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Through this podcast SFP is creating an extended universe through the use of guitar based pop songs. The tale is both episodic and serial. As of the COVID lock down the SFPeeniverse consisted of 7 Broadway style musicals. This is ambitious stuff. The conceit is that an '84 Chevy El Camino acts as a TARDIS catalyst connecting the characters to unlimited story telling opportunities.
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Mar 31, 2020

05  I thought we were listening to the thing.

10  This is still just the Elvis narrator.

15  Look how big it is!

20  That's fucking awesome!

25  Look, a hard topped jeep.

30  This was always one of my favorites.

35  I'm in charge.

40  Let me tell you what there's two dumb rednecks in a Ram next to me.

45  This a good one too.

50   Is that ironical?

55  I made omelets this morning.

60  Play it at Chuck E Cheese on the jukebox?

65  Just today.

70  I watch YouTube sometimes with mi iPad at work.


Mar 24, 2020



Gone for good is what I'm getting
Death to me's a new direction
But I want to make myself just suffer
'Cause shit is all there is
Wishing crazy to me through the slumber
Slouching closely to restricted thunder
Crashed through motionless it becomes laughter
So crank it up you fucking whores
Let's talk about it
The seascape melts into a laughing flower
Slathered by gynecologic power
Flowing gushing forth like arms of plunder
And tripping balls just like the savior
Crank it up you fucking whores
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

The mushroom cloud is laughing meanest of all
A nervous breakdown squirting right out my balls
The seed is spitting it means nothing at all
I'm at Edge City and I'm starting to crawl yeah
The ashen necklace of a painted face weeps
Subconsciously I want to drown in the streets
Depression's going to take the edge off of me
I'm peaking now but wait 'til quarter to three
I'm all fucked up and I don't care
Fatal nihilistic glares
I want to scream but I don't dare
Come on, Edge City, take me there yeah
I want to masticate a marginal wound
Explosion sun up a material moon
Suicide vibes from everyone in the room
I'm the only fucking guy in the room
I fucked the wellspring of a ghost
I spurned the Emperor's pledge to toast
I'm flying off the glistening coast
The sand is glass while billions roast
The spores of death are fleeting ever the just
I'm at Edge City and I'm starting to rust
The melting visage of the Rebel King's bust
The melting mirrors tend to complicate us yeah
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

All in my mind everyone's blind
Silence is golden in an everyday bind
All in my head glad I'm not dead
Bitterness bubbles up the words that she said
Morals and time physical crime
Where is it I can't see it where is the line?
All in my brain feed me some sane
I'll lick it up and then I'll shoot my own pain
Feed me some sane inject my brain
The golden nectar of a world without pain
Feed me some sane misery reigns
A blackness sucks my ankles laughing and slain
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Fear and paranoia I adore ya
I'd never even try to try and bore ya
Keep me entertained I must implore ya
Fear and paranoia I abhor ya
Fuck me fuck you too I'm shouting orders
Senseless rage can't decipher the borders
Fucking fucks all fucked up and conjected
Is it extinct, dying or protected?
Fear and paranoia rule
Everything's a cartoon to mine eyes
Stripped of falsehood bravery and lies
Just enough left over to be despised
Like a hurricane without a lie
Fear and paranoia rule
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Populated isolation love starvation indignation
Stirring to indecision
Life is death is right is wrong
Is precious now but not for long
Changing through the transition
If love is hate I can't relate
Take and give and give and take
No suicide here concentrate
Straining for a salvation
Nowhere's home I been forsaken
Nowhere's hope so desperation
Life breath to a redemption
Highway home to my maker
I'd love to love the human race
In an ugly world devoid of grace
Humanity if just a trace
Enough already repeal replace
Sleep where I fall
Dreams don't come at all to the wicked
Drop the clip I'm full of spite
I rest upon this putrid sight
Standing up for the first time
For revenge or for elation
For a love or stimulation
Let that sucker go for the last time
Highway home to my maker
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Wil - drums

