
But she's been around lo many years
Here's what she did 'fore the Big Opera Grid
Just a matter of grinding them gears

The last time we saw Remote Control
She was ashes and Dawn had took her soul
Then again maybe then it wasn't so
Or maybe then it was oh no
Now she's tailing our hero Baby Blue
She knows that the lies have turned to truth
But she never asked for any proof
She really didn't care she still don't
Remote Control has found her soul
Hit that pipe again
She's been ready now she's steady
It's a laughing zen
Well she knows how to live her life as art
And romantically construct a part
Of a universal broken heart
That's weeping tears of laughter and angst
It's a muffled laughter when it's time
It's a victim of a worthless crime
It's a notion sprouting off the vine
That's rooted in mischief and pranks
As she surveys all that's come to pass
She knows her time has come at last
To binge and partake of repast
And try and change the world oh my
If she's magic then so are me and you
Like she says "bring the meaning of the truth"
It never needs to show a proof
In algebraic terms or why

Roams the landscape all alone
Singing "Roam, Sucker, Roam"
Dreaming of then again and again
When she ushered in a phase
Lasted lo these many days
Sees her again and then they begin
Let her know what to do
So she can get a little closer to you
What she does what she do
Gonna make you look just like a fool
She pops in and out quantumly
Here and there confusing all who see
But those that they do can't believe it's true
Sit back and the devil appears
But then she knows just what to make it clear
What can she do she's falling for you

Well he's gone down a road that's fading quickly
And he's prone to being homegrown and sickly
And he doesn't have a reason for the plodding
And his life as of now is frail and rotting
Frail and rotten frail and rotten
Frail and rotten feeling lame
Frail and rotten frail and rotten
Frail and rotten what a shame
So she threw him down and broke his transom
And she held his self respect for ransom
And believe me the poor boy up and payed it
And felt better not to contemplate it
So she moved on and overtook his story
And made sure that the scene was trite and hoary
'Cause she really did like that Baby Blue fella
And moved on to conquer other cerebella

Just so we're clear she's here to party so what
The war rolls on forever backdrop so what
Sing the song triumphantly while we're circling down the drain
So what
Another Day another story so what
If we're all one then we are nothing so what
Feast upon the corpses of what truth it used to mean
And throw up
Remote Control she doesn't care she don't
Well she will say that air is air she won't
She might forget to not believe the lies she's hearing all the time
She don't

The air is a question an empty suggestion
Of unanswered pauses hinted at before
So see here it's beauty but some call it duty
She questions it rudely no different than before
Mistakes they don't mean nothing
At least she's learning something
She busts through Atlantis depressively manic
She curses the manna that's floating from the sky
The whole thing's an orgy all sweaty and largely
It's rooted in whispers and hinted in asides
You can call us worthless
Just don't call us mirthless
If she's a movie she's foreign and moody
And smoking tobacco meloncholically
She ain't wearing nothing emotions erupting
She's everyone's something periodically
I guess I hadn't listened but now I know it's christened
She seizes the meaning and renders it leaning
To absolutism poisoning itself
Narrative license has eaten the hyphen
Oh, god, let it ripen it's sitting on the shelf
And I ain't got the time
I ain't got the time
I just ain't got the time
I ain't got the time

The glass desert red and blue purple and green
It's kicking up dust as it speeds and careens
The soldiers look on take their gas masks and gawk
'Cause it's rougher than diamonds uncut and in bulk
A space El Camino it travels through time
It shakes off the meaning of motion and rhyme
She drives it with nothing but guile and sublime
Shifts into gear and lets that sucker climb
The distance of the emperors shields them from blame
They regret the progress and strive to remain
But even the ivory towers do spy
The car with a truck bed as it whizzes by
The soldiers erupt in 3 cheers for the ship
She sparks up the motor and's letting her rip
She motions for the emperor to come have a sip
The soldiers all pause and conform to the grip
The V8 moans heavenly blessings of grace
It emanates more than the sum of this place
It vibrates an echo and leaves not a trace
She spits in the goddamn punk emperor's face

When she breaths again 7
When it's new, my friend, 7
When we feel it then, 7
Remote Control leaves
How it's power taken freeform
How to know if flowers reborn
Can I see forever weeping
Found and found and found and creeping
Which whatever wasn't freely
Or is amidst dregs kept neatly
Lifeless or worthless or worsely
Evenly unmatched subversely
Confounding misuse of structures
Of meanings profundity quakes
Happenstance rendered illusion
Organized in pill form and flakes
Motionless call forth the masters
Watch as they tremble and slurring
How like the others of fables
Unlike their rivals and cursing
Undo the timeless guerillas
Fighting a self war of trusted
Timeless like oceans of legends
Forfeit succumb if we must not
Til we meet again 7
Til it's new, my friend, 7
Til we feel it then 7
Now it's meant to bend 7

Jun 23, 2020


The scene is the Chinese island of Chin Pau. Billy's defeated, Johnny's disappeared, and Troubadour has kidnapped Charlene. We slow fade to an unreadable Comanche warrior lounging in an opium den in the far east, discarded, disavowed, relinquished, abandoned...trapped.
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, guitar, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums

Consequence smolders and trembles
She fills my lungs
Disappears when I lose reality
Maybe choke on my tongue
Let's rock let's roll
It feels so good to give in
Reason is a tumor
Live for now
Because tomorrow is a rumor
Let's rock let's roll
Dyin' can't be too bad
'Cause life is sweet sweet death
Cry havoc and surrender
With a halting breath
Let's rock let's roll

My teeth feel funny and I'm alone
And I am writhing white with foam
Can't restore it averagely
I can't freeze it illogically
I can't take it it takes me
I can't pay it it grates me
I can't place it instantly
I can't take it reverently
It's it's own thing it's in my bones
It's in my mind supine and prone
Squirming wrongly fisting toes
Just ain't stopping on it goes
I can't remember what it was like
How food tasted and what was right
Either way now It's been too long
Feeling slack now but not for long
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I don't know how long that I have been here
I don't know where Charlene's up and gone
Last I know she said that she was pregnant
A month ago last night I could be wrong
I sell myself for opium here nightly
My pride my self control my worth are gone
I always thought I was a stronger person
Now I know that I was always wrong
The moon seeks to touch me from a million miles away
She reaches down and holds me as my senses go away
She cradles me caresses me and pushes me away
Day and night and day and night and day and night and day
Self hatred flows through me like a virus
Send one in so I can earn my pay
This one here she seems a bit familiar
Do what you want to me and go away
Where am I I can't stand the pain please take my life
I'm wracked and vomit stained please kill me you can use my knife
Haze and pain I'm doubled over where the hell am I
I open my eyes see Charlene's face staring into mine
I eat a mango food it seems so strange to me
I'm on an island paradise I think that I can't see
Charlene takes my hand and says we need no longer run
I look into my arms and see I'm holding my new son
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I beat you down and took your wife
But she used me to save your life
I realize she still loves you
So here is what we both shall do
Since she used me to find her man
I still love her you understand
I can make you stay or make you run
Your boy and my wife and my loaded shotgun
Yo di lee o di lee o o
Yo di lee o di lee o di lee o
Here's the thing to see with glee
If you have nerve and skill like me
Your brain is mushy and luck's divine
Here's the game to play one time
So you are weak and I don't care
Just get your punk ass up from there
A heartbeat stings a breath is time
Relentlessly hating's abusing the shine
Yo di lee o
My request ain't jest it's for your life
You win I lose and if I win you die
I'll flip this coin made from Satan's tears
And see who walks and who dies here
Either way you three are dead
I make my own luck is how I was bread
When the tears hit the ground the pin hits the shell
It's the only way truly 'fore the night be fell
Yo di lee o
The coin pierced the moment and shattered the sun
And Troubadour stroked and caressed his shotgun
The crack it then punctured the essence of fear
Johnny Redfoot had shot him confusingly clear
One golden bullet from Johnny's side arm
The lusting of angels who never knew harm
He said "saddle up we're gone with a shove
The only reason for living is love."
Yo di lee o
O di lee o

I don't want to stop the yacht while we got cash to burn
See young Abraham he's trying to crawl from aft to stern
Freedom ride
Sunshine on my face love has filled me by osmosis
The ocean feels me blessed consecrated by psychosis
Misery begs a choice addictive just like anything
Depression can feel good as comforting as anything
Freedom ride
Let the credits roll when the story's got a happy ending
'Cause it never lasts
Freedom ride

The touch of her hand makes me feel like a man
Everything I can if I could
The warmth of her breath I can attest
Let's get undressed 'cause we should
The taste of her lips goes to my hips
Sunlight dips in her wake
She is my dream you know what I mean
I'm out of steam when I wake
The touch of your hand makes me feel like a man
Everything I can if I could
The warmth of your breath I can attest
Let's get undressed 'cause we should
The taste of your lips goes to my hips
Sunlight dips in your wake
You are my dream you know what I mean
Life's spring green when I wake
If I could if I could if I could if I could

I was walking down this Lonesome road all by myself
By myself
I was living this lonesome life like anyone else
Anyone else
I was feeling these feelings of pain just like my brothers and sisters did
I been looking for the joys of life like anyone did
Anyone did
Yeah I feel happy well you know it's true
Cause I was lonely but then I found you
Scratch my shoulder o that hit the spot
Makes no difference 'cause I know what I got
I was looking at my feet as they trudged along
All day long
And the people that I chance to meet to hear my song
Hear my song
I was wondering what makes birds cry what makes them sing
Oh so pretty sounds
Now I'm looking at the joys of life all around all around


