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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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May 26, 2020


I want an open road I want to drive away
But nobody got a second chance
Giving up too fast I want to play my hand
But nobody got a second chance
I Will crawl to you
I will die for you
But I warn you
I cry too
I want an open road where the wind it sings out loud
A tune that's meant to drown another's pain
I need an open road I got to fly away
'Cause the pressure's enough to drive a man insane
What'd you say to me
Oh why can't I see
What's so goddamn wrong with me
Oh why can't I see
Break it down
I want an open heart so I can say just what I feel
But it's hard to start when you got to sonic boom
I want an open book I got to write my story true
So the end won't ever no never come too soon
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brendan - bass, production
Ryan - drums

Running away from no place
Turning away from god's grace
Constantly getting outpaced
Roam, sucker, roam
Running away to nowhere
Pay a toll to get there
Wet and cold and laid bare
Roam sucker roam
A twenty dollar phone card
Left in someone's back yard
But you ain't got nobody to call
Oh no
Like a license plate in Braille
Like wine without a grail
Nobody's there is all
Roam, sucker roam
There's a light that shines on Friday
It's hovering just past the one way
Got nothing much left to say
But roam, sucker, roam
Like the devil out of hell
I guess it's just as well
Because he swore he'd never tell
Roam, sucker, roam
You know that trying to lose is still trying
Laughing at pain ain't crying
Sucking at life ain't dying, my friend
Like the space between two walls
Like a door without a hall
Like a spring without a fall
Roam, sucker, roam
Dave - mandolins, vocals
Joe - harmonica
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Creamy thighs
Druggy "fuck me" eyes
Scarred and high
Drinking all the time
She wakes up
Brushes off the crust
Says out loud
"A cocaine wheel don't rust"
I said "what?"
She goes to the homeless shelter
Raises her arms high above her
Goes to work and shakes her titties
Goddamn man she sure looks pretty
She's a crazy fucker
Sucks her thumb
These depraved men are dumb
Shoots her gun
Garter full of ones
She's wasted dancing kind of shoddy
Pukes all on her naked body
She's a crazy fucker
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and effects
Brian - bass
Wil - drums and percussion

Well I'm a small town schlub and I hate the big city
Can't smoke in restaurants the bitches pay to be too pretty
Everyone's a fake with their cell phones ringing
Fucking punk jerks condescending money clinging
Guns and tons of chalk outlines drawn all over me
Dead trees, kids on crack, high financing with smack
Got your suit and tie zombies
And your phony show business fucks
They suck life sucks so what
So I'm headed on out to the strip club desert
Gonna get me a woman proceed out west
To the smooth Pacific Ocean way of west Mexico
Here I Go here I go Here I go Here I go yeah
Well I was running from the law by the age of 15
Stole an El Camino bound for New York City
I did a hitch in the service but I missed Bush's war thank god
Well they booted me out dishonorably
I couldn't take their fucking rules fuck the USA
And I'd like to kill the president but really what for
All's I'm looking for's a door
Well I knocked off a liquor store somewhere in Brooklyn
Hit the Jersey Turnpike bound for Ef El Ay
Took a right on 85 somewhere in Virginia
Hit the strip joint watch the ladies dancing for me
Emotionally retarded's what they called me in the service
I beat that doctor down with the back of my hand
Anyway I met a stripper she was barely 18
At least that's what she told me
Who am I to say
I fucked her in the bathroom spilled whiskey on my shirt
Then we headed for the desert
The warm warm desert
When the sun came up
I said "hey, my name's Billy"
She said "I'm Charlene" I said here we go
Here we go
Sleeping outside with my gun in my hand
I glanced at Charlene as she snored so softly
The crickets were loud and the cars on the highway
Made it sound just like the beach
Well I kissed Charlene
She awoke slowly then she folded my socks
Damn near 95 degrees it's barely 9:30
That's summer for you, babe, south of the Mason Dixon Line
Yeah we gassed up that El Camino threw the gun under the seat
Drove down through Alabama bound for
New Orleans
Here we go
Dave - guitars. mandolin, banjo, vocals
Joe - guitars, string quartet
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

