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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Jun 30, 2020


Fifty damn years on down the road
I was driving late at night
Under pollution lights
But it didn't stop the sun from coming up
To interrupt
Everything I seen
And everyone I known
My young self stumbled by
Too drunk too wonder why
Ain't no stars in the sky for the nowhere ones
That never won
Beat you black and blue
Bleed a drop or two
I see it in my sights
I glimpse it in the night
I don't know what is right for the nowhere ones
That never won
We're the nowhere ones
That just begun

The tale of the El Camino
She's waltzing and drafting on air
Time and relative dimension in space
With a consciousness tied to my hair
With the breeding of an overhand punch
That pukes up a paisley gold flight
In the form of a youthful arachnid
Opportunity's also called plight
Around and away we go in the bed of an old Chevrolet
Straightening the hill flattening the curve
Doing it all night and day
Some say that the car has a conscience
Some simply say that she's a truck
Stock 305 bolstered by a warp drive
And a temporal matrix of luck
Remote Control found her in the portal
But she's been around lo many years
Here's what she did 'fore the Big Opera Grid
Just a matter of grinding them gears

The last time we saw Remote Control
She was ashes and Dawn had took her soul
Then again maybe then it wasn't so
Or maybe then it was oh no
Now she's tailing our hero Baby Blue
She knows that the lies have turned to truth
But she never asked for any proof
She really didn't care she still don't
Remote Control has found her soul
Hit that pipe again
She's been ready now she's steady
It's a laughing zen
Well she knows how to live her life as art
And romantically construct a part
Of a universal broken heart
That's weeping tears of laughter and angst
It's a muffled laughter when it's time
It's a victim of a worthless crime
It's a notion sprouting off the vine
That's rooted in mischief and pranks
As she surveys all that's come to pass
She knows her time has come at last
To binge and partake of repast
And try and change the world oh my
If she's magic then so are me and you
Like she says "bring the meaning of the truth"
It never needs to show a proof
In algebraic terms or why

Roams the landscape all alone
Singing "Roam, Sucker, Roam"
Dreaming of then again and again
When she ushered in a phase
Lasted lo these many days
Sees her again and then they begin
Let her know what to do
So she can get a little closer to you
What she does what she do
Gonna make you look just like a fool
She pops in and out quantumly
Here and there confusing all who see
But those that they do can't believe it's true
Sit back and the devil appears
But then she knows just what to make it clear
What can she do she's falling for you

Well he's gone down a road that's fading quickly
And he's prone to being homegrown and sickly
And he doesn't have a reason for the plodding
And his life as of now is frail and rotting
Frail and rotten frail and rotten
Frail and rotten feeling lame
Frail and rotten frail and rotten
Frail and rotten what a shame
So she threw him down and broke his transom
And she held his self respect for ransom
And believe me the poor boy up and payed it
And felt better not to contemplate it
So she moved on and overtook his story
And made sure that the scene was trite and hoary
'Cause she really did like that Baby Blue fella
And moved on to conquer other cerebella

Just so we're clear she's here to party so what
The war rolls on forever backdrop so what
Sing the song triumphantly while we're circling down the drain
So what
Another Day another story so what
If we're all one then we are nothing so what
Feast upon the corpses of what truth it used to mean
And throw up
Remote Control she doesn't care she don't
Well she will say that air is air she won't
She might forget to not believe the lies she's hearing all the time
She don't

The air is a question an empty suggestion
Of unanswered pauses hinted at before
So see here it's beauty but some call it duty
She questions it rudely no different than before
Mistakes they don't mean nothing
At least she's learning something
She busts through Atlantis depressively manic
She curses the manna that's floating from the sky
The whole thing's an orgy all sweaty and largely
It's rooted in whispers and hinted in asides
You can call us worthless
Just don't call us mirthless
If she's a movie she's foreign and moody
And smoking tobacco meloncholically
She ain't wearing nothing emotions erupting
She's everyone's something periodically
I guess I hadn't listened but now I know it's christened
She seizes the meaning and renders it leaning
To absolutism poisoning itself
Narrative license has eaten the hyphen
Oh, god, let it ripen it's sitting on the shelf
And I ain't got the time
I ain't got the time
I just ain't got the time
I ain't got the time