Jun 16, 2020


Roam, suckers, roam through the markets of Chin Pau
With you races full of hope and your pockets full of dollars
Roam, suckers, roam with the freedom of life blood
Sucking face with grace in a love that's blessed by turmoil
Mourn, sucker, mourn 'cause you spit on family blood
And you turned your back on Momma, she never turned her back on you
Mourn, sucker, mourn with your shoulder slinging nine
And that bullet by your heart which your brother broke on purpose
Roam, sucker, roam
Laugh, sucker, laugh, 'cause revenge is blood that boils
And the reason why it is is the reason why we're here
Laugh, sucker, laugh 'cause your life's a twisted mess
Let's look back in anger to how we got here
Roam, sucker, roam
Oh, precious blood
Relinquishing its hold on what's to be
Oh precious blood
New day rising bloody still blood still bloody still
Blood flows through our veins
Dave - vocals, guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

I'm proud to love you proud to be
Yours forever just you and me
So proud to be yours so proud to be
Together with you forever be
One foot in front of the path we seek
I'll have you travel through life with me
We walk together and so shall be
So Proud to love you eternally
The path in front of world shall be
We walk together so proud to be
One foot in front of the path we see
We walk together just you and me
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

I'm your captain
We'll be on this airplane for a day
The arctic circle
It won't get in our way
To your left now
You can see the northern lights
Sleep well
We'll be in Hong Kong by tomorrow night
"Hey, Charlene
I never really bought you a ring
But I love you
And I know that you ain't no 18
But I don't care.
I can't believe we can't smoke on the plane
Oh well
Let's summon the liquor cart again."
This is your captain
We'll touch down in twenty minutes or so
The weather's mild
The local time's twelve and change so you know
Enjoy your stay
hank you for flying with us
"Hey, Charlene,
I think the bathroom door jammed on us."
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

Spending time with a rented soul
My body tells me which way to flow
Billy's trail seems to lead to Seoul
Or maybe China, baby, I don't know
Hong Kong Plane
There's that Billy Redfoot piece of trash
That Indian chump and his stripper gash
Ooh, baby, this is going to be cool
My golden bullet's formed from angel's drool
Hong Kong Plane
I've always hated my Indian roots
So with the government I'm in cahoots
Johnny Redfoot is my given name
I watched my brother board that Hong Kong Plane
Hong Kong Plane
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

In ancient times a giant eagle sputtered freely sea to sea
His claws could rip a mountain clean his eyes shot fire when the air was free
His wingspan birthed ten hurricanes he sculpted much of this here land
His greatest triumph was a birth a man I just call "Abraham"
Abraham he sired a nation and "freedom" was their guiding word
Their skin was red their feathers worn in honor of the ancestral bird
Then caucasoids they floated west, set forth, destroyed the Eagle's land
They threw litter on the side of the road a tear did stain old Abraham's cheek
Then one day on the reservation the Army tapped old Abraham
His two sons sucking mother's milk they sent him off to Vietnam
Friendly fire it took his life there was nothing left to see
Except five toes and an ankle, man, hence the name of "redfoot" came to be
Momma Redfoot died of grief Redfoot boys played hoops and all
Drank their whiskey, drank it neat, two young men with a basketball
Then one Redfoot brother took the other's girl drove to New York and left her there
The other brother joined the FBI but they didn't make him cut his hair
Now you know it you seen it all a story old as euro myths
In the spirit world Abraham sighs he says "D'IH!"
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - percussion and drums

The gravestone gave the name
The gravestone gave the date
The gravestone don't talk back
The gravestone's what I hate
Hello, Dad, I miss you though I never knew you
And I wonder was it because of me
And I never got the chance to say "I love you"
Father, listen to me
I took a look and I found out
That that ain't the way it goes
Hello, Dad, I miss you
The house is old and gray
The house don't give no dates
The house is full of fear
The house is what I hate
Hello, Mom, I love you though I never told you
When I was younger you took care of me
But now I'm growing older growing smaller
Momma, listen to me
I took a look and I found out
That that ain't the way to go
Hello, Mom, I love you
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I've puked more whiskey than you'll ever drink
I've forgotten more shit than you'll ever think
I kick more ass than Chingiss Khan
I'm an egomaniac running rampant on the man
Kiss my cynical ass you clueless motherfucker
I'll make sure I'm fucking your wife and your mother
Here's my fingers and here's my fist
Lay low the arrangement if you get my gist
The cream rises to the top I'm a dreg in the bottom
I met Abe Lincoln and I motherfucking shot him
It doesn't make a difference what anybody thinks
So what so where so how you blinked
Got fire in my eyes and blood on my face
Drop the green flag, bitch, so let's start this race
Hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble
Cut me some slack now don't bust my bubble
I come halfway around the world to fight
So let's get this party started right
Once upon a time there was a punk ass Indian
He fucking pissed me off because he took all of my winnings
In an Alabama bar abutting Louisiana
So I followed that boy straight up through Texarkana
And some G-man chump out of New York City
My mission is seek revenge on pity
I say hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble
I'll reduce this town to smoldering rubble
Billy Redfoot, hell, he won my hyde
He got more than money, boys, he stole my pride
So I'm on his ass like a meth head on blow
Shit I followed them all down to West Mexico
Hell I even heard tell that he's headed to China
I'm on the pacific you know I will find a
Way to wreak revenge on the only man ever
Laid claim to my crown as the best gambler ever
I Lived in the shadows while I plotted my revenge
Every scenario of torture and pain
Pliers and razors and electric cables
Chains and hooks and bloody horse stables
Break every metatarsal with sadistic glee
Fill his lungs with gasoline and then light the sneeze
Dig my thumbs in his eyes 'til they're wet with goo
Sharp razors laced through his stupid shoes
Sulfuric acid to scar them legs
Then make him crawl and make him beg
The worst part's I might hurt my knuckles
The best part's I will watch him buckle
Hey there, boy, here I stand let me proclaim
I am here to remove from you all but your name
For the beating I serve up shall be more than blood
That spills from you like breath from a newborn and 'cause
You have ruined my life I shall extract your soul
From your life force and then I will highly extol
My instance as the man and then you as the bitch
So just give me the pliers so I can scratch this itch
That bating that I threw down it almost took his life
It felt so good to see him cry right in front of his wife
So I admit it I just took her through a bag atop her head
Tossed that boy out like the trash top of the world, yo, I'm kicking ass
We got up to my yacht and then I said said she could go free
She said her husband's not a man why the only man here on Chin Pau's me
I got all of the money and I got that piece of ass
Fuck all day drink all night hey shit, y'all, let the good times blast
It's like I took my inner good and set that bitch on fire
I'm still a young man, as it goes, but hell it's all time to retire
I'll sleep on piles of money and I'll never be alone
It's amazing on the China Sea well shit, man, I'm finally home
Hey, baby, Daddy's home
Dave - guitars, vocals, piano
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

My brain isn't working my body is broken
I'm in the abyss I'm a sacrifice
She's his like a liar controlled by her greed
And the sun is another one cursing my life
It's over it's over it's all fucking over
I'm nothing clear back to a different man's ghost
Use vengeance as anger and life as a weapon
Cancerous here leading my self doubt to grow
He is the cancer she is the cancer
And he is the cancer but I I am not
The water keeps rising the sirens are wailing
I'm sweeping up cities and making them rot
I surrender
Who's the disease spreading and razing
Chewing up tissues and spitting out ghosts?
My brain's in retreat my body is bleeding
I'm giving up everything neither or both
My blood it tastes funny upon my tongue
It's laughing and darting and staring the sky
I surrender already I don't have the passion
I don't feel the need to even ask why
I surrender
Everyone's blameless and gone is the passion
I don't have the strength or the caring to cry
I don't care about the ending or even the middle
Once upon a time a man simply died
I don't want no punishment taught as a lesson
I don't need to learn any new god damn things
I'm turning my mind off I'm turning my heart off
I'm going to sleep 'cause I've nothing to bring
My brain isn't working my body is broken
I'm in the abyss I'm the sacrifice
The war and the battle teamed up and beat me
Humiliated and timid with life
Leave me be
Let me lie
Lie on back
Bathe my pain
I'm headed down
That lonesome spiral
Ain't never gonna see me
Ever again
I have peaked
I am meek
I am weak
I can't sleep
I surrender
I pretend or
I'm the problem
From the rostrum
Now I'm gone
Like this song
'Cause I'm wrong
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I came to and saw her staring down at me
At my bloody body where was I to be
She was Shanghai Susan as introduced to me
I never felt so low as I did when remembering
When I last saw Charlene she had gone with Troubadour
I guess I left my manhood scattered 'cross the floor
As I get my bearings I turn back to the door
And leave that world behind because I'm sucked dry to my core
Shanghai Susan is introducing me
To a world where hope is less than just a dead man's memory
My choice will be nothing and nothing's what I'll be
In the great abyss with a dead man's hope I'm free
Troubadour and Charlene I think they've disappeared
Into something when I;m nothing as my path it now shines clear
Opium she soothes me like an ancient lover's scent
Shanghai Susan embraces me I know my soul is spent
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

Jun 2, 2020


I been looking for America in rock and roll and football
And right now I can't tell stories coz I feel distant from you all
Merging mergers fund the way confusing and too mindless
The money man's greed bloodies hand an appendage of the spineless
On a mountain a lone banjo player wails
He's toothless and all moonshined up
The ancient bluesman joins him for a solo
Together they just puke it up
There ain't no money in forgiveness unless you're already famous
Not none of us not me or you not one of us is blameless
A culture built on jealousy of those who we're protecting
They hate us and we hate them our effigy they're erecting
One world minus one is all we got
The banjo player doesn't care at all
The ancient bluesman slides into the bridge
The tempo slows to an ungodly crawl
The banjo burns the mountains to the delta
The guitar summons hurricanes by thought
The public eats it up online like vultures
What is sold is what is lost is bought
America's a goddess with her heel on those of color
America's the homeless dream of Saddam Hussein's brother
America's the stars and stripes that choke til death is purer
America's decision falls on some compromised juror
The instrumental slowly fades away
The tempo disseminates into dust
The silver dollar lunges through the turnstyle
Entropy becomes pain and disgust