Silent sound means the world to me
Falling down all around me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
Violent sound seems to make me be
Triumph around gave the rest to me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
Hideaways don't mean shit to me
Tidalwaves bring out the best in me
I wonder should I smash that door
And fly away from my hideaways
In the night she stays
Dave - guitars and vocal
Brian - bassing, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Affectation to affection can you find a new direction
From obliterated years in a lifetime full of tears
Crawling from the wreckage of forgiven sin
Oh, sweet addiction, I can't stand rejection
Well I tried to choose a wish but I hope it don't come true
'Cause every life's a style, everyone but you
Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to
Contrivances breed gloom
Swooning like a groom with a shotgun in his mouth
Who's my momma and my poppa?
Why we never met?
Even so I ain't dead yet
Were you hungry or depressed?
Do I have your eyes?
Either way your souls are blazing through my skies
Don't you know that I wrote this for you to listen to
Affectation to addiction placate fact from friction
And a lifetime came and went in solitude
Can you hear me?
Are you blind?
Words jump down around around around around
A quietness
a whisper
I wrote this for you to listen to
Every night the light dims more
I'm wondering what my life is for
I feel like a failure and I wonder why
Something inside says I gotta try
I'll slide on by
Well you could say in my life I ain't accomplished a thing
Maybe a little too scared of what the day may bring
But come on and try to tell me that this ain't my time
You can see it in the sunset every single night
I'll slide on by
I hoped you'd say when I couldn't find my way
That you'd be there for me
Glory is gone
It never was an option
What can I say
It ain't free
You know I'm scared
More fragile than a notion
Afraid of love and trust
Confusion is reality
I'm overwhelmed
You and us
So fuck you all
You turned your back on someone
Needing hope and peace
Go run and hide
Blame it on rebellion
That's bullshit, man
At least
Suit of armor forged in fires of spite
Revenge is true violent love
Don't give a fuck
Existence is a lie
From underneath
And from above
So go on and leave
Take your shit and go
I don't care
That's a lie
Leave me be
Leave me the fuck alone
Sit on down
And fucking cry
I'll slide on by
Dave Linantud: guitars and vocals
Brian Lutz: bass, engineering, production
Andy Och: drums
Ian Burke: mastering
Made Hood: cowriting
Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios

The future don't look bright
I can't control my fright
Something just ain't right
What can it be
Mine own hands seek the black
Run away or attack
All Hope is gone it's on my back
And my heavy head
Oh no
"The stone is given its existence; it need not fight for being what it is --- a stone in the field. Man has to be himself in spite of unfavorable circumstances; that means he has to make his own existence at every single moment. He is given the abstract possibility of existing, but not the reality. This he has to conquer hour after hour. Man must earn his life, not only economically but metaphysically. ...Things are given their being ready made." Jose Ortega y Gasset
There's something wrong, something missing
Something's gone I guess I'm wishing
It wasn't but it's still insisting
To be oh
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums

Mar 17, 2020


Silent sound don't mean much to me
Silent sound brings out the worst in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaway?
Violence found don't mean much to me
Violence found beings out the worst in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaway?
Hideaways mean a lot to me
Tidalwaves bring out the best in me
I wonder should I lock my door
And hide away in my hideaways?
In my hideaway
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
CJ - drums

Bring the mall and crash it to it's knees
Grow a dozen spineless wheezing trees
Circumstance confronted for a buck
Scream and rant and yell "what the fuck"
Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground
Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down
Boil it up frustration with its sauce
Arguments excelsior with the boss
Trade a name and number and a look
Fish a corpse out of the country brook
Fourteen in a bottle raze it to the ground
Laugh at evil sell it rich to keep you down
Maybe, man, the world don't make no sense
So a song reflects a vision that's all pretense
In the meeting of the matter of a trillion minds
That together all together go collectively blind
In the bedrock formed a condo bath
In a motion that gives man's epitaph
To a surly motherfucker in construction boots
With a fortune in his pocket from laundry chutes
So gather 'round the stage to see
Employment congregations in a word to be
Exploited in a question of monopoly
That never gives an answer of what's to be
For a moment just a moment in a fashion craze
And a trillion motherfuckers living in a daze
Of a colony that's bitterest of them all
In a sentence of an essence, man, bring the mall
Bring the mall
Dave - guitar and vocals

Exploding erupting orgasmic and more
See through the ceiling and punch through the floor
Huff like a big bad wolf and kick down that door
Blue like horizons on the oceanless shores
Come on
Blue is the color inevitably
The blues is the core and the Earth is the sea
Unkind unkempt ungainly
Blue is the color the masses see
Blue like the glass hewn desert
Blue like the drugs of comfort
Blue like the song of the used and oppressed
Blue like the mood of the sad and depressed
Apocalypse Tomorrow
Do you have an armageddon I can borrow
The waters rise and suffocate
The air hangs burning concentrate
Do you have an armageddon I can borrow
Apocalypse tomorrow
Come On!
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Pork - drums