Troubador Boston, riverboat gambler
That's my nom de plume
But I ain't ever wrote down anything
My brain ain't got t the room
You can find me on the Mississippi
Gambling noon to noon
A Derringer strapped to my leg
A garter on my shoulder blade
These Alabama chumps are made
I used to be a football player the endzone was my home
My roguish charm's well documented I got a roving bone
Vegas she's too dry for me so Bilouxi is my home
Blackjack. baby, roulette too
But poker's my rapscallion glue
I've won in Cleveland Phoenix too
My fortune she just grew and grew
I got a yacht in the Gulf waters true
My novel she's a thing of beauty atmospherically
It revolves around my gambling ways for everyone to see
I'm working on a prequel it's called "Me When I Was Three"
I'm a literary tour de force
But nothing's written down of course
The women they want more and more
Of my troubador troubador troubador troubador
As long as I'm a novelist hell well I'm a painter too
The whole wide world's my canvas and my gambling is the glue
I'm an artist cursed with luck, oh well
I'm gonna get my dew phew
Troubador Boston, riverboat gambler
I'm an artist rolling dice
Dave - banjo and vocals
Joe - harmonica
Brian - bass
Wil - percussion

Alabama bar is far from home
When you are Apache you're just wrong
Rebel flags fly high up on a pole
Give me whiskey for to sooth my soul
Got into a card game close to three
Charlene sitting pretty next to me
Call me Billy Redfoot that's my name
You rednecks best be packing all the same
You see
Ever since I went away
There's too much at stake for me to stay
Tripping back to the Ante Bellum south
Cotton field slaves dying hand to mouth
A comet tail flies scorching through my brain
Good god I think I've gone insane
I took my winnings rumbled out
My head was spinning all about
Charlene took the keys and flew
I got more than woes and blues
I'm cracking up
Sweating through my vision shame
Questing crying towards the flame
Floating listlessly I see
I see my daddy hangin' from a tree
No that's me
Alabama bar I say so long
To fight for glory never seemed so wrong
There ain't much to keep me anywhere
Me and Charlene shouldn't even care
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - slide
Brian - bass
Wil - drums and glasses

FBI man
Go man go man
Interstate at night
The moon is my streetlight
Gonna find that Billy Redfoot son of a bitch
Interstate at dawn
Got my holster on
I'm a searching on
I'm John Wayne Man
Go man go man
FBI man
Go go go man
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and vocals
Wil - drums and vocals

What a shame
Dirty shame
All the same
Dirty shame yeah
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Lordy me
Glory be
Mercy me
Glory be yeah
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Holy shit
It's a goddamn fucking dirty shame
Oh looky here
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brendan - bass and production
Ryan - drums

There's a little rock and roll bar with hillbilly Sundays
Way down on Decatur Street
I done crawled inside a whiskey bottle
And I kind of lost my feet
God I miss my woman sitting home in ol' B'more
I'll drink until the sun comes up
And then make love to the hotel floor
But as for now I'm on Decatur Street
The Circle 9 Acoustic Tour's a drunken fiasco
Bars don't close in New Orleans
But right now it's time to roll
Headed west to Vegas load the van and hit the road
We're a hundred mile an hour pharmacy
With a rock and roll, payload
We left out livers on Decatur Street
Livers on Decatur Street
When I get home I'm going to sleep for forty days
Make love to my woman 'til the Christmas holidays
Go to Iamp's and then proceed to pound
In honor of that little Nawlins bar that me and Kassy found
The Abbey on Decatur Street

Leave me alone and go suck a bone and
Get the fuck out of my shit
Thanks a lot, dick
You dumb stupid prick
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
You dumb piece of trash
You chump bitch ass
You stupid ass son of a bitch
Go fuck yourself
Get your head out of your ass
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
Hell I never thought I'd see
An ass as dumb as you can be
Never in my life
You eat shit you stupid motherfucker
Man you suck
You stupid fuck
You idiot bastard fuck face
Fuck you
Fuck ball
You eat shit you stupid motherfucking dumbass
You fucking dumbass
Dave - guitars, vocals, lap
Joe - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and vocals
Wil - drums and vocals

She floated down from Oklahoma
She left destruction in her wake
She aroused me and cleansed my visions
She destroyed me oh
My spirit aches
We roll through Texas
And dodge tornadoes
It's noon but midnight
I feel reborn
My gun is warm in
Charlene's soft caress
Making love in this Texas Thunderstorm
You know that Texas
She feels so mighty
You always
You have far to go
I saw Agent John Wayne
Pull his pistol
So I shot him whoa
Here we go
Dave - guitars and vocals
Joe - guitars and string quartet
Brian - bass
Wil - drums