The glass desert red and blue purple and green
It's kicking up dust as it speeds and careens
The soldiers look on take their gas masks and gawk
'Cause it's rougher than diamonds uncut and in bulk
A space El Camino it travels through time
It shakes off the meaning of motion and rhyme
She drives it with nothing but guile and sublime
Shifts into gear and lets that sucker climb
The distance of the emperors shields them from blame
They regret the progress and strive to remain
But even the ivory towers do spy
The car with a truck bed as it whizzes by
The soldiers erupt in 3 cheers for the ship
She sparks up the motor and's letting her rip
She motions for the emperor to come have a sip
The soldiers all pause and conform to the grip
The V8 moans heavenly blessings of grace
It emanates more than the sum of this place
It vibrates an echo and leaves not a trace
She spits in the goddamn punk emperor's face

When she breaths again 7
When it's new, my friend, 7
When we feel it then, 7
Remote Control leaves
How it's power taken freeform
How to know if flowers reborn
Can I see forever weeping
Found and found and found and creeping
Which whatever wasn't freely
Or is amidst dregs kept neatly
Lifeless or worthless or worsely
Evenly unmatched subversely
Confounding misuse of structures
Of meanings profundity quakes
Happenstance rendered illusion
Organized in pill form and flakes
Motionless call forth the masters
Watch as they tremble and slurring
How like the others of fables
Unlike their rivals and cursing
Undo the timeless guerillas
Fighting a self war of trusted
Timeless like oceans of legends
Forfeit succumb if we must not
Til we meet again 7
Til it's new, my friend, 7
Til we feel it then 7
Now it's meant to bend 7

Jun 23, 2020


The scene is the Chinese island of Chin Pau. Billy's defeated, Johnny's disappeared, and Troubadour has kidnapped Charlene. We slow fade to an unreadable Comanche warrior lounging in an opium den in the far east, discarded, disavowed, relinquished, abandoned...trapped.
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, guitar, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums

Consequence smolders and trembles
She fills my lungs
Disappears when I lose reality
Maybe choke on my tongue
Let's rock let's roll
It feels so good to give in
Reason is a tumor
Live for now
Because tomorrow is a rumor
Let's rock let's roll
Dyin' can't be too bad
'Cause life is sweet sweet death
Cry havoc and surrender
With a halting breath
Let's rock let's roll

My teeth feel funny and I'm alone
And I am writhing white with foam
Can't restore it averagely
I can't freeze it illogically
I can't take it it takes me
I can't pay it it grates me
I can't place it instantly
I can't take it reverently
It's it's own thing it's in my bones
It's in my mind supine and prone
Squirming wrongly fisting toes
Just ain't stopping on it goes
I can't remember what it was like
How food tasted and what was right
Either way now It's been too long
Feeling slack now but not for long
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I don't know how long that I have been here
I don't know where Charlene's up and gone
Last I know she said that she was pregnant
A month ago last night I could be wrong
I sell myself for opium here nightly
My pride my self control my worth are gone
I always thought I was a stronger person
Now I know that I was always wrong
The moon seeks to touch me from a million miles away
She reaches down and holds me as my senses go away
She cradles me caresses me and pushes me away
Day and night and day and night and day and night and day
Self hatred flows through me like a virus
Send one in so I can earn my pay
This one here she seems a bit familiar
Do what you want to me and go away
Where am I I can't stand the pain please take my life
I'm wracked and vomit stained please kill me you can use my knife
Haze and pain I'm doubled over where the hell am I
I open my eyes see Charlene's face staring into mine
I eat a mango food it seems so strange to me
I'm on an island paradise I think that I can't see
Charlene takes my hand and says we need no longer run
I look into my arms and see I'm holding my new son
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I beat you down and took your wife
But she used me to save your life
I realize she still loves you
So here is what we both shall do
Since she used me to find her man
I still love her you understand
I can make you stay or make you run
Your boy and my wife and my loaded shotgun
Yo di lee o di lee o o
Yo di lee o di lee o di lee o
Here's the thing to see with glee
If you have nerve and skill like me
Your brain is mushy and luck's divine
Here's the game to play one time
So you are weak and I don't care
Just get your punk ass up from there
A heartbeat stings a breath is time
Relentlessly hating's abusing the shine
Yo di lee o
My request ain't jest it's for your life
You win I lose and if I win you die
I'll flip this coin made from Satan's tears
And see who walks and who dies here
Either way you three are dead
I make my own luck is how I was bread
When the tears hit the ground the pin hits the shell
It's the only way truly 'fore the night be fell
Yo di lee o
The coin pierced the moment and shattered the sun
And Troubadour stroked and caressed his shotgun
The crack it then punctured the essence of fear
Johnny Redfoot had shot him confusingly clear
One golden bullet from Johnny's side arm
The lusting of angels who never knew harm
He said "saddle up we're gone with a shove
The only reason for living is love."
Yo di lee o
O di lee o