1 2 3 4
Billy turned to leave
Charlene turned to leave
John Wayne can't believe
That they're gonna leave
John Wayne's got a gun
Billy's got a gun
John Wayne shot his gun
Billy wouldn't run
Gunshots in the desert
High noon in the desert
Billy isn't hit
John Wayne's aim is shit
Billy shot his gun
John Wayne wouldn't run
High noon brings the hell
Fate controls the shell
John Wayne he got hit
Billy's aim's the shit
Gunshots in the desert
High noon in the desert
Billy's on the run
Charlene's on the run
John Wayne's got a gun
John Wayne's got a gun
Roam, sucker, roam
Dave - guitar and vocals
Joe - guitar
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Texas is fading fast
Look at them South Dakota plates
That Caddy is our next blast
Headed west suck the desert dry
The FBI ain't no match for me
Look at old Billy Redfoot fly
Charlene's face is in my lap
Blasting through the Vegas skyline baby
Gonna marry her tonight hope they don't need no birth certificates
I think the preacher's gonna die
He's choking up chunks of lung like chocolate pudding
Me and Charlene got to laugh
I'm glad she snagged some extra napkins from the diner
The organ player she's a whore
She gave Charlene her business card
The ceiling seems somewhat stained
Charlene said "How did those stains get up there?"
I'm gonna marry her tonight hope they don't need no birth certificates
I took her as my lawful wedded wife then I fucked her in the Cadillac
The future seems to be a shining beacon in the night
It is unwritten so a breath of newness flows through me like benign poison
Diamonds sparkle like a Mozart song we're tripping balls so say "so long"
We're in a psychedelic orgasmic euphoria
Dave - guitars, vocals, organ
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

There's a window by a courtyard by a house
It's six hundred and thirty five pieces give or take
It's seen five families pass by
Now it can't reflect of the sky as the night time goes by
There's a bible by the window by the courtyard but now it's just ash
By the bible's a safe holding letters, it never held cash
By the safe is a little girl's doll
And the bones of a dog on the prowl
It likes next to the doll
Oo oh
There's a football by the doll it's deflated and caked to the earth
Over top of the house is a freeway, a modern world birth
Now last time the house just collapsed
It's usefulness gone now perhaps
Now it's muddy bike tracks
Oo oh
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

Bullet wound nothing new
I'm on the trail hot pursuit
That Indian punk that bitch of his
Going to rip their eyes out piss on up inside their skulls
I'm John Wayne
I'm born to kill so suit me up
The government recruit me up
I'm daddy-o I'm fucking gone
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
I'm John Wayne
I got the urge the urge to maim
I must inflict inflict my pain
Got my hands got my mind
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
All the time
I'm John Wayne
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

West Mexico just feels so empty to me
Beautiful people sunning themselves
We've smoked up everything in town
We look like walking trash
Makes me and Charlene laugh
I want to fuck her in the sand
I want to fuck her in the sand
I want to fuck her in the sand
We're getting out of here, man
We're off to Asia
West Mexico feels a bit sadder to me
Like a barroom brawl in a library
Like a fish stuck up in a tree
Like somebody else's memories
Flashing straight through me
West Mexico seems so selfish to me
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life in my dreams
And I see the lions on the shore
Like Poppa and the Old Man had done before
And I wonder "are they starting to roar
Or are they just starting to snore?"
Release me release me release me release me
West Mexico I'm too tired to see
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me?
Release me release me release me release me
Dave - guitars, vocals, harmonica
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

She had never seen America before, pure America, full of hatred, racism, religious intolerance, endless strip malls, and opportunity.
She never learned much at school, maybe how to blow marijuana smoke into a roll of toilet paper in the girl's bathroom. What she did learn had nothing to do with books, teachers, standing in line, none of that shit. What she learned was "always be on guard. If you see an opening do it to them before they do it to you. And when all else fails? Run."
When she was a little girl she thought of love as a mystery. When she got a little older she viewed it as a cruel liar. Now it's her life. Sex is sex. Drugs are drugs. Eating ain't cheating. And hugs are shrugs. She says "I'm going to ride this palomino 'til I get to the promised land, 'til Jesus as the devil himself opens up her arms to me and says..."
"You're finally home."
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

He'll come looking before long
It's after sunset get along
It ain't worth it give it up
Locked and loaded saddle up
It's wide open
Comes approaching look your best
Clock is ticking never rests
Heart is beating out of time
He'll come gunning by and by
It's wide open
Don't go down
Just leave town
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brain - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

May 26, 2020


I want an open road I want to drive away
But nobody got a second chance
Giving up too fast I want to play my hand
But nobody got a second chance
I Will crawl to you
I will die for you
But I warn you
I cry too
I want an open road where the wind it sings out loud
A tune that's meant to drown another's pain
I need an open road I got to fly away
'Cause the pressure's enough to drive a man insane
What'd you say to me
Oh why can't I see
What's so goddamn wrong with me
Oh why can't I see
Break it down
I want an open heart so I can say just what I feel
But it's hard to start when you got to sonic boom
I want an open book I got to write my story true
So the end won't ever no never come too soon
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brendan - bass, production
Ryan - drums

Running away from no place
Turning away from god's grace
Constantly getting outpaced
Roam, sucker, roam
Running away to nowhere
Pay a toll to get there
Wet and cold and laid bare
Roam sucker roam
A twenty dollar phone card
Left in someone's back yard
But you ain't got nobody to call
Oh no
Like a license plate in Braille
Like wine without a grail
Nobody's there is all
Roam, sucker roam
There's a light that shines on Friday
It's hovering just past the one way
Got nothing much left to say
But roam, sucker, roam
Like the devil out of hell
I guess it's just as well
Because he swore he'd never tell
Roam, sucker, roam
You know that trying to lose is still trying
Laughing at pain ain't crying
Sucking at life ain't dying, my friend
Like the space between two walls
Like a door without a hall
Like a spring without a fall
Roam, sucker, roam
Dave - mandolins, vocals
Joe - harmonica
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Creamy thighs
Druggy "fuck me" eyes
Scarred and high
Drinking all the time
She wakes up
Brushes off the crust
Says out loud
"A cocaine wheel don't rust"
I said "what?"
She goes to the homeless shelter
Raises her arms high above her
Goes to work and shakes her titties
Goddamn man she sure looks pretty
She's a crazy fucker
Sucks her thumb
These depraved men are dumb
Shoots her gun
Garter full of ones
She's wasted dancing kind of shoddy
Pukes all on her naked body
She's a crazy fucker
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and effects
Brian - bass
Wil - drums and percussion

Well I'm a small town schlub and I hate the big city
Can't smoke in restaurants the bitches pay to be too pretty
Everyone's a fake with their cell phones ringing
Fucking punk jerks condescending money clinging
Guns and tons of chalk outlines drawn all over me
Dead trees, kids on crack, high financing with smack
Got your suit and tie zombies
And your phony show business fucks
They suck life sucks so what
So I'm headed on out to the strip club desert
Gonna get me a woman proceed out west
To the smooth Pacific Ocean way of west Mexico
Here I Go here I go Here I go Here I go yeah
Well I was running from the law by the age of 15
Stole an El Camino bound for New York City
I did a hitch in the service but I missed Bush's war thank god
Well they booted me out dishonorably
I couldn't take their fucking rules fuck the USA
And I'd like to kill the president but really what for
All's I'm looking for's a door
Well I knocked off a liquor store somewhere in Brooklyn
Hit the Jersey Turnpike bound for Ef El Ay
Took a right on 85 somewhere in Virginia
Hit the strip joint watch the ladies dancing for me
Emotionally retarded's what they called me in the service
I beat that doctor down with the back of my hand
Anyway I met a stripper she was barely 18
At least that's what she told me
Who am I to say
I fucked her in the bathroom spilled whiskey on my shirt
Then we headed for the desert
The warm warm desert
When the sun came up
I said "hey, my name's Billy"
She said "I'm Charlene" I said here we go
Here we go
Sleeping outside with my gun in my hand
I glanced at Charlene as she snored so softly
The crickets were loud and the cars on the highway
Made it sound just like the beach
Well I kissed Charlene
She awoke slowly then she folded my socks
Damn near 95 degrees it's barely 9:30
That's summer for you, babe, south of the Mason Dixon Line
Yeah we gassed up that El Camino threw the gun under the seat
Drove down through Alabama bound for
New Orleans
Here we go
Dave - guitars. mandolin, banjo, vocals
Joe - guitars, string quartet
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Troubador Boston, riverboat gambler
That's my nom de plume
But I ain't ever wrote down anything
My brain ain't got t the room
You can find me on the Mississippi
Gambling noon to noon
A Derringer strapped to my leg
A garter on my shoulder blade
These Alabama chumps are made
I used to be a football player the endzone was my home
My roguish charm's well documented I got a roving bone
Vegas she's too dry for me so Bilouxi is my home
Blackjack. baby, roulette too
But poker's my rapscallion glue
I've won in Cleveland Phoenix too
My fortune she just grew and grew
I got a yacht in the Gulf waters true
My novel she's a thing of beauty atmospherically
It revolves around my gambling ways for everyone to see
I'm working on a prequel it's called "Me When I Was Three"
I'm a literary tour de force
But nothing's written down of course
The women they want more and more
Of my troubador troubador troubador troubador
As long as I'm a novelist hell well I'm a painter too
The whole wide world's my canvas and my gambling is the glue
I'm an artist cursed with luck, oh well
I'm gonna get my dew phew
Troubador Boston, riverboat gambler
I'm an artist rolling dice
Dave - banjo and vocals
Joe - harmonica
Brian - bass
Wil - percussion

Alabama bar is far from home
When you are Apache you're just wrong
Rebel flags fly high up on a pole
Give me whiskey for to sooth my soul
Got into a card game close to three
Charlene sitting pretty next to me
Call me Billy Redfoot that's my name
You rednecks best be packing all the same
You see
Ever since I went away
There's too much at stake for me to stay
Tripping back to the Ante Bellum south
Cotton field slaves dying hand to mouth
A comet tail flies scorching through my brain
Good god I think I've gone insane
I took my winnings rumbled out
My head was spinning all about
Charlene took the keys and flew
I got more than woes and blues
I'm cracking up
Sweating through my vision shame
Questing crying towards the flame
Floating listlessly I see
I see my daddy hangin' from a tree
No that's me
Alabama bar I say so long
To fight for glory never seemed so wrong
There ain't much to keep me anywhere
Me and Charlene shouldn't even care
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - slide
Brian - bass
Wil - drums and glasses

