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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Jul 28, 2020


The bold and ragged beauty of a winter tree
Struck Susan as quite odd as she looked to see
A table full of papers but none up to date
No chance to glimpse beauty when you're running late
A far off police siren pierces through the air
But Billy doesn't notice and he doesn't care
Sirens don't man nothing in the county jail
Doing time's the fine when you can't make the bail
In wintertime the sun don't shine
The ice it shines the world's unkind
An accident just happened out on National Pike
Some lady ran a red light sliding through the ice
Valentine's Day candy scattered on the street
Now my car is totaled and it's raining sleet
The windows creak and moan as the wind bears down
Whipping through a tree branch lying on the ground
The screen door whistles loudly and the yard is froze
And me I write a song and I can't feel my toes

If you remember me you see
Think of the blood pumping through
If I remember you playing your kazoo
Please remember me
If I were you and you were me
Then just what would you see
When feeling kind of rough
Looking pretty gruff
Be remembering
It's time for a change
Look around that person
Find out what is certain
Choose the other curtain
Yeah but it might bring the worst in
Right now I feel like shit and that's it
Right now nobody's here
And then I think of you wondering what you'd do
If you see me too clear
It's time for a change

Christmas means togetherness and love and joy
Happiness and presents for the girls and boys
Old folk come together and then reminisce
Stand beneath the mistletoe and get a kiss
Love your friends and kin
When Christmas comes again
Shout out to the homeless in America
The starving out in Asia and in Africa
Embrace all of the faiths that would love to kill me
The majority of folk through time just weren't free
Go remember them
When Christmas comes again
Make sure that you bring your love at Christmas time
People come and go but love is all the time
People they pass on but their love still exists
So let that love inside your hearts and reminisce
Love brings love, my friend
When Christmas comes again

Wake up Monday morning and I look around
I felt bad this morning and my hair fell to the ground
She came by on Wednesday with a wedding ring
I ducked out on Thursday, baby, and hocked my wedding ring
It's hard
So I went out to Seattle to try to find a band
But nobody did want me they wouldn't let me lend a hand
So I cruised on down to LA and got a new tattoo
But nobody knew Chuck Berry songs or "Blue Suede Shoes"
It's hard
So I went on down to Athens but I played too hard
Flew to the Twin Cities but they wouldn't let me in the yard
So I hitch hiked back to Baltimore and I shot myself
Now I'm paralyzed but I have found myself
It's hard

Looking at a corpse at dawn in 1993
Hit and run up the tab in 1993
Here I live in Baltimore in 1993
Born and raised wait to die in 1993
Segregate black and white in 1993
Baltimore Harbor night in 1993
It's like an alcoholic's dream
Blue collar bars and disco scenes
Poor rage and shoot up the interstate
Ain't life oh so great
Steaming crabs a baseball day in 1993
No football no subway in 1993
I'm feeling like I'm left behind in 1993
It never changes it never changes in 1993

The nights go on forever dogs bark through the cold
UPS trucks rumble through holidays grown old
Grey skies hover blindly grey grass lies asleep
Grey roads rise through heaven grey breath slowly seeps
How many people died when live shrinks and melts in pride
Accomplishments are nigh happy new years baby
The fireplace burns forgiving so come in from the cold
Laughter ells and singing false stories here retold
A cat purrs in the corner the music gets a boost
The stroke of midnight passes and everyone cuts loose
Cocaine and whiskey buzz acid and shrooms a must
Heroin and crack for us happy new years baby
Sleep when the sun comes up afternoon and throwing up
See the folks and suck it up happy new years baby
It's just like what Lennon said
Years come and go and then you're dead
Winter sucks or so I've read
Happy new years baby
Can't wait 'til spring comes 'round
Krokus flowers in the ground
Now the stinking fields are brown
Happy new years baby

I didn't see you when I went out tonight
A word or two means nothing to me that don't sound right
I live the life of an empty glass
I'm glued onto my barstool before the moment's passed
If you call the weather I'll call the time
If you say you'll be mine
Tonight I'm feeling lucky so what's the word from you
If I run out of cash before the night is through
If I told you my dream you'd slap me in the face
So ditch that creep and I'll meet you later It's gotta be the case
If you call my number then I'll set the time
If you say you'll be you say you'll be mine
If I can wake up to you my life would be complete
But I compete on a footing unsure
When I call your number
You set the time
If ever you are ever you are
If ever you'll be mine mine all mine
You'll be mine