I don't want to stop the yacht while we got cash to burn
See young Abraham he's trying to crawl from aft to stern
Freedom ride
Sunshine on my face love has filled me by osmosis
The ocean feels me blessed consecrated by psychosis
Misery begs a choice addictive just like anything
Depression can feel good as comforting as anything
Freedom ride
Let the credits roll when the story's got a happy ending
'Cause it never lasts
Freedom ride

The touch of her hand makes me feel like a man
Everything I can if I could
The warmth of her breath I can attest
Let's get undressed 'cause we should
The taste of her lips goes to my hips
Sunlight dips in her wake
She is my dream you know what I mean
I'm out of steam when I wake
The touch of your hand makes me feel like a man
Everything I can if I could
The warmth of your breath I can attest
Let's get undressed 'cause we should
The taste of your lips goes to my hips
Sunlight dips in your wake
You are my dream you know what I mean
Life's spring green when I wake
If I could if I could if I could if I could

I was walking down this Lonesome road all by myself
By myself
I was living this lonesome life like anyone else
Anyone else
I was feeling these feelings of pain just like my brothers and sisters did
I been looking for the joys of life like anyone did
Anyone did
Yeah I feel happy well you know it's true
Cause I was lonely but then I found you
Scratch my shoulder o that hit the spot
Makes no difference 'cause I know what I got
I was looking at my feet as they trudged along
All day long
And the people that I chance to meet to hear my song
Hear my song
I was wondering what makes birds cry what makes them sing
Oh so pretty sounds
Now I'm looking at the joys of life all around all around


Jun 16, 2020


Roam, suckers, roam through the markets of Chin Pau
With you races full of hope and your pockets full of dollars
Roam, suckers, roam with the freedom of life blood
Sucking face with grace in a love that's blessed by turmoil
Mourn, sucker, mourn 'cause you spit on family blood
And you turned your back on Momma, she never turned her back on you
Mourn, sucker, mourn with your shoulder slinging nine
And that bullet by your heart which your brother broke on purpose
Roam, sucker, roam
Laugh, sucker, laugh, 'cause revenge is blood that boils
And the reason why it is is the reason why we're here
Laugh, sucker, laugh 'cause your life's a twisted mess
Let's look back in anger to how we got here
Roam, sucker, roam
Oh, precious blood
Relinquishing its hold on what's to be
Oh precious blood
New day rising bloody still blood still bloody still
Blood flows through our veins
Dave - vocals, guitars
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

I'm proud to love you proud to be
Yours forever just you and me
So proud to be yours so proud to be
Together with you forever be
One foot in front of the path we seek
I'll have you travel through life with me
We walk together and so shall be
So Proud to love you eternally
The path in front of world shall be
We walk together so proud to be
One foot in front of the path we see
We walk together just you and me
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

I'm your captain
We'll be on this airplane for a day
The arctic circle
It won't get in our way
To your left now
You can see the northern lights
Sleep well
We'll be in Hong Kong by tomorrow night
"Hey, Charlene
I never really bought you a ring
But I love you
And I know that you ain't no 18
But I don't care.
I can't believe we can't smoke on the plane
Oh well
Let's summon the liquor cart again."
This is your captain
We'll touch down in twenty minutes or so
The weather's mild
The local time's twelve and change so you know
Enjoy your stay
hank you for flying with us
"Hey, Charlene,
I think the bathroom door jammed on us."
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion
Ian - mastering

Spending time with a rented soul
My body tells me which way to flow
Billy's trail seems to lead to Seoul
Or maybe China, baby, I don't know
Hong Kong Plane
There's that Billy Redfoot piece of trash
That Indian chump and his stripper gash
Ooh, baby, this is going to be cool
My golden bullet's formed from angel's drool
Hong Kong Plane
I've always hated my Indian roots
So with the government I'm in cahoots
Johnny Redfoot is my given name
I watched my brother board that Hong Kong Plane
Hong Kong Plane
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