FBI man
Go man go man
Interstate at night
The moon is my streetlight
Gonna find that Billy Redfoot son of a bitch
Interstate at dawn
Got my holster on
I'm a searching on
I'm John Wayne Man
Go man go man
FBI man
Go go go man
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and vocals
Wil - drums and vocals

What a shame
Dirty shame
All the same
Dirty shame yeah
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Lordy me
Glory be
Mercy me
Glory be yeah
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Holy shit
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Oh looky here
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brendan - bass and production
Ryan - drums

There's a little rock and roll bar with hillbilly Sundays
Way down on Decatur Street
I done crawled inside a whiskey bottle
And I kind of lost my feet
God I miss my woman sitting home in ol' B'more
I'll drink until the sun comes up
And then make love to the hotel floor
But as for now I'm on Decatur Street
The Circle 9 Acoustic Tour's a drunken fiasco
Bars don't close in New Orleans
But right now it's time to roll
Headed west to Vegas load the van and hit the road
We're a hundred mile an hour pharmacy
With a rock and roll, payload
We left out livers on Decatur Street
Livers on Decatur Street
When I get home I'm going to sleep for forty days
Make love to my woman 'til the Christmas holidays
Go to Iamp's and then proceed to pound
In honor of that little Nawlins bar that me and Kassy found
The Abbey on Decatur Street

Leave me alone and go suck a bone and
Get the fuck out of my shit
Thanks a lot, dick
You dumb stupid prick
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
You dumb piece of trash
You chump bitch ass
You stupid ass son of a bitch
Go fuck yourself
Get your head out of your ass
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
Hell I never thought I'd see
An ass as dumb as you can be
Never in my life
You eat shit you stupid motherfucker
Man you suck
You stupid fuck
You idiot bastard fuck face
Fuck you
Fuck ball
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
Dave - guitars, vocals, lap
Joe - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and vocals
Wil - drums and vocals

She floated down from Oklahoma
She left destruction in her wake
She aroused me and cleansed my visions
She destroyed me oh
My spirit aches
We roll through Texas
And dodge tornadoes
It's noon but midnight
I feel reborn
My gun is warm in
Charlene's soft caress
Making love in this Texas Thunderstorm
You know that Texas
She feels so mighty
You always
You have far to go
I saw Agent John Wayne
Pull his pistol
So I shot him whoa
Here we go
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and string quartet
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

May 19, 2020


Love and hate
Love and Hate
Dawn don't feel so good
'Cause nothing's understood
And she's been wasting time
And she's been forced to find a new time
Barely holding on
Tracking footsteps in the rain
Of a darkness spawned
Never going home again
She's insane
Midnight's broken
The highway's spoken
"I don't have a soul"
Thought Remote Control
Heaven's cruelest joke
Crossroads sign is broke
Dawn breathes reprieves
Remote just leaves
Dawn burns best at night
When she feels it's right
From her flows a glory
Hellkind's meanest story
Dawn wakes up beneath Remote Control
Knows that she's there just to play her role
Naked oozing love she becomes night
Leaves her drooling walks out through the night
To the show
Remote Control never will wake up
Dawn's spent ashes combust and erupt
Become one with everything and sing
Desperate for the hope tomorrow brings
To the show
She's reading Dharma Bums
Preaching with a gun
Haiku in the sun oh my sweet Jesus
Flower petal burns
Crash a sharp right turn
Nothing's what you earn when you're in pieces
Maybe she met you
Made you join her crew
Poetry for you that's nothing special
Crack the whip and dash
Where the sorrows clash
Happiness is what she did embezzle
Naked on the TV screen
Dawn hit the mainstream
I saw her on the magazine
Freak in the mainstream
Everybody's angst
Is all but a prank
Payed by you on you in times of vigor
Dogma by the ton
Everyone got one
Shouting it about all full of rigor
So be a Dharma Bum
Suck your goddamn thumb
Curl into a ball that's like a fetus
Where's her zen cash crew?
They don't know what to do
Baby, we just need someone to lead us
Give me fish I'm on my knees
Freaks in the mainstream
I saw her on the magazine
What does it all mean?
And when the lights go down
We're lying naked on the ground
And when the lights come up
We mean to interrupt
And when the light does bend
Then we're you're only friends
And when the light does fade
We sing our serenade
In my fantasy dance billions
Chilling in a skinless ville
Come forth and feel the beating of the drums
When orgasmic screams of passion
Happen and the waves crash at
A distant forest fire that's just the sun
In an ancient land a man stood motionless
He called forth all the powers of the devil
To his hand
In a modern time cry people looking for a savior
Find the strength to live
You got it
Form a band
War torn like a tenement
It's all a big experiment
There ain't no wrong or right when you hate god
Evil seeps like rotting corpses
Lectured on in college courses
Piling up as if it were not odd
Underneath the circus tent
There sits a man his back is bent
And in his hand his only son he holds a knife
He says "hey, son, go on and do
the job it's just begun
and slice the trapeze rope it's all, yeah, just a life"
Inside a cab a slab of meat
Drives aimless through the city streets
He works for nothing gunfight all the time
Then one fine day he snaps
And wraps his hand around a nine and zaps
A gas and go quadruple murder crime
Walls of water feed corruption
Deconstructed interruptions
Naked timeless tunnels of the soul
Band and pop and cry
The sky shines on newborn forgotten son
To teenage momma born from rock and roll
Welcome to the vacuum
A song for all the hearts that are departed
Welcome to the vacuum
Walking through ancient Rome everything's the same
So I turn my back to the riverbed and children and their games
Hello, friends, I'm here to please to break the wicked ways
Life's a myth and so is this and so is judgement day
I seen too soon another swoon running from a gun
I felt the world shrivel up hell I'm only having fun
Interviewing Dawn on judgement day
Subadai took Europe's sons and put them in a grave
Built a world on top of them vanished in the haze
The Khan he sighed 'cause he was bored and turned his mind to east
Crushed their souls, drank from bowls, took pleasure in the feast
Interviewing Dawn on judgement day
"What you done?" asked Caesar's son and plunged the knife in deep
The Gallic ones were slaughtered by the Roman Nobilise
Nobody lived to tell the tale history turned her back
IRL for you and me it started in Iraq
Interviewing Dawn come judgement day
A song for al the hearts that are departed
A prayer for those who never got it started
A valentine for all the broken hearted
A joke for all the bitterness departed
A blindman's leap into a void suggestion
A glimpse of hope for all those in depression
No answer to the everlasting question
Bask, become a target, no regression
Welcome to the vacuum
If the world were perfect the dodo would live
Brotherhood and sisterhood would be the words to give
Laughter would float endlessly up through a tearless sky
Giant trees would shade a peace that never says "goodbye"
In a world levitation
Don't stand in line to find regeneration in all human kind
You need no explanation
Feel free to see reality and be for what you want to be
Although I know the show won't start
Take aim and touch my bleeding heart
If the world were perfect I wouldn't lose my keys
War would be a rhyme for door and there would be no need for peace
A skinless man and woman would be all that we would need
Money would be funny and we'd all say "what is greed?"
But all the time my optimism fades
And I get too hung up to struggle for the shade
The world seems so unkind
Build the nerve to climb out of this hole
If the world were perfect I wouldn't sing this song
If the world were perfect we'd be one big dancing throng
In a world levitation
Packed in the slave ship side by side
The slave ship Captain enjoy the ride
They bought and sold him flesh on leash
From his home on the African beach
And they trade his heart for gold
What the white man sold
The war was fought bondage gone
1860s protest song
General Lee to MLK
Elvis Presley in the USA
And the time she rumbles on
Hatred not long gone
And she knows what she knows
At he dawn of our millennium
Bottled water and titanium
Packed in the ghetto side by side
His father owned his father they're side by side
Neither one can make the rent
Hatred raging action spent
Cry forgotten son
I can walk away disgusted
It ain't us against them
It's us against us
It's friend against friend
So you know everything
So you have got it done
So your world will live on
Cry forgotten son
Your world is so mapped out
From what your father planned
Smile at the face of sickness
It bites the other hand
'Cause your world ain't my world
But my sun is your sun
And I guess that it always was
Cry forgotten ones
Your world ain't my world
Killing for your god
Written in the scriptures
Your word is a lie
People work and people play
People sing and people dance
People love and people hate
People live and people die
Your world ain't my world
Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, production
Wilmer Berry - drums
Joe Gallagher - spiritual assistance

May 12, 2020


The sun really ain't too bright but I got to squint to see anyway
Sleeping in a stranger's car I jerk when it starts to sway
I said "I'm just in from Jerusalem I'm just in from the sun"
A six string in a gunny sack I'm looking to have some fun
I been high every single night
Won't you come back home with me
And won't you try to be with me tonight
Won't you come back home with me
So I strolled up to the bar I said "I'll play if I can drink for free"
The bartender started to laugh hell the whole place was staring at me
So I pulled out my black Les Paul I said "You better give me some room."
I put my fingers down on the strings and I proceeded to sonic boom
When I was done the bartender smiled he said "We knew you'd come our way
We heard lots of stories 'round here stuff we're afraid to say."
I said that I was just doing my job trying to make my guitar bleed
I got my sack and I walked on out and I recited the Apostle's Creed
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Well I had a dream last night
All around me the party was raging
Elvis was our God
The sky was a dull shade of pagan
We sacrificed our lives
Dawn she showed the way in
So I had a dream last night
Ain't phony I ain't faking
A dull shade of pagan
The party was raging
Folks were engaging
The dull shade of pagan
So I figured I could spread the word
In a way that won't pay taxes
As long as the song relaxes
It's a new mythology
Pilfered from the old ones
Sold as if it's new
Gospel of the bold ones
So I got it up and running
In a tent by The Rotting Sea
Spread the word of Elvis
All for a nominal fee
Rob them suckers blind
Preaching like a magma
Cause that break to bind
Not really going to scam you
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Elvis is the savior and Elvis is the king
Elvis stopped the war and made us all break out and sing
Elvis made me see the light
Made me never want to fight
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
People, have you heard the news
It's better than you could have dreamed
Elvis has come back to us and left the movie screen
Give him praise and me your funds
Elvis Presley's number one
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
Let me have the congregation jumping to its feet
Let me have 'em getting naked dancing in the streets
Elvis has me seen the light
Made us never want to fight
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
I am the Elvis
Goo goo ga joob
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