The books are kept impeccably
An air of sadness from what couldn't be
And pictures grace the mantle place
All rosy cheeked and freckle faced
Separated tender rage
She got the kids you got the cage
Kids move out a big old house of fireplace memories
Now don't no kids mess up the floor
A townhouse, baby, no back door
The bank is stuffed forever more
And the bills rise like the tides
It wasn't nothing that you said
You thought you loved her in your head
In your mind together dead
Your graves are side by said
So hold on to your fireplace memories
All that you got left can't laugh at you
And that's the truth 'cause what was true
Was what was wrong and now it's gone
Satisfaction never comes but your standards are too high
And when your gone I'll be right there until your soul floats by
And then is lightening strikes you down and crushes all the past
Fireplace memories won't die of all things they will last

The cold and ragged beauty of a winter tree
Struck Dawn as quite odd as she looked to see
A table full of papers but none up to date
No chance t glimpse beauty when you're running late
A far off police siren pierces through the air
But Billy doesn't notice and he doesn't care
Sirens don't mean nothing in the county jail
Doing time's the fine when you can't make the bail
In wintertime
The sun don't climb
The ice it shines
The world's unkind
An accident just happened out on National Pike
Some lady ran a red light sliding through the ice
Valentines day candy scattered on the street
Now my car is totaled and it's raining sleet
The windows creek and moan as the wind bears down
Whipping through a tree branch lying on the ground
The screen door whistles loudly and the yard is froze
And me I write a song and I can't feel my toes

Jul 21, 2020


Man after man has wilted from the pressure and the stress
Man after man has wilted from the pressure and the stress
If I can't get me a fighting General
I'll put my brains all on my desk
I take freedom to give it Oh yes I see the irony
I take freedom to give it oh yes I see the irony
We're the first ones to really do it right
It's all coming down to me
All these chumps around me they just don't see what's at stake
All these chumps around me they just don't see what's a stake
You know that ruling's meant for people
Not the whims royalty makes
I don't want no epitaph don't want no gravestone by my hand
I don't want no epitaph don't want no gravestone by my hand
Oh no
All I'm really wanting
Is to unite this promised land
Oh guitar
America is Zion she ain't perfect yes I know
America is Zion she ain't perfect yes I know
But when it comes down to it
Where the hell else you gonna go?
Four score and seven years that's just a blink in history
Four score and seven years that's just a blink in history
And when the killing's over
It's all coming down to me
Oh I'll tell yah

My Gettysburg nurse
Takes care of me
She is an angel
She's the Virgin Mary
This town stinks of death
Rancid aftermath
She reads Walt Whitman
What a fucking bloodbath
Oh man
The Union, sir, means the world to me
I'm a Pennsylvania boy
American as can be
Cut down by rebel fire
Now I ain't got no knees
Piles of bloody stumps
Small price because we're free
In America
Death in America
My Gettysburg nurse
Glows in the night
Her voice, a poem, soothes my plight
Hospital bed
It's a schoolroom floor
I'll never walk through another door
No way
My Gettysburg nurse
She held my hand
I am just a soldier
I am just a man
July 8th
Half past five
She smiled at me
And then I died
For America
Death in America


I'm an Ivy League colored in the 54
Now I'm living in a tent in '64
I teach these field hands how to read
Their ways don't mean a thing to me
Antietem gave Lincoln the where with all
I'm a chamber music lover in this free for all
But I can march and shoot 'cause I'm a man
I'm going to gun down some South Carolinians
I'm an educated man
I'm a fixture up in Boston high society
I enlisted, sir, to help to set my people free
Took a boat down south it's hot as hell
The southern women call me "n*****" while they're ringing on their bells
Down a mile of beach Battery Wagner stands
To reiterate I am an educated man
But my knowledge won't mean a thing to me
When I set foot into that killing spree
I'm an educated man
The first volley caught me in the eye
The second one lodged in my thigh
In pain I saw the colors fly
I stood and rushed the bunker then I
Barely missed a cannon blast
One more musket ball might be my last
I took a shell straight through my knee
I'm an educated man

Gone southern man
Gone dixieland
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free
Burn, Georgia, burn
Cry, momma, cry
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free
Gone, General Lee
Gone, General Lee
Sherman's march to the sea
Black race finally set free

The winter nights were cold and wet
We hadn't taken Richmond yet
McClellan had us camped out there
"Oh Be Joyful" curled me hair
General Grant's got bloody hands
The Wilderness will test a man
I tripped on skulls of Federal Troops
I kicked 'em with me Union boots
Richmond's sacked and Lee is on the run
Jeff Davis has evacuated, son
Engaging rebels every day and night
Appomattox Courthouse in me sight
Bobby Lee was neat and pressed
Ulysses Grant just looked a mess
We took their guns and sent them home
We drank and toasted northern bones
I took the train to Maine and then
I kissed me wife and punched me friends
The whiskey cuts like heaven's knives
I can't believe I'm still alive