In ancient times a giant eagle sputtered freely sea to sea
His claws could rip a mountain clean his eyes shot fire when the air was free
His wingspan birthed ten hurricanes he sculpted much of this here land
His greatest triumph was a birth a man I just call "Abraham"
Abraham he sired a nation and "freedom" was their guiding word
Their skin was red their feathers worn in honor of the ancestral bird
Then caucasoids they floated west, set forth, destroyed the Eagle's land
They threw litter on the side of the road a tear did stain old Abraham's cheek
Then one day on the reservation the Army tapped old Abraham
His two sons sucking mother's milk they sent him off to Vietnam
Friendly fire it took his life there was nothing left to see
Except five toes and an ankle, man, hence the name of "redfoot" came to be
Momma Redfoot died of grief Redfoot boys played hoops and all
Drank their whiskey, drank it neat, two young men with a basketball
Then one Redfoot brother took the other's girl drove to New York and left her there
The other brother joined the FBI but they didn't make him cut his hair
Now you know it you seen it all a story old as euro myths
In the spirit world Abraham sighs he says "D'IH!"
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - percussion and drums

The gravestone gave the name
The gravestone gave the date
The gravestone don't talk back
The gravestone's what I hate
Hello, Dad, I miss you though I never knew you
And I wonder was it because of me
And I never got the chance to say "I love you"
Father, listen to me
I took a look and I found out
That that ain't the way it goes
Hello, Dad, I miss you
The house is old and gray
The house don't give no dates
The house is full of fear
The house is what I hate
Hello, Mom, I love you though I never told you
When I was younger you took care of me
But now I'm growing older growing smaller
Momma, listen to me
I took a look and I found out
That that ain't the way to go
Hello, Mom, I love you
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I've puked more whiskey than you'll ever drink
I've forgotten more shit than you'll ever think
I kick more ass than Chingiss Khan
I'm an egomaniac running rampant on the man
Kiss my cynical ass you clueless motherfucker
I'll make sure I'm fucking your wife and your mother
Here's my fingers and here's my fist
Lay low the arrangement if you get my gist
The cream rises to the top I'm a dreg in the bottom
I met Abe Lincoln and I motherfucking shot him
It doesn't make a difference what anybody thinks
So what so where so how you blinked
Got fire in my eyes and blood on my face
Drop the green flag, bitch, so let's start this race
Hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble
Cut me some slack now don't bust my bubble
I come halfway around the world to fight
So let's get this party started right
Once upon a time there was a punk ass Indian
He fucking pissed me off because he took all of my winnings
In an Alabama bar abutting Louisiana
So I followed that boy straight up through Texarkana
And some G-man chump out of New York City
My mission is seek revenge on pity
I say hubba hubba hubba here comes trouble
I'll reduce this town to smoldering rubble
Billy Redfoot, hell, he won my hyde
He got more than money, boys, he stole my pride
So I'm on his ass like a meth head on blow
Shit I followed them all down to West Mexico
Hell I even heard tell that he's headed to China
I'm on the pacific you know I will find a
Way to wreak revenge on the only man ever
Laid claim to my crown as the best gambler ever
I Lived in the shadows while I plotted my revenge
Every scenario of torture and pain
Pliers and razors and electric cables
Chains and hooks and bloody horse stables
Break every metatarsal with sadistic glee
Fill his lungs with gasoline and then light the sneeze
Dig my thumbs in his eyes 'til they're wet with goo
Sharp razors laced through his stupid shoes
Sulfuric acid to scar them legs
Then make him crawl and make him beg
The worst part's I might hurt my knuckles
The best part's I will watch him buckle
Hey there, boy, here I stand let me proclaim
I am here to remove from you all but your name
For the beating I serve up shall be more than blood
That spills from you like breath from a newborn and 'cause
You have ruined my life I shall extract your soul
From your life force and then I will highly extol
My instance as the man and then you as the bitch
So just give me the pliers so I can scratch this itch
That bating that I threw down it almost took his life
It felt so good to see him cry right in front of his wife
So I admit it I just took her through a bag atop her head
Tossed that boy out like the trash top of the world, yo, I'm kicking ass
We got up to my yacht and then I said said she could go free
She said her husband's not a man why the only man here on Chin Pau's me
I got all of the money and I got that piece of ass
Fuck all day drink all night hey shit, y'all, let the good times blast
It's like I took my inner good and set that bitch on fire
I'm still a young man, as it goes, but hell it's all time to retire
I'll sleep on piles of money and I'll never be alone
It's amazing on the China Sea well shit, man, I'm finally home
Hey, baby, Daddy's home
Dave - guitars, vocals, piano
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