May 19, 2020


Love and hate
Love and Hate
Dawn don't feel so good
'Cause nothing's understood
And she's been wasting time
And she's been forced to find a new time
Barely holding on
Tracking footsteps in the rain
Of a darkness spawned
Never going home again
She's insane
Midnight's broken
The highway's spoken
"I don't have a soul"
Thought Remote Control
Heaven's cruelest joke
Crossroads sign is broke
Dawn breathes reprieves
Remote just leaves
Dawn burns best at night
When she feels it's right
From her flows a glory
Hellkind's meanest story
Dawn wakes up beneath Remote Control
Knows that she's there just to play her role
Naked oozing love she becomes night
Leaves her drooling walks out through the night
To the show
Remote Control never will wake up
Dawn's spent ashes combust and erupt
Become one with everything and sing
Desperate for the hope tomorrow brings
To the show
She's reading Dharma Bums
Preaching with a gun
Haiku in the sun oh my sweet Jesus
Flower petal burns
Crash a sharp right turn
Nothing's what you earn when you're in pieces
Maybe she met you
Made you join her crew
Poetry for you that's nothing special
Crack the whip and dash
Where the sorrows clash
Happiness is what she did embezzle
Naked on the TV screen
Dawn hit the mainstream
I saw her on the magazine
Freak in the mainstream
Everybody's angst
Is all but a prank
Payed by you on you in times of vigor
Dogma by the ton
Everyone got one
Shouting it about all full of rigor
So be a Dharma Bum
Suck your goddamn thumb
Curl into a ball that's like a fetus
Where's her zen cash crew?
They don't know what to do
Baby, we just need someone to lead us
Give me fish I'm on my knees
Freaks in the mainstream
I saw her on the magazine
What does it all mean?
And when the lights go down
We're lying naked on the ground
And when the lights come up
We mean to interrupt
And when the light does bend
Then we're you're only friends
And when the light does fade
We sing our serenade
In my fantasy dance billions
Chilling in a skinless ville
Come forth and feel the beating of the drums
When orgasmic screams of passion
Happen and the waves crash at
A distant forest fire that's just the sun
In an ancient land a man stood motionless
He called forth all the powers of the devil
To his hand
In a modern time cry people looking for a savior
Find the strength to live
You got it
Form a band
War torn like a tenement
It's all a big experiment
There ain't no wrong or right when you hate god
Evil seeps like rotting corpses
Lectured on in college courses
Piling up as if it were not odd
Underneath the circus tent
There sits a man his back is bent
And in his hand his only son he holds a knife
He says "hey, son, go on and do
the job it's just begun
and slice the trapeze rope it's all, yeah, just a life"
Inside a cab a slab of meat
Drives aimless through the city streets
He works for nothing gunfight all the time
Then one fine day he snaps
And wraps his hand around a nine and zaps
A gas and go quadruple murder crime
Walls of water feed corruption
Deconstructed interruptions
Naked timeless tunnels of the soul
Band and pop and cry
The sky shines on newborn forgotten son
To teenage momma born from rock and roll
Welcome to the vacuum
A song for all the hearts that are departed
Welcome to the vacuum
Walking through ancient Rome everything's the same
So I turn my back to the riverbed and children and their games
Hello, friends, I'm here to please to break the wicked ways
Life's a myth and so is this and so is judgement day
I seen too soon another swoon running from a gun
I felt the world shrivel up hell I'm only having fun
Interviewing Dawn on judgement day
Subadai took Europe's sons and put them in a grave
Built a world on top of them vanished in the haze
The Khan he sighed 'cause he was bored and turned his mind to east
Crushed their souls, drank from bowls, took pleasure in the feast
Interviewing Dawn on judgement day
"What you done?" asked Caesar's son and plunged the knife in deep
The Gallic ones were slaughtered by the Roman Nobilise
Nobody lived to tell the tale history turned her back
IRL for you and me it started in Iraq
Interviewing Dawn come judgement day
A song for al the hearts that are departed
A prayer for those who never got it started
A valentine for all the broken hearted
A joke for all the bitterness departed
A blindman's leap into a void suggestion
A glimpse of hope for all those in depression
No answer to the everlasting question
Bask, become a target, no regression
Welcome to the vacuum
If the world were perfect the dodo would live
Brotherhood and sisterhood would be the words to give
Laughter would float endlessly up through a tearless sky
Giant trees would shade a peace that never says "goodbye"
In a world levitation
Don't stand in line to find regeneration in all human kind
You need no explanation
Feel free to see reality and be for what you want to be
Although I know the show won't start
Take aim and touch my bleeding heart
If the world were perfect I wouldn't lose my keys
War would be a rhyme for door and there would be no need for peace
A skinless man and woman would be all that we would need
Money would be funny and we'd all say "what is greed?"
But all the time my optimism fades
And I get too hung up to struggle for the shade
The world seems so unkind
Build the nerve to climb out of this hole
If the world were perfect I wouldn't sing this song
If the world were perfect we'd be one big dancing throng
In a world levitation
Packed in the slave ship side by side
The slave ship Captain enjoy the ride
They bought and sold him flesh on leash
From his home on the African beach
And they trade his heart for gold
What the white man sold
The war was fought bondage gone
1860s protest song
General Lee to MLK
Elvis Presley in the USA
And the time she rumbles on
Hatred not long gone
And she knows what she knows
At he dawn of our millennium
Bottled water and titanium
Packed in the ghetto side by side
His father owned his father they're side by side
Neither one can make the rent
Hatred raging action spent
Cry forgotten son
I can walk away disgusted
It ain't us against them
It's us against us
It's friend against friend
So you know everything
So you have got it done
So your world will live on
Cry forgotten son
Your world is so mapped out
From what your father planned
Smile at the face of sickness
It bites the other hand
'Cause your world ain't my world
But my sun is your sun
And I guess that it always was
Cry forgotten ones
Your world ain't my world
Killing for your god
Written in the scriptures
Your word is a lie
People work and people play
People sing and people dance
People love and people hate
People live and people die
Your world ain't my world
Dave Linantud - guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, production
Wilmer Berry - drums
Joe Gallagher - spiritual assistance