Feet on dirt I'm born to roam
Getting on with the long walk home
I see these white boys slinking south
Old school belles they fill their mouths
I wish I would see Massa Ted
I'd put a bullet in his head
"Fieldhand Slim" they did call me
Until Lincoln set me free
I'm getting out of Savanah
Up through the Carolinas
Up north up north I will go
I never even seen the snow
You fuckers best look out for me
I'll show you what a former slave can be
Sold my momma raped my wife
Whipped me beat me took my life
Blue coat black man broke my chains
I'm never going back again
These white boys pass as I head north
Any city any port
Feet on dirt I'm born to roam
Getting on with the long walk home

The sky's devoid of any trees
I'm glad I still got two good knees
There's a hole in my hand like Jesus Christ
I'm a rebel fighting 'til my work is done
Well they kilt my family and I dug the graves
You can't turn off a fucking wave
Still got my rifle I'll steal your horse
You'll be staring down the barrel of my gun
Fuck the US I must say
It's not my country anyway
The Second Revolution has come and gone
Now I'm robbing trains out in the desert sun
I'm a rising outlaw sling my guns
I dream about my dead wife and my daughter and son
I was hitching up my trusty mule
When they burnt my family down
I fought their war and truth be told
I never thought that I could be so bold
Now living with death is all I know
I'm rebel pride riding into town
Now fuck the generals
Fuck the south
Fuck the north and shut my mouth
Fuck the frontier what's yours is mine
I'm raining down lead like hail
Fuck the indians
Fuck the sky
Fuck the earth and say goodbye
When I strike you won't see me
This war will never end
This war will never end


What's the difference
War is war
All the poor
Cannon fodder in the ranks
Stones to swords
Guns to tanks
Dadless kids
Rich man's game
Leaving corpses
And the blind and the lame
Peace is respite
War is life
Poor man's burden
And his wife
And sonless mothers
Power hungry
Sick with rage
Demand vengeance
Blood be paid
Death decreed
Beyond bombast
Cowards sing
We sing
We don't deserve good
We just don't rate
Thugs with weapons
Thugs who hate
Trapped and cornered
Might be dead
Fire at will

Jul 14, 2020



Freedom Africa
I shine on the light
I'm a king I walk this land
The earth is my gift
The spirit flows through me


Who in the hell do these Lincolnites think they are?
Trying to come down on my beloved Stars and Bars
Arrogance and cotton is all they think we got
But we got fire them Yanks can go to rot
I was born in Dixieland
I built this house with my two hands
And now I take a rebel stand
Now what in the hell are these Federals trying to prove?
So we seceded we put the Bill Of Rights to use
Now I don't give a damn 'bout moldy history
But I'll kill me a Yankee because he would kill me
If you ask me why I'm fighting
It's because you come down here
To the land of plenty
The skies are blue and clear
It's God's country
So go the hell back home
Or taster my musket
My wife and children love me
I don't own no slaves
I never bothered anyone
Nor sent nobody to no grave
But now you're pointing guns at me
I'm just a farmer can't you see
You really left me with no choice
The Rebel Yell's my only voice
I was born in Dixieland
I built this home with my own hands
And now I take a rebel stand
I guess I'm just a rebel, man

You go where you go
You die where you
You're born where you live
You march when you're called
You fall when you're hit
You charge when you're told
Kill or be killed
You reap what you sow
You bury your dead
You cry for your Maw
You take a man's boots
You murdered his Paw
Kill or be killed
Pack up and go
Die and be dead
You reap what you sow
You bleed 'til you're dead
No water for you
The wails of the field
At night they haunt you
You spit in the dirt
You stab in the face
Death is a friend
Life is disgrace
You reap what you sow

Imagine if you will the CSS Virginia
Ramming French ships, where's my spot of tea?
Lord I hate the French all for queen and country
Let's recognize the Confederacy
Let's get revenge for the War of 1812
Our colonies can't rule they're not the crown unto itself
That is not right
Nor is it polite
Imagine if yu will
A powerful alliance
Great Britain joined with the good ol' CSA
If Jeff Davis keeps it up
We'll finally march on Washington
Make our empire whole again today