My brain isn't working my body is broken
I'm in the abyss I'm a sacrifice
She's his like a liar controlled by her greed
And the sun is another one cursing my life
It's over it's over it's all fucking over
I'm nothing clear back to a different man's ghost
Use vengeance as anger and life as a weapon
Cancerous here leading my self doubt to grow
He is the cancer she is the cancer
And he is the cancer but I I am not
The water keeps rising the sirens are wailing
I'm sweeping up cities and making them rot
I surrender
Who's the disease spreading and razing
Chewing up tissues and spitting out ghosts?
My brain's in retreat my body is bleeding
I'm giving up everything neither or both
My blood it tastes funny upon my tongue
It's laughing and darting and staring the sky
I surrender already I don't have the passion
I don't feel the need to even ask why
I surrender
Everyone's blameless and gone is the passion
I don't have the strength or the caring to cry
I don't care about the ending or even the middle
Once upon a time a man simply died
I don't want no punishment taught as a lesson
I don't need to learn any new god damn things
I'm turning my mind off I'm turning my heart off
I'm going to sleep 'cause I've nothing to bring
My brain isn't working my body is broken
I'm in the abyss I'm the sacrifice
The war and the battle teamed up and beat me
Humiliated and timid with life
Leave me be
Let me lie
Lie on back
Bathe my pain
I'm headed down
That lonesome spiral
Ain't never gonna see me
Ever again
I have peaked
I am meek
I am weak
I can't sleep
I surrender
I pretend or
I'm the problem
From the rostrum
Now I'm gone
Like this song
'Cause I'm wrong
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

I came to and saw her staring down at me
At my bloody body where was I to be
She was Shanghai Susan as introduced to me
I never felt so low as I did when remembering
When I last saw Charlene she had gone with Troubadour
I guess I left my manhood scattered 'cross the floor
As I get my bearings I turn back to the door
And leave that world behind because I'm sucked dry to my core
Shanghai Susan is introducing me
To a world where hope is less than just a dead man's memory
My choice will be nothing and nothing's what I'll be
In the great abyss with a dead man's hope I'm free
Troubadour and Charlene I think they've disappeared
Into something when I;m nothing as my path it now shines clear
Opium she soothes me like an ancient lover's scent
Shanghai Susan embraces me I know my soul is spent
Dave - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

Jun 2, 2020


I been looking for America in rock and roll and football
And right now I can't tell stories coz I feel distant from you all
Merging mergers fund the way confusing and too mindless
The money man's greed bloodies hand an appendage of the spineless
On a mountain a lone banjo player wails
He's toothless and all moonshined up
The ancient bluesman joins him for a solo
Together they just puke it up
There ain't no money in forgiveness unless you're already famous
Not none of us not me or you not one of us is blameless
A culture built on jealousy of those who we're protecting
They hate us and we hate them our effigy they're erecting
One world minus one is all we got
The banjo player doesn't care at all
The ancient bluesman slides into the bridge
The tempo slows to an ungodly crawl
The banjo burns the mountains to the delta
The guitar summons hurricanes by thought
The public eats it up online like vultures
What is sold is what is lost is bought
America's a goddess with her heel on those of color
America's the homeless dream of Saddam Hussein's brother
America's the stars and stripes that choke til death is purer
America's decision falls on some compromised juror
The instrumental slowly fades away
The tempo disseminates into dust
The silver dollar lunges through the turnstyle
Entropy becomes pain and disgust