May 12, 2020


The sun really ain't too bright but I got to squint to see anyway
Sleeping in a stranger's car I jerk when it starts to sway
I said "I'm just in from Jerusalem I'm just in from the sun"
A six string in a gunny sack I'm looking to have some fun
I been high every single night
Won't you come back home with me
And won't you try to be with me tonight
Won't you come back home with me
So I strolled up to the bar I said "I'll play if I can drink for free"
The bartender started to laugh hell the whole place was staring at me
So I pulled out my black Les Paul I said "You better give me some room."
I put my fingers down on the strings and I proceeded to sonic boom
When I was done the bartender smiled he said "We knew you'd come our way
We heard lots of stories 'round here stuff we're afraid to say."
I said that I was just doing my job trying to make my guitar bleed
I got my sack and I walked on out and I recited the Apostle's Creed
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Well I had a dream last night
All around me the party was raging
Elvis was our God
The sky was a dull shade of pagan
We sacrificed our lives
Dawn she showed the way in
So I had a dream last night
Ain't phony I ain't faking
A dull shade of pagan
The party was raging
Folks were engaging
The dull shade of pagan
So I figured I could spread the word
In a way that won't pay taxes
As long as the song relaxes
It's a new mythology
Pilfered from the old ones
Sold as if it's new
Gospel of the bold ones
So I got it up and running
In a tent by The Rotting Sea
Spread the word of Elvis
All for a nominal fee
Rob them suckers blind
Preaching like a magma
Cause that break to bind
Not really going to scam you
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Elvis is the savior and Elvis is the king
Elvis stopped the war and made us all break out and sing
Elvis made me see the light
Made me never want to fight
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
People, have you heard the news
It's better than you could have dreamed
Elvis has come back to us and left the movie screen
Give him praise and me your funds
Elvis Presley's number one
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
Let me have the congregation jumping to its feet
Let me have 'em getting naked dancing in the streets
Elvis has me seen the light
Made us never want to fight
I am Elvis I am god
Join the flock and suck my rod
Elvis has risen
I am the Elvis
Goo goo ga joob
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

We were travelling last night when
We pulled up to shining lights and
We talked about mysticism
We left early as is our whim
We set sail the morning after
Had them hanging from the rafters
Honestly there's something to this
Even though no one can prove this
We roll town to burg
Shouting Elvis' name and spreading his good word
We see all to those believe
Crash town like a wave then roll up stakes and leave
Truth be told the crowds they scare me
What if once they tried to dare me
I would say "It's faith just trust me."
Ain't no way these fools will bust me
Dave - guitars, banjo, vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

Hey, groupie, with your cheap tattoos
Come cure this poor boy blues
It all comes naturally
So let yourself be free
We're all just lost to be
Hey, groupie, writhing through the day
Conform with all we say
Give freedom to the beast
Let fractious souls unleash
A feeding without feast
Hey, groupie, did you ever know
A question answered no?
A falcon flew at dusk
It smelled of sweat and musk
It sang a song and busked
Hey, groupie, what's this game?
Hey, groupie, what's this pain?
Teach it to the lost
Populated frost
Gone like other's moss
Dave - guitars, vocals, harmonica, slide guitars
Brian, bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian -mastering