Miss Kathryn sits by her window her man's been gone a year
He writes letters home to his children his picture shows a beard
The farm's going badly the rolling hills they seem to call his name
Them damn politicians they don't die but she knows they're to blame
All the same
Sunshine day
People sway
The war's a million miles away
Lists come back to city hall
Her husband's name ain't there today
Miss Kathryn thinks back to when it started with euphoria to spare
Now all this time later she's just wondering why anybody cared
Every night is sleepless and every single damn night is alone
She prays every hour for her husband not to die and then to come on home
How the kids have grown
Ain't no laughter
In the windswept pasture
The fever grips again tonight
Feed the children
Try to keep her mind off of this evil plight
Hot summer night she turns around and stumbles to her feet
Standing up seems strange here in the darkness that seems so damn complete
The children are crying she holds them and sings a little song
She sheds no tears in front of them
She swears that she can't take this for long
But she's wrong
Sunshine day
People sway
The war's at her front door today
The list come back to city hall
Her husband's name was there today

I hope wasichu kill each other and leave me alone
I hear they're marching all around on land that was our home
This land it holds a beauty that wasichu can not see
The earth is bigger than a war that's between you and me
How can settlers be called that when they just invade
They call us savages yet slaughter us
Because we're red they think that we are of a lower kind
They rape and pillage rape and pillage rape and pillage
When they're done their flagellation then they will kill us
Their white division is a crime to earth
They treat their men as pets and desecrate this holy land
The blood will spill the star chiefs lie
May the great spirit forgive them for they know not what they do


There's a town up north
Pennsylvania bound
A town I never heard
A place called Gettysburg
We fought for seven days
We whooped them yankees good
Now Richmond's standing tall
Like I knew she would
Old Stonewall's come and gone
The meanest cuss you'll see
With Longstreet at his side
We're fighting for General Lee
June is hot and I miss my momma true
The Cause is why I'm here, son, how 'bout you?
How I miss the scent of southern pines
We're marching across that Mason Dixon Line
Stonewall Jackson's dead
His own troops shot him dead
We're marching through the north
To Lincoln's own back porch
We marched through Maryland
We didn't touch the land
Two days battle gone
We're charging come the dawn
General Pickett gave the sign and we stood up
Cannon fire lit the Federal embankments up
The proud red banner hoisted in the air
The first volley killed my brother and singed my hair
Armistead is dead
The summer grass is red
Dealt these filthy cards
I fell at Pickett's Charge
General Armistead is dead
The summer grass is red
Dealt these bloody cards
I fell at Picket's Charge


Jul 7, 2020


No man can catch her eyes
She don't think much of guys
With their macho bullshit talking trash
To her it just ain't funny, man
She's made her way to Beta 9
She heard New Earth's a damn good time
She's seen it
Yet she's coming back again
Them love machines are fine for some
When you're all filled up with Martian rum
With their whizzing gears sometimes
Why they seem just like a person
But they don't talk and they don't laugh
Unless the program tells them to
It really ain't spontaneous
But most the folk just don't care
No man can catch her eye
Nor r-600s with custom thighs
But loves where you can get it
Take that plunge and don't regret it
Her eye is roving still
Forever, man, it will
Every day's an opportunity
That's all she wants to see
She leaves New Earth alone
Might as well go back home
At least her home is home
Home is home
Brendan - bass, engineering, mixing
Ryan - drums

On the interstate Charlene was just a rebel
Wrong as long as you're the one carrying a badge
In the aftermath of that sky blue El Camino
When she took one hell but it didn't hurt too bad
Now a polarized consensus leaves a girl without her senses
The aftermath was thus as much as but
She fought for what
Just to make it clear Charlene's Remote Control
You could see this swerve like a heel turn telegraphed
If you didn't know the scent of burnt rubella
Has a healing cypher and a myth just do the math
in the place where the bison thunders echo
lead that fuel gas her up and get go oh no
So the time space loop in the multiverse of stoners
Making stories up so the moon becomes the sun
Here's a reprobate sexier than Cleopatra
Let her fill your lungs up and smoke that son-a-gun

Well if it's true
Then she'll force it out of her mind
Fucking up for the umpteenth time
They say it's wrong
Spaceships guns and boobies ain't got no home
But it's a song
Can't forget the future when the past ain't ever known
She has an Elvis on her dashboard and a Dawn in pendant heart
And a dog tag of a fella who was there to play a part
When she spreads her legs and kisses everything goes down in flames
Just because it's life and death don't mean that this here ain't a game
Well had she known
She never would have entered but then she did anyway
That's for little punk ass mealy mouth with nothing much to say
But then that's us
Just a bunch of followers just glad to be alive
It's in the rulebook
Right after the chapter that says how to shuck and jive
Gimme a one shot dagger
Destined to blow my mind
No in between
Either the top or the bottom line
Singing on down the line
And boobies