We were travelling last night when
We pulled up to shining lights and
We talked about mysticism
We left early as is our whim
We set sail the morning after
Had them hanging from the rafters
Honestly there's something to this
Even though no one can prove this
We roll town to burg
Shouting Elvis' name and spreading his good word
We see all to those believe
Crash town like a wave then roll up stakes and leave
Truth be told the crowds they scare me
What if once they tried to dare me
I would say "It's faith just trust me."
Ain't no way these fools will bust me
Dave - guitars, banjo, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

Hey, groupie, with your cheap tattoos
Come cure this poor boy blues
It all comes naturally
So let yourself be free
We're all just lost to be
Hey, groupie, writhing through the day
Conform with all we say
Give freedom to the beast
Let fractious souls unleash
A feeding without feast
Hey, groupie, did you ever know
A question answered no?
A falcon flew at dusk
It smelled of sweat and musk
It sang a song and busked
Hey, groupie, what's this game?
Hey, groupie, what's this pain?
Teach it to the lost
Populated frost
Gone like other's moss
Dave - guitars, vocals, harmonica, slide guitars
Brian, bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian -mastering

Damn pleased to meet me the pleasure is all yours
Ain't you glad to see me here I open spiritual doors
Nothing's prohibited
Do what you feel
Nothing's your fault
Illusion is real
Fund the triumvirate of Chingiss and Caesar and me
Give me retrofitted scriptures so they can make sense
Charge a fee from me to thee subsequent recompense
Shake your ass and clap your hands interactionally
Dig deep now, you fucking marks, and give it unto me
Let us breed and multiply and fill this fucking earth
Let us gain control so we can say who can be birthed
Let us say what's wrong and right and kill those who oppose
Let us make up words like "good" and "evil" just like those
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian, bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian- mastering

Is he the one?
Baby Blue gun
Yes he's the one
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

I don't belong here
You belong here
We belong here
Don't be long
Smooth sailing
Cool breeze
Breath failing
True freeze
Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Hospital bed I thought I was dead
I'm living instead I rose from the dead
So let us break bread blue suede shoes now red
In my hospital bed
I question my life I question my time
I question existence I question this rhyme
I question the sun I question the son
In my hospital bed
Scripture number one be a hound dog, son
Scripture number two sing and don't be cruel
Hospital bed the scriptures I've read
He rose from the dead and Elvis ain't dead
It's all in my head all in my head
In my hospital bed
The legions they come they rise with the sun
The army's begun a million and one
It's not in my head not in my head
In my hospital bed
Scripture number three love me tenderly
Scripture number 4 close my fucking door

In the bed next to me the man looks just like me
He said "My name is Angel White, boy, what is yours?"
"I'm Baby Blue" I said to him he squinted back at me again
And then he stood up walked away and closed the door
I'm standing in a mirrored hall I punch and kick at every wall
I fall my knuckles bloodied dripping to the ground
I look up and see Angel White just disappear into the night
There is a term for this if not then just a sound
When I'm standing tall I can't help but fall
When I'm on my knees I feel truly free
When I see Remote Control she would just offer me a bowl
And then she mesmerized explicitly at Dawn
As she came tome again she fluctuated slightly then
She misquoted all of the words I heard before
She populated like a breeze that had a different chain link sleeve
Of retributions paid and other ones that lost
As she split the sun in half She moved against the righteous path
And climbed down from the perch that never paid the cost
As I stood to see that it wasn't me
In that playful past of iconoclasts
The old man shuffled past me there his flask was metal facial hair
He had a jumpsuit on of rhinestones shining white
Never gave me wisdom once I didn't ask for other ones
But then I saw it as a lecture from respite
Did he really give a shit I didn't think he was legit
But then the world's a work and we're all fucking marks
The greatest con became the truth Falsified by the unclaimed youth
Of everyone it fades away into a spark
I'm so goddamned tired I'm so goddamn mired
Will it ever end probably not, my friend
When a man ain't got no home there's one thing left he's born to roam
But then again to run away's too aching sad
As a pilgrim from the rest who like to propagate the best
Of worst things everywhere there's money to be had
So I disappeared to see if when a people can't be free
That you can drown your sorrows just from passing through
Guess we'll never really know but it's sure fun to try to though
And if you don't agree I ain't got time for you
All my bullets gone shot through by this song
Westward let us roam make the road our home
Dave - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Old man blues, understand?
Drunk as shit, I'm a man
I seen 'em rise and I seen 'em fall
Don't fuck with me, son
I'll whup your ass, all y'all
Say what's up yo baby what's up
Said I try to figure out yo baby what's up
I moan the blues I ain't ever died
I ain't never laughed I ain't never cried
Shook hands with the devil cut my deals with the Lord
I'm froze to iron of what you can't afford
Said what's up
I seen the rules so I done wrote my own
I deconstructed the gospel with a black cat bone
The thorn covered rail that's the path of the righteous
Got the voodoo hoedown just don't wait to invite us
You know vengeance ain't passion it's a loser's gold
Dawn's eyes shine a light make a slight man bold
Where the swamp licks the ocean that's where we meet our fate
So if you're running to Jesus your ass better not be late
Say what's up

May 5, 2020

05  ...When we did it in my living room...or dining room.

10  Yeah, that's crazy.

15  Just do the normal two seconds.

20  (sniff grunt)

25  But it's just a different order now.

30  There's the big fluffy kind of fuzzy tone on the Les Paul.

35  Uh, lifting your legs up like this?

40  We played with him.

45  The Festival Of Fertility

50  ...Stuff with the chords and not any riff things.

55  How much is that costing them?

Apr 28, 2020

05  So it starts off with Andy's nice little beautiful percussion

10  You know how like they do in musicals?

15  I didn't get that shit.

20  Time heals all wounds and wounds all heals.

25  Now we have traffic.

30  They just had too much going on, man.

35  We're going to have to do something about your cursing, young man.

40  The sunken city off the coast of Cuba.

45  G major is the same solo as E minor.

50  ...and I get out of my car...

55  I can't remember the damn root at all.

60  Got all the weird little things.

65  Is that where he shops?

70  This sounds cool when you slow it down.

Apr 21, 2020


Dig it murder's suicide alright
Suck it stubbornness is pride inside
Fuck it breathing nitrogen again
Shoot it war's a pathogen my friend
I feel patricidal won't you come and slow my world?
Here now downright tribal won't you come and slow my world
I been laid low I been can't go I been fathomed out
Where's my peep hole drenched in trench low is the highest bout
I'd surrender or pretend or not to kiss the mud
Blood and lice and smoke and lice and dying in the crud goddammit
Only oceans fear and oceans beach to desert stretch
There's a line around the earth to fucking heave and wretch
Every single goddamn walker's fighting in this war
Men and women all religions not the rich but poor goddammit
I am drenched in pouring rain
Maybe I have gone insane
Only feeling here is pain
Everything I do's in vain
Right now I just want to die
Take a chance and try to fly
Depression has doused my soul
I have lost all my control
Depression cradle me depression soothe me
Solve everything violently
Kill 'em all and let 'em be
Rock and rolling glory be
I am drowning in a see of depression
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

There ain't no good or evil here
Grace has just up and disappeared
Everything's too fucking loud
Collectively we're a mushroom cloud
The ground beneath me creeks and moans
The sky above is filled with drones
The singularity is worthless
This brutality is just senseless
The maelstrom sucks dry every lung
It doubles down on flares of sun
The war city's a battleship
Plastics forged from hearts and hips
The rich sit back and place their bets
This isn't armageddon yet
The selfish wants of greed protrudes
The moneymaking then ensues
As long as this machine does hum
Cannibals, daughters and sons
It chews them up and spits them out
Humanity ain't got no clout
The writers write of fogs of war
The fighters fight the scorers score
Language warps primordial thought
Human life is sold and bought
Ain't no good and evil here
Ain't no good or evil here
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

I'm in the Arctic War and the Antarctic War
The ice is pink and black the sky is brown and grey
It's arbitrary, man, who you fight for today
It's geographic, man, for that they make you pay
For that they make you pay
This murder's never stopped since hands picked up a rock
It's cities and it's dust it's all downhill from here
We blew it when we tried to kick it into gear
Philosophy is dead on that we all are clear
On that we all are clear
The rumblings wake me up with blazing guns and then
The sky it opens up and Dawn she blazes fire
Through Elvis Presley's face the Czar and Khan retire
The mood it lightens up and Dawn douses the fire
So Dawn she saved the world
Or maybe just my brain
Or maybe all of us
Or maybe just the pain
Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, sound engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Well I feel alright maybe a bit uptight
I'm on a transport boat it's like a new remote
Got a floating thumb like a number one
Half another one loaded half my gun
On a factory ship they stole a rather zip
Get me out of there where the air to care
Less of everything bring the sing ring thing
At the quarter mark played without the stark
Leave the war behind in effort sublime
Of a human skull filled with less than null
Here the yells and coughs
Feeding at the trough
Like an eagle's wings sing the ring thing bring
It to newfound lathes baths and crass crash labs
Feed me nitrogen pennies current slim
From a battle zone smelling like ozone
Peace will set me free if I want to be
Sing the joys of life na na na na na na
Uplift me uplift me tra la la
Does anything really ever happen
How 'bout them migrants at the door
You got the money for the answer
You got the money for the floor
When I looked around was Atlantis bound
Got PTSD got that shit for free
It's a genesis it's a catharsis
It's a love ornate let's copulate
I got a song for you
It's heaving like a clue
I got to radiate
And build my love from hate
I broke the atom bomb KABOOM
I felt it I felt it give me room
I heard the drums a-beating goddamn
I heard the march retreating, man
Like the towers fall Dawn City enthralled
It's an edifice it's an urban myth
She's the Atom Bomb she's the right aplomb
Boil and salt to taste then repatriate
I got a song for you
It's heaving like a clue
I got to radiate
And build my love from hate
Within the City's gates
I don't ingratiate
Or have a trust in fate
Dave - vocals and guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