Damn pleased to meet me the pleasure is all yours
Ain't you glad to see me here I open spiritual doors
Nothing's prohibited
Do what you feel
Nothing's your fault
Illusion is real
Fund the triumvirate of Chingiss and Caesar and me
Give me retrofitted scriptures so they can make sense
Charge a fee from me to thee subsequent recompense
Shake your ass and clap your hands interactionally
Dig deep now, you fucking marks, and give it unto me
Let us breed and multiply and fill this fucking earth
Let us gain control so we can say who can be birthed
Let us say what's wrong and right and kill those who oppose
Let us make up words like "good" and "evil" just like those
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian, bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian- mastering

Is he the one?
Baby Blue gun
Yes he's the one
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums

I don't belong here
You belong here
We belong here
Don't be long
Smooth sailing
Cool breeze
Breath failing
True freeze
Dave - guitars, vocals, mandolin, banjo
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Hospital bed I thought I was dead
I'm living instead I rose from the dead
So let us break bread blue suede shoes now red
In my hospital bed
I question my life I question my time
I question existence I question this rhyme
I question the sun I question the son
In my hospital bed
Scripture number one be a hound dog, son
Scripture number two sing and don't be cruel
Hospital bed the scriptures I've read
He rose from the dead and Elvis ain't dead
It's all in my head all in my head
In my hospital bed
The legions they come they rise with the sun
The army's begun a million and one
It's not in my head not in my head
In my hospital bed
Scripture number three love me tenderly
Scripture number 4 close my fucking door

In the bed next to me the man looks just like me
He said "My name is Angel White, boy, what is yours?"
"I'm Baby Blue" I said to him he squinted back at me again
And then he stood up walked away and closed the door
I'm standing in a mirrored hall I punch and kick at every wall
I fall my knuckles bloodied dripping to the ground
I look up and see Angel White just disappear into the night
There is a term for this if not then just a sound
When I'm standing tall I can't help but fall
When I'm on my knees I feel truly free
When I see Remote Control she would just offer me a bowl
And then she mesmerized explicitly at Dawn
As she came tome again she fluctuated slightly then
She misquoted all of the words I heard before
She populated like a breeze that had a different chain link sleeve
Of retributions paid and other ones that lost
As she split the sun in half She moved against the righteous path
And climbed down from the perch that never paid the cost
As I stood to see that it wasn't me
In that playful past of iconoclasts
The old man shuffled past me there his flask was metal facial hair
He had a jumpsuit on of rhinestones shining white
Never gave me wisdom once I didn't ask for other ones
But then I saw it as a lecture from respite
Did he really give a shit I didn't think he was legit
But then the world's a work and we're all fucking marks
The greatest con became the truth Falsified by the unclaimed youth
Of everyone it fades away into a spark
I'm so goddamned tired I'm so goddamn mired
Will it ever end probably not, my friend
When a man ain't got no home there's one thing left he's born to roam
But then again to run away's too aching sad
As a pilgrim from the rest who like to propagate the best
Of worst things everywhere there's money to be had
So I disappeared to see if when a people can't be free
That you can drown your sorrows just from passing through
Guess we'll never really know but it's sure fun to try to though
And if you don't agree I ain't got time for you
All my bullets gone shot through by this song
Westward let us roam make the road our home
Dave - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
Wil - drums
Ian - mastering

Old man blues, understand?
Drunk as shit, I'm a man
I seen 'em rise and I seen 'em fall
Don't fuck with me, son
I'll whup your ass, all y'all
Say what's up yo baby what's up
Said I try to figure out yo baby what's up
I moan the blues I ain't ever died
I ain't never laughed I ain't never cried
Shook hands with the devil cut my deals with the Lord
I'm froze to iron of what you can't afford
Said what's up
I seen the rules so I done wrote my own
I deconstructed the gospel with a black cat bone
The thorn covered rail that's the path of the righteous
Got the voodoo hoedown just don't wait to invite us
You know vengeance ain't passion it's a loser's gold
Dawn's eyes shine a light make a slight man bold
Where the swamp licks the ocean that's where we meet our fate
So if you're running to Jesus your ass better not be late
Say what's up

May 5, 2020

05  ...When we did it in my living room...or dining room.

10  Yeah, that's crazy.

15  Just do the normal two seconds.

20  (sniff grunt)

25  But it's just a different order now.

30  There's the big fluffy kind of fuzzy tone on the Les Paul.

35  Uh, lifting your legs up like this?

40  We played with him.

45  The Festival Of Fertility

50  ...Stuff with the chords and not any riff things.

55  How much is that costing them?