My lips taste the gun and it tastes just like salvation
Cold steel on my tongue and it's dogging my salivation
Powder residue and an exit wound will be redemption
Hemmingway, Cobain, and Hunter S the congregation
I'm throwing in the towel, man, I can no longer fight
Too many goddamned hardass days too many sleepless nights
Just another suicide will be one in a million
It doesn't matter anyway to the rotting vast cotillion
I'm writing this all down but no one will ever read it
As soon as I'm all done I'm gonna motherfucking burn it
That way it's a gift to all like Jimi's burning Strat
Or maybe it's a gift to none I guess it could be that
I'm sobbing uncontrollably scared shitless of this ending
Just one twitch and soon enough there'll be no more pretending
I can't stop the flow of life remembering through my soul
Goddamn, make it stop, one twitch, oh shit I lost control
Click, combustion, bullet in the head
Yes it is salvation time
Suicide is no joke. If you're feeling like shit call the suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255. Hang in there. Dave
Dave Linantud - guitar and vocals
Brian Lutz - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering
Recorded and mixed at Possum Studios

Listen up gather 'round there's a new thing to be found
All around everything you -n- me
Have a care bout the things everyone get up and sing
Bout the way you and me can be free
I want a super new computer
But no one can ever use her
And the only one who knows her is me
And if somebody tried to get her
They couldn't even find her
And the only one who knew her would be me
Here's a joke or a screed to all the people now in need
Find the truth if you want to be free
Give a look or a wink don't care what anybody thinks
If you blink then you will miss it to be free
And if you think of even lying
There's no point in even trying
Cause then there ain't no meaning you see?
And if that ship just sails away
Just take the next ship the next day
And say "I didn't think that last ship wanted me"
Here's a look for the night when every other thing was right
And the only thing that matters here is you
Find a hope and a dream if you don't know what it means
Well the only one who needs to know is you
Come on
Take a breath or a day play it every other way
If you can't get back to zero then it's right
On the beach in the sun in the mountains on the run
Find the way to the day to fool the night
Fever Dream
Dave: guitar and vocals
Brian: bass, engineering, mixing
Ochster: drums and percussion
Ian: mastering, mixing

The song was wrong all along ain't wrong
It's gone just gone away
The dream it seems it means to be
Free and gone away
The song was long the throng is gone
Long gone with ease
The crowd was loud but now out loud
Announce to all I gotta leave
Where is the sun to guide us through the dark?
Has it begun to even touch the mark?
How can it be when ours is just to question why?
Where do you go when you never want to die?
When the clock becomes the enemy and night time gets so cold
Last call for something more than simply growing old
How can Iive without that ragged company?
It ain't for free
Cause I gotta leave yeah yeah yeah
I gotta leave
'Cause it ain't for free no no no
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums and percussion

Why me why you why try try to
Why not why not you
Why should I try to
Why am I so blue
Why can't I see through
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, production, vocals
Andy - drums and percussion

"I need to sleep" 's what she said
Out loud to none when she bled
Emotional projects of despair
Wondrously woven through her silk hair
Flowing freely like a winter sun
That's setting 'fore its work is done
It never settles in a sky
That's wounded enough to try
Conversely the arguments fly
Evenly like sandless beaches
Grasping at a butterfly that's
Floating just outside of reachless
Hands that grasp at everything
To be or was or so it seems
To blast off into evening streams
Of sunlight shadow dusty seams
Of reason
Of treason
Of poison
Of superstitious portions of a
Brew that's boiling patiently
The driver says it's over, yes
It's over
Transparent transparency
Trans piracy
Piracy unbroken dreams
Cascading falls of brawling emotions
Pirated away
Spirited away
A way difference scorned
Crisis crises
Spices sailed from foreign lands landing
'Til the nothingness surrounds astounding
Fractured like a broken heart
Punctured but still beating
Still beating
Over and over
Yes it's over and over
"I need to sleep" 's what she said
The moon lurked softly by and by
Around the mourning of a sparrow
Whistling Neil Young's "Broken Arrow"
Harvesting a crop of memories
That motion t'wards the center
Of a universe that hangs a sign
The sign reads "do not enter"
The driver says it's over, yes
It's over
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass and production
Andy - drums