She hates her clothes and so she walks around with nothing on
She's all butt naked at the mall she gets arrested, son
Spends the night in jail
Only thing she wears
Is just the ti foil on her head
The shrink think's she's crazy so he tries to fill her head with drugs
He don't believe the foil transmissions from her kitchen rug
Wall to wall by the sink
Don't make no sense
Just another reason she's insane
She tells the shrink exactly just what he does want to hear
Her plans have gotten bigger and she sees her time is near
Hit's a temporal note
A subsonic wave
And now the doctors are her slaves
Tin Foil Girl she knows exactly how to make some money fast
Makes the doctors clone a formula that makes the highs just last
Sells it to the numb' Cause they hate their lives
Just enough to start her own damn bank
When she multiplies the algorythm it's now on its own
Keeps on making shit be new it knows the sequence of the clone
Tin Foil gets her cut
Parties like it's life
And then becomes the president
She gives a speech up on the mall in downtown Washington
Just tin foil on her head and nothing else got no clothes on
Cut's her promo well
Hits the bullet points
The pundits duly play their parts
Because she's turned us into marks
And only did it for a lark
We need a second Noah's Ark

Embryonic sludge suck it down tonight
Down the delusion make you feel alright
Just don't wanna know just don't want to see
Just don't want to care just don't want to be
Listen, man, I dig everything is wrong
Such a stupid thought put it in a song
It's a penny ante world that don't amount to shit
Ain't got the guts to die so numb yourself to it
Here's to you again
Pain will never end
Time to say "goodbye and hello nanobytes"
Let them pull the load you have earned that right
With everything you done and everything you know
Give yourself to it you deserve it tho
You won't come back again
Won't feel anything
Let that tonic breath let it fill your soul
Let it make that real let it gain control
Here's to nowhere friends
Never ever ends

For fear of everything the ancient pilgrim moaned
Alive forever brings whatever else was loaned
There is a specialty that no one does dare speak
Here in the aftermath of creaking banshee shrieks
Inside your crumbled world know you're not alone
Outside the insular lonely people roam
Dreamers and malcontents and rebels scared to win
If even everywhere there's that humming din
Like a bird with everything inside
Plummets shivering shores collide
If it ain't true than we're forever blue
If it is I must oblige
I feel so bad you see 'cause I can't get what I want
With the assumption that our languages just taunt
Here on peripheral like lightening in the sea
And forged in question marks a language I can't speak
Hell, man, it's everywhere a humming tired ennui
Of shit that's happenstance we're chosen randomly
Directions all a joke salvation is a lie
Flyin' like a bird, you see, says "say hey bye bye."
Like a bird that soars across the sky
Keep on flying 'til we die
A new born curse
A worn out universe
Love and life fall from my eyes yeah

Way I'm wasting away I'm wasting away I'm wasting away I am

Peace and love, motherfucker and you know this yeah
Peace and love with a ruckus and you know this
Yeah yeah yeah
It's got to happen because it's right
In every feature in every sight
Drawing a bead on for loving's sake
Peace ain't a funeral love ain't a wake
From where I'm singing direct to you
I want it bad you want it too
I want it from you give it to me
'Cause peace and love that shit is free
So I walk down to the bar I saw some cover band with used guitars
And a heart made out of gold that's already been sold
From town Manila to Katmandu
Cantankeronus I got that too
Give me your loving you got that right
'Cause peace and love that shit is tight


Time is running out bellowing through the void
Desperate like a beggar methods then employed
Time is running out nebula's running in
Portal to the horizon portal to everything
Galaxial haze ignited
The ruse of the excited
Oft sore and yet delighted
The past was oversited
Time is running out on that we can agree
Dancing with the bohos under the glassened sea
Painting with the artists trusting reason not the gods
Fresh water color started the aforementioned lightening rod
From here to another planet
Through wormhole strings and granite
More fun if you don't plan it
Winged migrational bandits
It's non sequitur season
I know that I have treasoned
I beg one for petition
Spectacular omission
Remote Control is restless she passes through the gate
Psychedelicottically a formal mass debate
Ain't no way for her to choose just where she's going to be
Close your eyes and wish her luck we're where we need to be
Time is running out space is running in
Portal event horizon nothing is everything