Welcome to my birthday party but it hasn't started
Until you're gone
Violence the pot is brimming
We're all just swimming in it's song
Why can't you see that this ain't no party
I wonder if my heart is showing
And if you're knowing who I am
I wonder because I can feel you
But not see through you if I can
My questions ain't small
War it kills us all
I just want to know what's right that's all
That's all
People they fill me with questions
The world is spinning under me
Catch it a thought is drifting
I'm sitting sifting come float with me
Listen to me and join my party
So let's get started
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, and mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Right time it's a long time to be waiting
But I don't mind
Quite fine another time to let go
Shrinking 'cause I'm thinking that I'm blinking
At reality
I got another spot in my soul
Seen you in your glory will you sell me
For a story
You got a b-line to my soul
Gift me with your loving or
Thrift me from above when
I got another spot in my soul
Dave - guitars and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Midlife crisis in prescription pills but the buffer never came
Fallen swords flown free form faster but they all just sound the same
It's only just a game
Got no witness call our misdeeds
Over by the dawn
Catch a glimpse of something better
Blink and then it's gone
Let the meaning of the words
Get scrambled by the dregs
Give a sense of meaningless
An arm and two new legs
It's only just a game
I went before the tribune and I stammered my defense
Got a playful greeting said the sentence recompense
Kiss me twice but fool me never where'd she put the key
Get them handcuffs melt 'em down and then
Just give them back to me
It's only just a game
It's more than just a game
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

Here's a story truth be told
Of woebegone fortuneless bold
And shattered minds on ecstasy
Caressing and so endlessly
And through the meanings of the pines
As underground as concubines
A harem made of robot parts
Conveyed through trays of structure hearts
Grappled over and then some
Sucking on my fucking thumb
Pleased the barker lies be sought
Fissured lives of astronauts
And then she said "You're all dismissed."
With kisses made from mountain mist
She's Dawn she fucking floats in the sky
She's Dawn she's always higher than high
She's Dawn recycled from a myth
She's Dawn a modern sarcophagus
As I knelt I felt her scent
Fucked her in her covenant
Would she bless me with a kiss
Or a fateful unnamed bliss
Sanctioned by a godless ton
As it was it's kind of fun
What again was then it ain't
Can't remember no complaints
Did the anniversary
Give a gift of common glee
Punctured wounds that bled of silk
Fractured by the mother's milk
Stranded on a nearby shore
Booked tonight forever more
Dave - vocals, guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums
Ian - mastering

I'm a paranoid sucker 'cause I know they're out to get me
And my fists with a wish for a laid back twist
And surviving turned to thriving turned to starving turned to what
In an icon fractured clog bogged down when it's found
All around a different town or city dwelling yelling nothing
At an existential fog or bog or something else entirely
Or a laser or a frog toed sloppy domed slow burn
Other sucker looser with a punch a bunch of these here
Unrehearsed gems floating down again but then again
A friend has other needs feed iambic tantric greed
Got a surfing webbed foot soot choked smoke it up
Smoke it up suck it down don't cough cough cough
Been a jealous zealous fool guy why fry wide eyed
Sky up below or throw the other one again or then
Did I say she was a friend when or then is when again
How's now let it go or else it bows so here we go
Man she leans and she dips and she drinks and she strips
And she swerves and she curves and she knows and she glows
But she hears and she nears and she queers and she lears
When she lunges and she plunges and she hinges and she plummets
As she cries and she lies and she flies and she sighs
If she knows and she grows and she slows and she flows
If she was or she must or she's just or she's rust
When she flips and she dips and she rips and she sips
As she kisses and she misses and she hisses and she disses
Then she fucks and she sucks and she trucks and she mucks
For she screams and she dreams and she beams and she reams
And she straps and she naps and she raps and she straps
'Cause she fights and sh's right and she's might and she's night
And she's day and she's here and she's far and she's near
When the paranoia took me like a volcano it shook me
The tsunami was a birthrite and the actress got the words right
If it ever didn't happen then I thought it maybe might
If there ever was a doubt it wasn't right
My soliloquy is broken like a wrestling gimmick
My cantankerous mind failed to lure or to mimic
Felt betrayed when she stayed and bereft when she left
Felt a cringe become a frown and I put that sucker down
If there ever was a modern one it never came to me
If there ever was another one to see
Back it up now you're good cut it hard tap the brake
Slake the thirst you're the worst kiss the night
Float above the fray
Let it go.
Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

I didn't know that the show would not go back to you
I didn't know that the lies that were told would come true
I didn't think or even care if it all went down in rust
I didn't mind if it did but I guess it wasn't just
The consequence was begging
For a thing that smelled like true
And the operator called up
And the financing fell through
At least we got it demoed and my wife was sick and everybody cried
Got laid off a couple times but kept on writing, man, because that's what you do
Every path of atmospheric musings keeps me coming back to you
The plot holes got dismembered
I lost my mind a bit
We put it on the podcast
Because we worked out the apocalypse
Spare you all the details
Just trying to write some songs
I'd like to keep on adding
It just takes so goddamned long
Let it rust
Dave Linantud - quitars, vocals, harmonica
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

You some punk motherfuckers while you're sitting in your high chairs
In your seats that be controlling the world
You don't care about the people build your liquor stores and steeples
Hold the roughest of the roughest of the pearls
The people act as lemmings all distracted and the same is true
For all this fucking lying crying blues
Distract us from our misery lie to us to keep us busy
While you tell us what our thoughts are and our views
Manipulated prayed for fellated
The dream is a lie and I'm craving a meltdown
Lead like a herd mindless retro absurd
And the scheme is a pyramid oligarchs abound
The rich elite lie to you and they motherfucking use you
If you're left well then they make you hate the right
And the other way too, punks, it's fucking junk they use the trunks
And pack their lies up so they seem like truth and light
They keep us all distracted while their riches get impacted
By the oligarchal lurching huge machine
They twist up information hide the overall stagnation
And they make you wonder what it all can mean
Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon Santos - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Apr 14, 2020


Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

When the world started turning and it set to up and burning
All the freedom of a megalopolis
The United States was bleeding and the populace was pleading
For a living breathing old sarcophagus
Well she took to warring constantly for fossil fuels and Jesus
And the lies of often civilated songs
Turned the Middle East to glass and turned her back on her repast
And said the Bill Of Rights is motherfucking wrong, bitch
God bless America god bless America
Land of the free and the home of the letdown
In the meantime out in Asia got a market euthanasia
Got it humming drumming economically
Tried collecting all her debts the US wouldn't take the bet
And said "fuck off" all rather pedantically
For the world that was War Four 'cause III was knocking at the door
And the history sputtered sporadically
In the chaos that ensued after wars for god and crude
The second coming happened despotically
God bless the marketplace god bless the marketplace
Buy that shit low and then sell off the countdown
So it came to be the truth that Chinggis Khan would be the proof
That if you want shit done you never wait around
He was rising in the as the battle lines were drawn at least
The history books would someday write all this shit down
So Julius Caesar rose to fight him made an army just to spite him
And a war machine that ran on human bones
They were clashing every day in every place in every way
With the plastics made from tissues of the clones yeah
God bless the emperors god bless the emperors
Though self ordained still they're willing to get down
While the generations died the war was living with a tide
Of surplus cannon fodder plucked off of the streets
All the fossil fuels are zapped the land is ocean, deserts, crap
Yes and the drums of war are shuffle/set/repeat
If you're looking for a wasteland well you got it have a taste man
What's it taste like fuck you cannot be the judge
It's the west against the east it's set, man "shuffle/war/repeat"
That's how it will be, is, and always fucking was
God bless the atheists, deists, and theists
In the land of debris at the edge of the meltdown
Dave: guitars and vocals
Brian: bass and mixing
Sharon: drums
Ian: mastering

I seen the sunshine only in my dreams 'cause it's never bright
I spent a lifetime feeling my way through the darkest night
I rode the airways I supped on lightening and drank the sky
I been transcended back away, lord, by and by
Riot now it's our last chance
Seduce me with your sinful dance
Breath my soul and set me free
Everything will burn wait and see
Where are the women?
Where are the mommas, wives, and sisters?
Where is my shotgun?
Got it at the pawn shop and sawed it off, mister
How is this platform?
Hand to hand combat in the goddamned streets
The cops are in on it
They need money to survive just like you and me
Everything will burn as you will see
Burn it down!
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

I'm gonna join the army 'cause they're making me
They took the best of rioters with them was me
They fight their endless wars it don't mean shit to me
I'm gonna join the army 'cause they're making me making me
They punched me in the face and threw me in a truck
We'[re packed in here like cigarettes, man, what the fuck
They tell us that the plan is just for us to die
They'll feed us to the factory and make their weapons with our flesh and pride
And everything inside
They asked me for my name I said "I'm Baby Blue
I'm everything you hate and fear and cannot do."
They kicked my ass again and said it's just for fun
A tattoo on my shoulder says "I'm number one Baby Blue Gun"
Baby blue gun
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