I was born in the night
Sacrificed to the roving blight
I'd welcome death if she'd only suck my breath
My only pedigree
Is this faceless madding sea
Bodies surround me but not one can see me
Isolation here for no one and not me
My only lifelong quest is to have a painless death
I only want to see
Where do you run to when you ain't got no home
Safely chewed off society's bone
A young priest took me in
She was bathed in earthly sin
I have a pistol but I can't
I can't read
She gave me love unconditionally
She kicked me in the teeth
Turned my gun on me
I only want to see
Why she loves me
*coproduced by Ian Burke
Dave - guitars and singing
Brian - bass, production and engineering
CJ - drums
Ian - production, mixing, mastering

You're a memory
Far as I can see
Priestly evil deeds to me
Free as lusting chance
Bathed in decadance
Got it in my pants
My pants
I'm leaving here today
Leaving anyway
Gonna live today
Run the fuck away
Got an itch for a more evil dare
I'm gone like a song in the air
I'm gone like a song in the air
I spent my young life running away
The more I ran the more I stayed
Motion is home to the restless
And mad
I'm gonna muse my dream
Lead me where it leads
Lead the voiceless away
Leave me the fuck alone
Leave me just the motherfuck alone
Leave me the fuck alone
Pleased to be remembering me well
Dave - vocals and guitar
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
CJ - drums
Ian - mastering

Break your back break your face
Fall asleep miss the race
Scared to be anything
Scaredy scared of everything
People suck people lie
Just complain all the time
Whine all day fall in line
Just fit in it's lemming time
So fuck the herd
Fuck 'em
Cattle sheep chew your cud
Stupid and dumb as mud
You don't care if it's true
Or a lie so fuck you
And fuck the herd
Fuck 'em
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

They tell you to walk before you run
But me I want to fly
Shake off that misanthropy
And try and touch the sky
A sky that's cold as winter icicles in May
A rage that never really goes away
Spend all your spare time looking back
'Cause memories never fade
Everything I've seen just seems
To be a grand charade
Of faceless voices claiming to be the status quo
But never let them show you where to go
They tell you to think before you leap
Lives they just fall down
All these wasted people
They just burrow in the ground
That's hard as screaming arctic glaciers late in June
Just another word for a cocoon
And so I sit back and think a while
Wondering what it's for
This grand scheme that builds some dreams
And thrashes others on the floor
That's crowded by a billion entities and some
Who never even heard the starting gun
Dave - guitar and vocal
Brian- bass, mix, engineer
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Life is useless so is love
Blood is nothing done is done
Take me backwards over there
Once a lifetime never fair
Will it ever end I wish it could
Where's they sting like it should
Life done broke me all fucked up
Nothing's happening nothing's up
Didn't ask to be here so
Let's drop the curtain it's time to go see it said
See where you're at
How do you like that
If I were Shakespeare I'd write a song
Of romantic longings and soliloquies sung
Death and carnage would not despair
The choices made would cloud the air
But I ain't Shakespeare I ain't a man
I've taken it all I've bitten the hand
I've stared at the abstract claiming it's truth
I punctured the priest in the confessional booth
Didn't care more yesterday
How can it seem to be that way when you're dead
So where you at
How do you like that
Dave - guitar and vocals
Brian- bass and production
Wil - drums

I will work for food
Often misconstrued
Please don't think me rude
Baseless, strained or crude
Inside out they come
I'm the chosen one
Sleep with Jesus' son
Be the lonely one
I will do anything
I'm the homeless one
Terrorized for fun
I'm the chosen one
Lest we come undone
I will do anything
Let me have some food
Please give me some food
Can I have some food
May I have some food
Dave - guitars and vocals
Brian - bass, engineering, mixing
C.J. Johnson - drums
Ian Burke - mastering

Mar 10, 2020

05  They're all mixed up together.

10  "In the Butt" off of DREAD PIRATE.

15  As someone who understands the benefits of psychedelic drugs...

20  ...And I had a direct signal.

25  The boogie woogie.

30  Deep philosophical grilled cheese.

35  This is so radio friendly.

40  Always trying to be optimistic.

45  Here's the reveal of a child.

50  There's Monster Rob on this one too.

55  (listening to the riff)

Mar 3, 2020

05  Quick check my anus!

10  ...And then they kind of go into play.

15  "To Be a Badass" was on the stuff before me.

20  My dumb new phone doesn't have one of them headphone prts.

25  He's an independent contractor who kills people for the government.

30  I hear he's Jewish.

35  We can do temporary stuff.

40  Ah whatever.

45  ...In a big huge sprawling urban shitscape.

50  It's like "Purple Rain."

55  I don't know why I think of that specifically.

60  ...And then this is different.