1 2 3 4
Billy turned to leave
Charlene turned to leave
John Wayne can't believe
That they're gonna leave
John Wayne's got a gun
Billy's got a gun
John Wayne shot his gun
Billy wouldn't run
Gunshots in the desert
High noon in the desert
Billy isn't hit
John Wayne's aim is shit
Billy shot his gun
John Wayne wouldn't run
High noon brings the hell
Fate controls the shell
John Wayne he got hit
Billy's aim's the shit
Gunshots in the desert
High noon in the desert
Billy's on the run
Charlene's on the run
John Wayne's got a gun
John Wayne's got a gun
Roam, sucker, roam
Dave - guitar and vocals
Joe - guitar
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Texas is fading fast
Look at them South Dakota plates
That Caddy is our next blast
Headed west suck the desert dry
The FBI ain't no match for me
Look at old Billy Redfoot fly
Charlene's face is in my lap
Blasting through the Vegas skyline baby
Gonna marry her tonight hope they don't need no birth certificates
I think the preacher's gonna die
He's choking up chunks of lung like chocolate pudding
Me and Charlene got to laugh
I'm glad she snagged some extra napkins from the diner
The organ player she's a whore
She gave Charlene her business card
The ceiling seems somewhat stained
Charlene said "How did those stains get up there?"
I'm gonna marry her tonight hope they don't need no birth certificates
I took her as my lawful wedded wife then I fucked her in the Cadillac
The future seems to be a shining beacon in the night
It is unwritten so a breath of newness flows through me like benign poison
Diamonds sparkle like a Mozart song we're tripping balls so say "so long"
We're in a psychedelic orgasmic euphoria
Dave - guitars, vocals, organ
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

There's a window by a courtyard by a house
It's six hundred and thirty five pieces give or take
It's seen five families pass by
Now it can't reflect of the sky as the night time goes by
There's a bible by the window by the courtyard but now it's just ash
By the bible's a safe holding letters, it never held cash
By the safe is a little girl's doll
And the bones of a dog on the prowl
It likes next to the doll
Oo oh
There's a football by the doll it's deflated and caked to the earth
Over top of the house is a freeway, a modern world birth
Now last time the house just collapsed
It's usefulness gone now perhaps
Now it's muddy bike tracks
Oo oh
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums and percussion

Bullet wound nothing new
I'm on the trail hot pursuit
That Indian punk that bitch of his
Going to rip their eyes out piss on up inside their skulls
I'm John Wayne
I'm born to kill so suit me up
The government recruit me up
I'm daddy-o I'm fucking gone
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
I'm John Wayne
I got the urge the urge to maim
I must inflict inflict my pain
Got my hands got my mind
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
All the time
I'm John Wayne
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

West Mexico just feels so empty to me
Beautiful people sunning themselves
We've smoked up everything in town
We look like walking trash
Makes me and Charlene laugh
I want to fuck her in the sand
I want to fuck her in the sand
I want to fuck her in the sand
We're getting out of here, man
We're off to Asia
West Mexico feels a bit sadder to me
Like a barroom brawl in a library
Like a fish stuck up in a tree
Like somebody else's memories
Flashing straight through me
West Mexico seems so selfish to me
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life to dreams
It's the edge of life in my dreams
And I see the lions on the shore
Like Poppa and the Old Man had done before
And I wonder "are they starting to roar
Or are they just starting to snore?"
Release me release me release me release me
West Mexico I'm too tired to see
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me
What's surrounding me?
Release me release me release me release me
Dave - guitars, vocals, harmonica
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

She had never seen America before, pure America, full of hatred, racism, religious intolerance, endless strip malls, and opportunity.
She never learned much at school, maybe how to blow marijuana smoke into a roll of toilet paper in the girl's bathroom. What she did learn had nothing to do with books, teachers, standing in line, none of that shit. What she learned was "always be on guard. If you see an opening do it to them before they do it to you. And when all else fails? Run."
When she was a little girl she thought of love as a mystery. When she got a little older she viewed it as a cruel liar. Now it's her life. Sex is sex. Drugs are drugs. Eating ain't cheating. And hugs are shrugs. She says "I'm going to ride this palomino 'til I get to the promised land, 'til Jesus as the devil himself opens up her arms to me and says..."
"You're finally home."
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering

He'll come looking before long
It's after sunset get along
It ain't worth it give it up
Locked and loaded saddle up
It's wide open
Comes approaching look your best
Clock is ticking never rests
Heart is beating out of time
He'll come gunning by and by
It's wide open
Don't go down
Just leave town
Dave - guitars, vocals
Brain - bass, engineering, mixing
Andy - drums, percussion
Ian - mastering