I hate my fucking job I hate my fucking job
Fight or die
First day of basic had us drinking human blood
We're the only resource left ain't nothing up here, cuz
They killed five the first day 'cause they would not fall in line
I say "yes sir no sir" but I'm just biding my time
The sergeant tried to rape me so I slit his fucking throat
Colonel said "Well goddamn, son, you're the kind of kid I can promote."
Got my new stripes branded on the fingers of my fist
Last thing that you'll see coming 'cause I never fucking miss
There ain't no mirrors here they don't want us to see
There ain't no living here they don't want us to be
Last night I dreamt that I was falling from the sky
When I woke up I did not know that I could still cry and cry and cry
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Seven months in the shit
Turns out warring is legit
Killed as many as I lost
What a cost
It's funny how I love my gun
It's funny how they never run
It's funny that I never sleep
Never eat
It's funny how they never beg
It's funny how they get new legs
It's funny how the night is day
Fades away
The roar of the drunken gods
The worst of the lightening rods
The drunken gods choose not to sip
Let her rip
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Got a side business booming
Found the guy that makes the fucking drugs
I know him as the malevolent colonel
The one who coddles all us fucking thugs
Got my buddies let me cruise right through the missiles
Guess in other words they're called the enemy
Give 'em drugs I give 'em cash and other goodies
And all the largesse coming back to me get down
Gotta keep this transport moving
Can't believe my motherfucking eyes
A secret entrance through the glass desert
And an underworld that's better than surprise
Got plants and art and poetry and women
And everybody's coming up to me
Got to thank the malevolent colonel
For everything now that I fucking see get down
They tell me that this place is called Atlantis
The throbbing people mingle sing and fuck
How'd this fucking place be kept a secret
Eventually it's got to die to luck
The mayor is a fucking sexy lady
She keeps it so it's never up and gone
I need to meet the woman with the power
I hear her name is sunshine lit at Dawn get down
Every time I pull into Atlantis
Where the scientists make robot hookers purr
I get out of the transport and I rare back
'Cause I'm pushing on my horse down through the spurs
It's nirvana to the bohos and the artists
Singing songs and dancing every single night
Only law is that there is no re-religion
'Cause the intellectuals don't feel it's right
Get down
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Well they killed the malevolent colonel
I'll never see Atlantis again
They shipped me back to the front
Back to being just a grunt
My karma done got wrecked
New tattoo on my neck
They keep their eye on me
'Cause I seen what could be
I got to get back there
I got to get back there
Out of this karma wrecker
While in Atlantis I found an ancient record
It was made of vinyl Dawn she sat me down
It was named after an early gun
But the music was free and fun
She burned a sacred plant
She let the record chant
The band was clearly free
The band was clearly free
In the corner laughed a man in white
He was glowing like a tracer light
He ain't no karma wrecker
He said "Hello, son, my name just call me Elvis
Dawn she gave my whole life back to me"
Then Dawn began to sing
More beautiful than anything
I could see the notes she sung
As if it were from my tongue
I could taste her warming breath
She made me not fear death
She made me feel alright
She said "You're a shining light
You ain't no Karma Wrecker."
In a trance I made it to the front lines
Dawn and Elvis met with Caesar and Temujin
I think I may have cried
My heart grew dead inside
The stink of millions dead
The polar caps froze red
Time to just survive
Make it out alive
To Atlantis where I believe
To Atlantis where I believe
There ain't no karma wrecker
I don't know
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Kill the motherfucker
Motherfucking other
Motherfucking fucker
Soldier motherfucker
Motherfucking fucker
Looky, motherfucker
I shot a motherfucker
Stabbed a motherfucker
Sliced a motherfucker
All these motherfuckers
This here motherfucker
Just a motherfucker
Kill the motherfucker
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Blood rules the day
Vested to pay
In every way
Factory made
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Retreat and then attack and then
Retreat and then attack I said...
Dave - guitar, vocals, percussion
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Sharon - drums
Ian - mastering

Apr 7, 2020

05  You guys were so tripping.

10  Holy shit!

15  I was very comfortable with doing three albums a year.

20  This is also the first song I did acting instead of a solo at the end.

25  ...Tripping balls animation with regular stuff.

30  I think it's been, like, four years.

35  It's like the Who...STEVE EARLE!

40  Highway home is the orphan.

45  ...Aah, sweet, sweet bass line.

50  I'm happy to have been a part of it, you know?

55  I was trying to be, like, "Ballad Of a Thin Man."

Mar 31, 2020

05  I thought we were listening to the thing.

10  This is still just the Elvis narrator.

15  Look how big it is!

20  That's fucking awesome!

25  Look, a hard topped jeep.

30  This was always one of my favorites.

35  I'm in charge.

40  Let me tell you what there's two dumb rednecks in a Ram next to me.

45  This a good one too.

50   Is that ironical?

55  I made omelets this morning.

60  Play it at Chuck E Cheese on the jukebox?

65  Just today.

70  I watch YouTube sometimes with mi iPad at work.


Mar 24, 2020



Gone for good is what I'm getting
Death to me's a new direction
But I want to make myself just suffer
'Cause shit is all there is
Wishing crazy to me through the slumber
Slouching closely to restricted thunder
Crashed through motionless it becomes laughter
So crank it up you fucking whores
Let's talk about it
The seascape melts into a laughing flower
Slathered by gynecologic power
Flowing gushing forth like arms of plunder
And tripping balls just like the savior
Crank it up you fucking whores
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

The mushroom cloud is laughing meanest of all
A nervous breakdown squirting right out my balls
The seed is spitting it means nothing at all
I'm at Edge City and I'm starting to crawl yeah
The ashen necklace of a painted face weeps
Subconsciously I want to drown in the streets
Depression's going to take the edge off of me
I'm peaking now but wait 'til quarter to three
I'm all fucked up and I don't care
Fatal nihilistic glares
I want to scream but I don't dare
Come on, Edge City, take me there yeah
I want to masticate a marginal wound
Explosion sun up a material moon
Suicide vibes from everyone in the room
I'm the only fucking guy in the room
I fucked the wellspring of a ghost
I spurned the Emperor's pledge to toast
I'm flying off the glistening coast
The sand is glass while billions roast
The spores of death are fleeting ever the just
I'm at Edge City and I'm starting to rust
The melting visage of the Rebel King's bust
The melting mirrors tend to complicate us yeah
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

All in my mind everyone's blind
Silence is golden in an everyday bind
All in my head glad I'm not dead
Bitterness bubbles up the words that she said
Morals and time physical crime
Where is it I can't see it where is the line?
All in my brain feed me some sane
I'll lick it up and then I'll shoot my own pain
Feed me some sane inject my brain
The golden nectar of a world without pain
Feed me some sane misery reigns
A blackness sucks my ankles laughing and slain
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Fear and paranoia I adore ya
I'd never even try to try and bore ya
Keep me entertained I must implore ya
Fear and paranoia I abhor ya
Fuck me fuck you too I'm shouting orders
Senseless rage can't decipher the borders
Fucking fucks all fucked up and conjected
Is it extinct, dying or protected?
Fear and paranoia rule
Everything's a cartoon to mine eyes
Stripped of falsehood bravery and lies
Just enough left over to be despised
Like a hurricane without a lie
Fear and paranoia rule
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Populated isolation love starvation indignation
Stirring to indecision
Life is death is right is wrong
Is precious now but not for long
Changing through the transition
If love is hate I can't relate
Take and give and give and take
No suicide here concentrate
Straining for a salvation
Nowhere's home I been forsaken
Nowhere's hope so desperation
Life breath to a redemption
Highway home to my maker
I'd love to love the human race
In an ugly world devoid of grace
Humanity if just a trace
Enough already repeal replace
Sleep where I fall
Dreams don't come at all to the wicked
Drop the clip I'm full of spite
I rest upon this putrid sight
Standing up for the first time
For revenge or for elation
For a love or stimulation
Let that sucker go for the last time
Highway home to my maker
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Silent sound means the world to me
Falling down all around me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
Violent sound seems to make me be
Triumph around gave the rest to me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
Hideaways don't mean shit to me
Tidalwaves bring out the best in me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
In the night she stays
Dave - guitars and vocal
Brian - bassing, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Affectation to affection can you find a new direction
From obliterated years in a lifetime full of tears
Crawling from the wreckage of forgiven sin
Oh, sweet addiction, I can't stand rejection
Well I tried to choose a wish but I hope it don't come true
'Cause every life's a style, everyone but you
Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to
Contrivances breed gloom
Swooning like a groom with a shotgun in his mouth
Who's my momma and my poppa?
Why we never met?
Even so I ain't dead yet
Were you hungry or depressed?
Do I have your eyes?
Either way your souls are blazing through my skies
Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to
Affectation to addiction placate fact from friction
And a lifetime came and went in solitude
Can you hear me?
Are you blind?
Words jump down around around around around
A quietness
a whisper
I wrote this for you to listen to
Every night the light dims more
I'm wondering what my life is for
I feel like a failure and I wonder why
Something inside says I gotta try
I'll slide on by
Well you could say in my life I ain't accomplished a thing
Maybe a little too scared of what the day may bring
But come on and try to tell me that this ain't my time
You can see it in the sunset every single night
I'll slide on by
I hoped you'd say when I couldn't find my way
That you'd be there for me
Glory is gone
It never was an option
What can I say
It ain't free
You know I'm scared
More fragile than a notion
Afraid of love and trust
Confusion is reality
I'm overwhelmed
You and us
So fuck you all
You turned your back on someone
Needing hope and peace
Go run and hide
Blame it on rebellion
That's bullshit, man
At least
Suit of armor forged in fires of spite
Revenge is true violent love
Don't give a fuck
Existence is a lie
From underneath
And from above
So go on and leave
Take your shit and go
I don't care
That's a lie
Leave me be
Leave me the fuck alone
Sit on down
And fucking cry
I'll slide on by
Dave Linantud: guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz: bass, engineering, production
Andy Och: drums
Ian Burke: mastering
Made Hood: cowriting
Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios

The future don't look bright
I can't control my fright
Something just ain't right
What can it be
Mine own hands seek the black
Run away or attack
All Hope is gone it's on my back
And my heavy head
Oh no
"The stone is given its existence; it need not fight for being what it is --- a stone in the field. Man has to be himself in spite of unfavorable circumstances; that means he has to make his own existence at every single moment. He is given the abstract possibility of existing, but not the reality. This he has to conquer hour after hour. Man must earn his life, not only economically but metaphysically. ...Things are given their being ready made." Jose Ortega y Gasset
There's something wrong, something missing
Something's gone I guess I'm wishing
It wasn't but it's still insisting
To be oh
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums

Mar 17, 2020


Silent sound don't mean much to me
Silent sound brings out the worst in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaway?
Violence found don't mean much to me
Violence found beings out the worst in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaway?
Hideaways mean a lot to me
Tidalwaves bring out the best in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaways?
In my hideaway
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
CJ - drums

Bring the mall and crash it to it's knees
Grow a dozen spineless wheezing trees
Circumstance confronted for a buck
Scream and rant and yell "what the fuck"
Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground
Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down
Boil it up frustration with its sauce
Arguments excelsior with the boss
Trade a name and number and a look
Fish a corpse out of the country brook
Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground
Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down
Maybe, man, the world don't make no sense
So a song reflects a vision that's all pretense
In the meeting of the matter of a trillion minds
That together all together go collectively blind
In the bedrock formed a condo bath
In a motion that gives man's epitaph
To a surly motherfucker in construction boots
With a fortune in his pocket from laundry chutes
So gather 'round the stage to see
Employment congregations in a word to be
Exploited in a question of monopoly
That never gives an answer of what's to be
For a moment just a moment in a fashion craze
And a trillion motherfuckers living in a daze
Of a colony that's bitterest of them all
In a sentence of an essence, man, bring the mall
Bring the mall
Dave - guitar and vocals

Exploding erupting orgasmic and more
See through the ceiling and punch through the floor
Huff like a big bad wolf and kick down that door
Blue like horizons on the oceanless shores
Come on
Blue is the color inevitably
The blues is the core and the Earth is the sea
Unkind unkempt ungainly
Blue is the color the masses see
Blue like the glass hewn desert
Blue like the drugs of comfort
Blue like the song of the used and oppressed
Blue like the mood of the sad and depressed
Apocalypse Tomorrow
Do you have an armageddon I can borrow
The waters rise and suffocate
The air hangs burning concentrate
Do you have an armageddon I can borrow
Apocalypse tomorrow
Come On!
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Pork - drums

My lips taste the gun and it tastes just like salvation
Cold steel on my tongue and it's dogging my salivation
Powder residue and an exit wound will be redemption
Hemmingway, Cobain, and Hunter S the congregation
I'm throwing in the towel, man, I can no longer fight
Too many goddamned hardass days too many sleepless nights
Just another suicide will be one in a million
It doesn't matter anyway to the rotting vast cotillion
I'm writing this all down but no one will ever read it
As soon as I'm all done I'm gonna motherfucking burn it
That way it's a gift to all like Jimi's burning Strat
Or maybe it's a gift to none I guess it could be that
I'm sobbing uncontrollably scared shitless of this ending
Just one twitch and soon enough there'll be no more pretending
I can't stop the flow of life remembering through my soul
Goddamn, make it stop, one twitch, oh shit I lost control
Click, combustion, bullet in the head
Yes it is salvation time
Suicide is no joke. If you're feeling like shit call the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. Hang in there. Dave
Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering
Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios

Listen up gather 'round there's a new thing to be found
All around everything you -n- me
Have a care bout the things everyone get up and sing
Bout the way you and me can be free
I want a super new computer
But no one can ever use her
And the only one who knows her is me
And if somebody tried to get her
They couldn't even find her
And the only one who knew her would be me
Here's a joke or a screed to all the people now in need
Find the truth if you want to be free
Give a look or a wink don't care what anybody thinks
If you blink then you will miss it to be free
And if you think of even lying
There's no point in even trying
Cause then there ain't no meaning you see?
And if that ship just sails away
Just take the next ship the next day
And say "I didn't think that last ship wanted me"
Here's a look for the night when every other thing was right
And the only thing that matters here is you
Find a hope and a dream if you don't know what it means
Well the only one who needs to know is you
Come on
Take a breath or a day play it every other way
If you can't get back to zero then it's right
On the beach in the sun in the mountains on the run
Find the way to the day to fool the night
Fever Dream
Dave: guitar and vocals
Brian: bass, engineering, mixing
Ochster: drums and percussion
Ian: mastering, mixing

The song was wrong all along ain't wrong
It's gone just gone away
The dream it seems it means to be
Free and gone away
The song was long the throng is gone
Long gone with ease
The crowd was loud but now out loud
Announce to all I gotta leave
Where is the sun to guide us through the dark?
Has it begun to even touch the mark?
How can it be when ours is just to question why?
Where do you go when you never want to die?
When the clock becomes the enemy and night time gets so cold
Last call for something more than simply growing old
How can Iive without that ragged company?
It ain't for free
Cause I gotta leave yeah yeah yeah
I gotta leave
'Cause it ain't for free no no no
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums and percussion

Why me why you why try try to
Why not why not you
Why should I try to
Why am I so blue
Why can't I see through
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, production, vocals
Andy - drums and percussion

"I need to sleep" 's what she said
Out loud to none when she bled
Emotional projects of despair
Wondrously woven through her silk hair
Flowing freely like a winter sun
That's setting 'fore its work is done
It never settles in a sky
That's wounded enough to try
Conversely the arguments fly
Evenly like sandless beaches
Grasping at a butterfly that's
Floating just outside of reachless
Hands that grasp at everything
To be or was or so it seems
To blast off into evening streams
Of sunlight shadow dusty seams
Of reason
Of treason
Of poison
Of superstitious portions of a
Brew that's boiling patiently
The driver says it's over, yes
It's over
Transparent transparency
Trans piracy
Piracy unbroken dreams
Cascading falls of brawling emotions
Pirated away
Spirited away
A way difference scorned
Crisis crises
Spices sailed from foreign lands landing
'Til the nothingness surrounds astounding
Fractured like a broken heart
Punctured but still beating
Still beating
Over and over
Yes it's over and over
"I need to sleep" 's what she said
The moon lurked softly by and by
Around the mourning of a sparrow
Whistling Neil Young's "Broken Arrow"
Harvesting a crop of memories
That motion t'wards the center
Of a universe that hangs a sign
The sign reads "do not enter"
The driver says it's over, yes
It's over
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums

I was born in the night
Sacrificed to the roving blight
I'd welcome death if she'd only suck my breath
My only pedigree
Is this faceless madding sea
Bodies surround me but not one can see me
Isolation here for no one and not me
My only lifelong quest is to have a painless death
I only want to see
Where do you run to when you ain't got no home
Safely chewed off society's bone
A young priest took me in
She was bathed in earthly sin
I have a pistol but I can't
I can't read
She gave me love unconditionally
She kicked me in the teeth
Turned my gun on me
I only want to see
Why she loves me
*coproduced by Ian Burke
Dave - guitars and singing
Brian - bass, production and engineering
CJ - drums
Ian - production, mixing, mastering

You're a memory
Far as I can see
Priestly evil deeds to me
Free as lusting chance
Bathed in decadance
Got it in my pants
My pants
I'm leaving here today
Leaving anyway
Gonna live today
Run the fuck away
Got an itch for a more evil dare
I'm gone like a song in the air
I'm gone like a song in the air
I spent my young life running away
The more I ran the more I stayed
Motion is home to the restless
And mad
I'm gonna muse my dream
Lead me where it leads
Lead the voiceless away
Leave me the fuck alone
Leave me just the motherfuck alone
Leave me the fuck alone
Pleased to be remembering me well
Dave - vocals and guitar
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
CJ - drums
Ian - mastering

Break your back break your face
Fall asleep miss the race
Scared to be anything
Scaredy scared of everything
People suck people lie
Just complain all the time
Whine all day fall in line
Just fit in it's lemming time
So fuck the herd
Fuck 'em
Cattle sheep chew your cud
Stupid and dumb as mud
You don't care if it's true
Or a lie so fuck you
And fuck the herd
Fuck 'em
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

They tell you to walk before you run
But me I want to fly
Shake off that misanthropy
And try and touch the sky
A sky that's cold as winter icicles in May
A rage that never really goes away
Spend all your spare time looking back
'Cause memories never fade
Everything I've seen just seems
To be a grand charade
Of faceless voices claiming to be the status quo
But never let them show you where to go
They tell you to think before you leap
Lives they just fall down
All these wasted people
They just burrow in the ground
That's hard as screaming arctic glaciers late in June
Just another word for a cocoon
And so I sit back and think a while
Wondering what it's for
This grand scheme that builds some dreams
And thrashes others on the floor
That's crowded by a billion entities and some
Who never even heard the starting gun
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian- bass, mix, engineer
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Life is useless so is love
Blood is nothing done is done
Take me backwards over there
Once a lifetime never fair
Will it ever end I wish it could
Where's they sting like it should
Life done broke me all fucked up
Nothing's happening nothing's up
Didn't ask to be here so
Let's drop the curtain it's time to go see it said
See where you're at
How do you like that
If I were Shakespeare I'd write a song
Of romantic longings and soliloquies sung
Death and carnage would not despair
The choices made would cloud the air
But I ain't Shakespeare I ain't a man
I've taken it all I've bitten the hand
I've stared at the abstract claiming it's truth
I punctured the priest in the confessional booth
Didn't care more yesterday
How can it seem to be that way when you're dead
So where you at
How do you like that
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian- bass and production
Wil - drums

I will work for food
Often misconstrued
Please don't think me rude
Baseless, strained or crude
Inside out they come
I'm the chosen one
Sleep with Jesus' son
Be the lonely one
I will do anything
I'm the homeless one
Terrorized for fun
I'm the chosen one
Lest we come undone
I will do anything
Let me have some food
Please give me some food
Can I have some food
May I have some food
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

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